Today, yesterday and the day before

26 10 2009

I made these paintings.

Read all about them on my Art blog!

24 Oktober

25 Oktober

26 Oktober



12 responses

27 10 2009

Paintings convey the expressions well and the big bum! No wonder it’s looking over the shoulder 🙂

27 10 2009

Simply beautiful artwork Oh talented one.
Horse: “Does this painting make my bum look big?”

27 10 2009

Really good paintings!
I take it you don’t believe drawing is forbidden then?
you seem to like horses.

27 10 2009

from what little i know of Aafke, i seriously doubt she thinks anything is forbidden … great job Aafke, love them all, well the big bum is a bit too much for me, but wonderful all the same

27 10 2009

I do not understand where the light is coming from in the second picture.

27 10 2009

Beautiful! Love the first one.

27 10 2009

Lat, the whole horse was big! 😉

Tony, ”Yes that painting makes your bum look big”!!!

Aerinndis, I do whatever I like! And yes, good guess! I quite like horses! 😉

Radha, Wow, you know me too well… although… I think pedophelia should be forbidden, meddling into and telling other people how to live their lives and what to believe should be forbidden.

Solomon2 the light is coming from above, and there is a second reflection from the sand. Actually the sketch I made for that painting was at the same time as the first painting, where you see Krabbe, in the paddock. There was a very strong sun, it was midday and the white sand reflected a lot of light.

Achelois, I like the first one too!

27 10 2009

Totally aaammmaaaaziiing Afke. I hope you realize how great the paintings are! There is much life an expression. And the colours, so cohensive too.

28 10 2009

Above with a reflection? I’ve actually printed out your painting to understand it better, but I don’t. Doubtless because there is no clue to that in the background – you’ve eliminated the glare that way, yes? Your brush stroke pattern suggests to me that you hold your arm still and paint with your wrist and fingers. That makes you a miniaturist in my book. Regular paintings I can gauge the market value of, but not minatures. However, a series like a tryptych – same size, background, lighting, but with horse in different positions – that would be rather exciting, don’t you think?

Have you shown your portfolio to some real horse enthusiasts, like racehorse owners? That odd species enjoys different ways of viewing their favorite form of flesh – you could get access to prize-winning subjects plus an opportunity to move in fashionable circles.

28 10 2009

Yes, thevery bright sun from above, as it was after midday, and the very white sand throwing a strong reflection from the bottom as well.

With these very small paintings I certainly use my fingers and wrist, they are only 20 cm across, slightly too large for a miniature though. but very small.

I can’t believe you came up with a triptich! I have just yesterday brought the canvasses for a tryptich! I love doing them!
This is like mindreading!
I had no idea you were so very clever on art!

There are no real racehorse owners in the Netherlands. And the Netherlands is not really a good country for art. that’s why I’m writing the blog in English. i want to show my work in America and the Middle East.
So yeah that is a very good idea.

You should visit my art-blog where I show more work and more talk about art as well.

31 10 2009

WOW… I can only say wow.

Btw.. do you do human portraits too?

I would love your interpretation of Saladin on a horse!

12 11 2009

Thanks for posting these, Aafke – they are just beautiful. My fave is the first one.

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