Sorry, sorry, sorry!

4 09 2009

Ok I know I have been very remiss in posting! Not that I don’t have any good ideas, I have many, many, many!

I have been travelling.
To my dreamrabbit and have now spend  five days in the Q-continuum!
I’ve also had some problems with my computer.

Tomorrow we are leaving for a roadttrip to California! And I will try to put up good photo’s of the trip. The Q has business and we will stay there for two weeks.

Here is a very pretty Texas tree, they are all over the place!

Texas tree

Ofcourse it’s almost universally ”good weather” here. Meaning lots of sun, very hot, no clouds. Pfffff! Yay for airconditioning!
America is a weird country, you can’t imagine the weird foods they have here! Freaks me out completely! Especially as I have been going even more into health and nutrition lately!
But I have been making some very nice dishes, Q liked them very much, and I will put them up, together with the recipes for my ”Ramadan-Torture-Program”.
Afterdinner we sit on the terrace and smoke hooka, last night there were fantastic thunderstorms, ànd a full moon! For most of the time we saw both!

I made this photo, the full moon coily hiding behind a thundercloud which was lit up with lightning from the inside!


When the thunderstorm was over the moon returned


Later at night it rained, and this morning the air was so increadibe sweet!



5 responses

5 09 2009

Oh wow, I didn’t know you were in American again! Who is this Q??? Dreamrabbit indeed! 😀 Woweeeeee!

I love those pictures you shared of the moon and storm, and I love those trees as well. They are crape myrtles. I like them because they flower in the summer. Most trees flower in early spring before the leaves come.

Hey, what do you mean it’s a weird country? 😉 What weird foods did they try to get ya to eat?

I’d wondered where you were and now I know….hmmmm. Thanks for the update!

5 09 2009

The moon seems very shy and it must been beautiful from where you stood.
I hope you’ll have more wonderful time there hhmmmm.. with your dreamrabbit!
So he’s American.Is he an artist too? And why is he called Q? Because he’s sooo Quuuute?!! 😛
Waiting to see more pics from California!

5 09 2009

I stood by my BBQ grill all of August waiting for you but you never showed up. I thought you had decided against visiting the US again!

I’m glad you are enjoying yourself.

6 09 2009

If you will be driving all along the coast of California along the 1, there is no more romantic stretch of highway in the entire US! The cliffs, the ocean, the scenery – it’s all just like swallowing in gallons and gallons of LOVE!!! I can hardly wait to hear all about it and to see your photos. You are going to have the BEST time!

7 09 2009

Great pictures of the hide and seek the moon is playing with the clouds.

I loved Texas people and I LOVE Texas burger.

Although just after having a few I realized WHY in Texas everyone looks so fat!

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