Roadtrip, day 1

14 09 2009

We left on our roadtrip, the first day was to be a very long day as we tried to get as far as possible.

From Texas through new Mexico, to Arizona. We spend the night in a motel in Flagstaff.


Q told me that if you stick your arm out, and make a pullin motion when passing a truck, the trucker will hoot his horn….
So the first day I amused myself with asking every second truck we passed to sound his horn!


We went from the comparitively lush landscape of Texas, right through New Mexico, and into Arizona. Where the landscape turns more and more dry.

Except when you drive a Dutch person around, then the customary Dutch influence makes it rain….


We arrived in Flagstaff after dark, had dinner at a Sizzler, where you have a great vegetable buffet, and I had a very nice small steak with it. Q was all happy with a huge steak and felt a real man (Neanderthal)….
We slept in a real motel, a ”Super 8”. It was very neat and clean and not at all what you see in Hollywood movies. Q assured me that it is very rare for people to get killed/abducted/dissected in American motels nowadays.



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14 09 2009

A Sizzler AND a Super 8, hey?

Yeah, I’d say that qualifies you as being on a REAL USA road trip. Mabruk! LOL!

The only thing left that you have to do is to eat at least ONE breakfast at a Flying J (truck stop) and I’d say that your American roadtrip would pretty much be complete! πŸ˜‰

You cannot simply blaze through New Mexico, BTW. If you head back there, let me know. I have a little list of gems that you’d have to go and check out.

15 09 2009

I’m enjoying these updates. LOL @ your amusing yourself by asking the trucks to blow their horns for you. We did those tricks as children.. quite fun, eh? πŸ˜‰

I’m enjoying these pictures. I’ve never been out West so it’s great to hear your perspectives and see the pictures.

17 09 2009

You’re in my old stomping grounds!!! I hope you enjoy Arizona – I miss it so much. My daughter is in Tucson – are you going there? You should go to Southern Arizona to see the cacti!!! They are so lovely to paint. And be sure and see the sunsets every night – spectacular! Have fun, Aafke!!!

17 09 2009

sabiwabi; there was a large family group enjoying iftar at the sissler! My, did they looked stuffed! πŸ˜‰
I will tell Q he has to get me breakfast at a Flying J! I did have breakfast at a ”Dennys” though.

Susanne, yes, Q said I was like a kid… But then I am: I have always refused to become a ”grown-up” and I still stick to it!
I’m glad you enjoy! πŸ™‚

Susei, oh! I’m in California now! And we didn’t have enough time to stray too much from the path 😦
But I did see some spectecular cacti!

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