Ramadam Kareem

22 08 2009

To all my muslim friends, I hope you will all have good time, in all the senses of the word; reflecting, fasting, praying, and enjoying the friendship and bonds of your families.




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23 08 2009

Thank you, Aafke! Same to you! You’re a wonderful friend.If possible come over to Singa island and experience Eid here 😀

24 08 2009

Happy Ramadan to you Aafke and your family ,thank you for your kind sentiments

24 08 2009

Lat, How I would love to join you for iftar! It’s just a bit out of my way……

Daggero, thank you for your good wishes. I’m not muslim so don’t do Ramadan. I did it last year though… I wanted to do it for a week out of solidarity, but then I got pulled into it by Carol as she was ill and couldn’t fast and I did the whole month for her. I enjoyed the first two weeks and it made me very ill the second two weeks. I hope all my suffering will have gained bonuspoints for Carol though…
And my enjoying the first two weeks wouldn’t have detracted…

As I am not muslim and thoroughly evil, I am considering writing exclusively about food, drink, snacks and yummie recepes over the next few weeks…

24 08 2009

Hi aafke,
send some yummy vegetarian recipes my way ..
F fasting , so we try not to indulge with him around. I do a pared down fast with him, I skip the food but do the water/juice/tea fast.

Best wishes to you and that’s nice that you kept to the fast inspite of being ill, definite brownie points for you and carol 🙂

24 08 2009

Radha, I will put up some nice vegetarian ones! 🙂
I did skip a few days of fasting as I got really ill, but I made them up later.
Much later…
In winter in fact…
when the sun rises at 10.00 and is down at 16.30 😈

24 08 2009

Thanks Aafke. Very nice of you to send us Ramadan greetings.

25 08 2009

I know! I’m so sweet!!! :mrgreen:

26 08 2009

Have a good month yourself as well… and if you write about food that’s OK – make sure to include the recipes! I am always on the hunt for good veg recipes that are also yummy.

Sadly most veg recipes are not very filling. 😦

26 08 2009

Haleem, I will try to, very busy again!
Perhaps you should add some extra virgin olive oil, that helps making a meal much more filling.

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