Roadtrip, Las Vegas 1

22 09 2009


Q loves Las Vegas. To me it was not my dream-place-to-visit. But being together means you have to compromise a bit here and there. We arrived at dark.
Naturally I was falling asleep again, but I did manage to snap a few photos from our room!


We stayed at the Rio.
We entered the hotel, with lots  of luggage, and got a porter, and we went through the casino to the masquerade tower where our room was. I was really tired, and the nois, and flashing lights, and the show which was on at the time almost became too much for me. I longed to be in our room and to be quiet. So we entered the room, and the (very friendly) porter showed us the room, I thought it was going to be a double room, but kept on showing is the ”room”, and on, and on…. That place was bigger as my apartment! and half of it was windows! WAW!!!!!!!
I naturally perked up immediately, and the res of this post is about the ”room”.

And the view….


At night…

You enter in a small vestibule, with a wardrobe for coats,


And a loo


Then around the corner there is a dining area, with a small service area, with a tap, and marble countertop, and a fridge.


There are 180” of windows!


The lounge area… there is a huge flatscreen in the wall.


And then, aften a fairly long hike, you enter the bedroom, with, naturally, another huge flatscreen…


There are two door leading into the Bathroom area… There is anothe loo, a shower, a walk-in closet, and an enormous bath! I took four baths during my stay!



The make-up table, also marble. Managed to fill that with my stuff in 10 minutes.


And the two washbasins


And always…
The View!!!!!!!




12 responses

22 09 2009

Wow, fantastic room and view!!! Thanks for the grand tour! 🙂

23 09 2009

My daughter says she would gladly trade her previlages for a month to stay in your living rooms with the windows in vegas…. hope you are having a great time. try and take in one of the shows it’s truly entertaining..

23 09 2009

I’m glad to see that you are being treated like the Princess you are! What a gorgeous room – and the views are stunning! So did you gamble at all? See any shows? Did you visit any other casinos? We want to hear more!!!

23 09 2009


Never been there, but I just hate the entire concept of Vegas. You can also blame that city for sucking the Colorado River bone dry.

Did you catch any good shows? See Kriss Angel? Cirque De Soliel?

Celine Dion? Blechhhh…just kidding! 😉

23 09 2009

WOW. What a Room.

Where is the Rio? Never heard of it.. but now will have to check it out next time when I go to Vegas, wonder when that will be.

23 09 2009

Best hotel room I ever stayed in was at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This one is even nicer. I think the philosophy is that by providing really nice rooms people are discouraged from going elsewhere and will prefer to gamble in the hotel’s own casino, rather than hop to another one.

23 09 2009

Susanne, yeah!!!!!!

Radha, I had a great time but saw no shows, Q wanted to take me but I preferred walking around and seeing the casino’s.
Next time your daughter is welcome to pop by 😉

Susie, yeah I love being treated like a princess 😉 I did gamble, stay tuned!

sabiwabi, I was very much against stopping in Las Vegas; I had no idea I would like it so much 😉

Mezba, The Rio is off the strip; it was the first big casino to be built off the strip. It is also built to provide anything you might want.
I read the reviews of the rooms, experiences range from awful to fantastic. If you stay there be sure to ask for a newly renovated room.

Solomon2 I think you are right, But actually I liked the room so much I didn’t want to go anywhere but the room! 😉
All these casinos belong to some huge companies, and ther are shuttle-busses to take you to the other casinos of the company.

24 09 2009

Love Vegas and loved your room! WOW.. what.. a…. room…

24 09 2009

we never stayed off the strip because i wudn’t use my car in Vegas… and just use the duece, but this room is too good!

26 09 2009

Wow that’s a pretty flashy joint.

27 09 2009

Love it!

28 09 2009

Yeah, I looooved the room too! Didn’t want to leave it!

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