Roadtrip, the Hoover Dam

18 09 2009


A small airplane museum, with a constellation parked in front of it!


The landscape remained arid after the Grand Canyon.


As we left the Grand canyon far later then we had anticipated, Q told me we would probably not be in time to see the Hoover Dam.
Damned! I really wanted to see that!
So after a harrowing journey, seeing the sun dip, the twilight going…


We arrived at the Hoover Dam!!!!!


It was actually very fairy-ish in the weaning twighlight!


Lake Mead


While the Hoover Dam does have a fairylike quality, it is a powerplant.


You never see this on the photos, or movies, but when you see the whole thing in real you notice it’s surrounded by industrial buildings, machines, wires and of course, electrical cables.


It was now really dark and so on to our next destination: Las Vegas!




6 responses

19 09 2009

LAS VEGAS!!!??? Getting married? LOL You’re gonna LOVE Vegas!

You are making me so jealous taking my dream vacation while I sit here, having lived here all my life and never seeing the Grand Canyon or California yet! I have to wait a year but dang it, I’m going!

20 09 2009

ah, you will love Vegas. make sure to get some cheap Coach bags when you are ther!

Ah Hoover Dam, it’s been a while since we were there – changed quite a lot!

20 09 2009

Enjoying the tour! Thanks so much for sharing about your trip. I wonder how long you will be in the States. Take care.

22 09 2009

I have to join Lynn on the ‘jealousy train’… although I’ve still got 15 months to my retirement, which I hope will bring with it some long awaited freedom! Glad you’re having such a good time… you deserve it.
I would warn, however, about Las Vegas… I got married the last time I was there! Definitely was NOT a good thing! LOL!

23 09 2009

Lynn, eh, no, didn’t ghet married in Vegas
this time….. 😉

Haleem, I didn’t get a cheap coach bag, perhaps I should, I seem to be accumulating extra stuff which I have to get on the plane somehow….

susanne, not much longer… 😦

Lofter! Great to see you! 😀
I hope you will get retirement and be very happy once you do!
I did’t get married, I have a different plan than Vegas 😉
Hmmm you got married last time you were there? … what had you been drinking?

1 10 2009

Whatever it was, I either drank too much, or not enough! LOL! Glad to see you’re having a much better time than I did!

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