Roadtrip, day 2

14 09 2009

Day two… After waking up in our pristine motelroom we had a very simple breakfast at the motel. You could make your own waffles! While not exactely fitting into my diet that seemed too much fun to pass up. However, The goddess of thin waistes intervened by sending me a guardian angel, the ”Waffle Man”. This bloke hogged the waffle iron for the entire time we had breakfast: nobody else had a chance at it! And it didn’t look as if he actually needed the calories…..
Check out my art-blog for the sketch I made of him in revenge….

To make things up I’ll show you the view we had walking out of the room!
For someone from the Netherlands, which is so flat you won’t believe it until you’ve seen it, this is very, very exotic!


And the fascinating collection of red trucks which were parked all around the motel! There were at least twelve of them!




3 responses

15 09 2009

Wow! What a view! And good looking trucks,like going for a race! 😀

15 09 2009

I love reading your view of things…ha, ha! I’m so sorry you did not get your waffle!!! Yes, what a great mountain view!

Oh, and I’m really happy you survived staying in a hotel….LOL! Definitely there are some shady places, but most of them, I’d say are just fine. Have fun and thanks for the updates!

Give Q my regards! 😀

15 09 2009

Don’t show me mountains!

I am completely powerless against their pull. Sigh.

Looks like fun. Loved the waffle man cartoon! America is a country full of waffle man (and women) I’m afraid. Get used to it, you’ll be seing them everywhere.

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