Obama sells out democracy and freedom

23 10 2009

Well, friends it seems that Obama should not have been given the Nobel price for peace, but the Nobel prize for weaseliness selling out our hardwon rights for freedom and free speech.

To my utter amazement the Obama Administration supports the sick and anti-constitutional fascist religious insane Islamic/kolonialist ”Un-resolution to ban religious blasphemy”.

Check this video from the brilliant Pat Condell



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24 10 2009

Oh my word, is this man for real? The Saudis want aid when we stop using as much oil? HAHAHAHAHA! Idiots!

And, many of us are angry at Obama for supporting such things for the sake of Muslims who hate free speech! >>>:-[

Pat’s statements are really sobering! Thanks for sharing them. I agree that the Muslim nations have NO RIGHT to suggest what we must do. Those who give no freedoms should have no say so in these matters.

24 10 2009

Very disappointing position by the US. Obama will get a major backlash in the US if this continues. Americans have always suspicious of the UN and something like this will add fuel to the fire.

24 10 2009

Pat Condell is the best ”ranter” ever 😈
He makes
A few very good comments, about ”chipping away at the American constitution by betraying it outside of the country at the UN”
That ”A religion is entitled to as much respect as it gives, in the case of Islam: zero”.
and: ”America voted for change, not for surrender.”

24 10 2009

The Bush administration didn’t play right with the whole cartoon affair either, and neither did American newspapers and media. safe a few.
I recall that at the time the Bush administration although supporting freedom of speech also strongly stressed it was against any negative stereotypes blasphemes cartoons that offend peoples religious believes.
I mean it was the most strange event in years and although i’m used to American administrations saying one thing and doing another this still gives me the chills, and Obama signing up to this anti-blasphemy law shows that things could get much worse in the future.
American administrations are driven by the demands of special interests and the desires of big corporations and not what the average American thinks.
And it has been less then enlightened in it’s dealing with the Middle East and continues to be so.

25 10 2009
Abu Sinan

Stupid move on his part. Islam made in through 1,500 years of war, political intrigue and mass murder. Why do some Muslims think that Islam is so weak that we, as mere mortals, must try to “defend” something we think God created?

If Muslims really believe what their religion teaches they’d know there is nothing anyone can do to destroy Islam.

As a Muslim I know I dont need to defend Islam to people who are going to hate me and my religion no matter what I do. Nevermind the fact that those “defending Islam” do more to hurt to the religion than those attacking it.

Islam will do just fine without it’s “defenders” so please stop!

26 10 2009

It is seriously worrying hat the western politicians squander away their freedom and rights. And for what? Loudmouthed midieval bedouins who should be educated into the twentyfirst century, not allowed to pull us back into the dark ages!

27 10 2009

PS, this man is brilliant!

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