Drawing at the horse fair

21 10 2009

Yesterday morning I went to the village of Zuidlaaren. Every year, people from all over Europe flock to Zuidlaaren to sell and buy horses.
When you go you should go very early in the morning, Before 07.00. And it is usually very cold so you should get all your winterstuff out and wear it in layers! I bring a fresh sketchbook and a couple of soft pencils (The soft pencils get a lot harder in the cold)
The sketches I made will be posted at my Art Blog.

When I arrived (before 07.00) it was still dark

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art

Check out the murderous candy! There is a fair attached to the horse fair and many people spend the whole night there, going on the rides and doing the rounds of the café’s. I always preferred to sleep early and be comparatively fresh when setting out for a hard days work.


Now there are a lot of really ugly, badly built horses. And horses which aren’t quite healthy, But then they are one of the reasons I like to sketch at the fair. And every year I fall for one of these horses! If I had some money I might actually take one home!

So… Wanna see ”The Artist at Work?”
Go to my Art Blog where I also post videos of ”The Artist at Work”

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 14

The black Frisians are always hugely popular. But the breeding lately seems to aim at a very slender narrow horse. I don’t like it at all; I like the more compact broadly build Frisian. They always carry their head very proudly.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 3

Norwegian Fjord Horses. Very popular in the Netherlands for those who are not all out to ride competitions, but prefert o ramble around nature.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 10

After being put there since night not all horses are resigned tobeing tied down.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 8

There are big horses and small horses.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 22

Drawing a draughthorse

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 37

The village is absolutely Packed with humans and horses. It’s a miracle no accidents happen.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 41

A couple of Belgian heavy draughthorses.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 55

Warmblood ridinghorses, all very young still, basically foals.

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 60



8 responses

21 10 2009

Like I told you yesterday, you are amazingly talented!

21 10 2009

😀 visit my art blog!!!! All the sketches are there!
Almost all

21 10 2009

I want that little tiny horse..to keep in my spare bedroom…lol. Too cute.

22 10 2009

There’re more pics of horseys than at the Artblog!
The horses look beautiful and have magnificent behinds 😀 Is that one aspect you look for a good horse?

22 10 2009

I did not know you had an art blog. I’m going there next. But first, about those Fresians–I don’t know much about them but I have noticed in photos and such that they are being bred for a different look. This happened over the years with the ARabian horse as well. They want that “barbie doll” look with the horse–makes the horse look fragile. I prefer that much earlier stocky build. I like a functional horse. Great post. Thank you for sharing this. You see all kinds of things at horse sales.

22 10 2009

Really wonderful horses, and your art is amazing 🙂

Ya Haqq!

22 10 2009
Abu Sinan

The bigger the better. I like them over 17hh if possible, otherwise I feel like my feet are dragging the ground.

I have always loved horses. I was the only boy I knew that was “horse crazy”. Interesting that my last name, in German, refers to horse riders and specifically jumping them, my favourite past time!

24 10 2009

Wow, great pictures and beautiful animals!!! I loved this!

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