Bookreview: Master of the Jinn

23 09 2009

Happy Eid to whom it may apply. I know it’s a bit late but I am soooo busy!!!!!!
In a good way!
Ok, to celebrate Eid I have added a new category: ”bookreview”

I’m starting off with the book written by fellow blogger Irving Karchmar, writer, poet and darvish.

master of the Jinn

If you are lucky, you can from time to time get the book for free in Pdf, but I also have brought the book for real, I like reading proper books. It’s available at Amazon.

Master of the Jinn is a gripping story, while it teaches you a lot about the sufi philosophy, and is written in a beautiful poetic style, it also keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair with it’s imaginative and exiting quest.

A mysterious papyrus in a container is found, (in a mysterious manner) which turns out to be sealed by the legendary seal ring of ………, said to give the power of controlling the Jinn.
Following this discovery an unlikely group comes together, becomes friends, and are send out by a modern day sufi master on the quest to find this ancient ring.
But after many adventures the quest leads them further than the world we know….

The quest itself turns out to have a different goal as first thought…

And almost everybody ends up a sufi.

I enjoyed reading this book. It is beautiful and exciting. You can get it from Amazon, or Irving’s website.



9 responses

24 09 2009

I do like to read the book.So Aafke, did you turn out thinking like a sufi at the end of this? 🙂

24 09 2009

Will be interested in your review! never read a sufi anything before.

24 09 2009

Thank you for the kind review 🙂 You certainly do spread sweetness and light, and for that may God bless you 🙂 Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

25 09 2009

Sounds like an interesting book. I’ll look forward to future reviews.

27 09 2009

I would also second that we should all try to ‘buy’ the book, please. It is VERY hard work to write a book, and near impossible to write a book as good as Master of the Jinn. Irving has done an impossible task and we should all support him by buying the book as a hard copy. I had the offer to get it free as pdf but I still bought the ‘real’ thing.

Loved the book. Every page.

28 09 2009

Lat, it is a beautiful book, I think everybody should read it!
I think the world would be a much better place if everybody did think like the sufis in Irving’s book!

Haleem, I can only say: read it! 😉

Irving, I think you spread more sweetness and light as I do! 😀
And I love your book!

Susanne, read it! 😉

Achelois, I should have known you would also have read the book! 🙂
I do prefer a hard copy; sit on the couch with a cuppa tea and just relax!

3 10 2009
Sara (cairo, lusaka, amsterdam)

This book sounds really nice! Think I will order it =)

21 10 2009
Five Year Anniversary of Master of the Jinn! « Darvish

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1 04 2010
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[…] Check out the blog of Irving. A man with a truly beautiful and spiritual soul. And I can recommend you read his book, ”Master of the Jinn”. It’s an exciting adventure, and at the same time oozes spirituality, and you learn a lot about Sufism. While reading a tale of adventure, magic and friendship. I wrote a book review, click here. […]

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