A painted diary

23 10 2009

I have started a new project, I am writing a diary, only not with the pen, but with paint.
I will post these small paintings, with a short description, every day on my art-blog.

This is 23 oktober

23 Oktober



9 responses

24 10 2009

How nice!!

24 10 2009

And I’ll be over there to follow. =) Such talent you have. And it’s all about the horse.

24 10 2009


24 10 2009

Just love it with the main flying like that 🙂 Standing ovation for your artistic talent!

24 10 2009

*main,should be mane 🙂

27 10 2009

Splendid! I especially like how you concentrated on the dynamic of the horse, minimizing the nearly stationary left rear leg to emphasize the mane, tail, and legs that are close to the viewer – all of which are in motion as the horse tilts downward.

In short, you’ve depicted what captures the eye, not the camera. Have you done a companion painting of the horse as it rears up?

27 10 2009

Susanne, thanks 🙂

Wildstorm, thank you, yes I am quite interested in horses 😉
I love your photo’s

Achelois, 😀

Lat, friesian horses are very nice to paint, and I love long manes 🙂

Solomon, a very good description! No I haven’t done that, but it’s a good idea! I need to keep up the once a day painting! Now I have another subject. 🙂

28 10 2009

Aafke, did you know that the first motion studies – the very first movie – was of a horse, not a person? Strange but true!

28 10 2009

Yes I know! Muybridge animals in motion. I have the book! Dover made a beautiful reproduction of it, I should do something with that again! Thanks for reminding me!
Keep tuned in, you might see it pop up soon on the daily diary! 🙂

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