I’ve brushed Zora

16 08 2009

zora brushed



12 responses

16 08 2009

looks like there’s enough fur there to make a whole other Zora! LOL!

16 08 2009

sabiwabi, yes… sigh… and it never stops… sigh… 😦

17 08 2009

Zora looks very pretty and I like her tail best 😀 She looks so docile and magnificent! But I still like Tarq better 😀

The other day I saw a light coloured furry dog, much the same like Zora but another breed I think, and her tail was wonderfully kept such that it looked like a hand-held fan! So soft and beautifull 😀

And I esp like the fact of how you’ve scooped up all that fur in the bag.My neighbour was never dog trained in this way 😦

17 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

You could make a perfectly serviceable Miss Piggy coif out of that!

17 08 2009
Personal Failure

Why is my dog at your house getting brushed?

17 08 2009

Zora looks beautiful – but won’t she catch cold now?

17 08 2009

I have a Persian cat and we recently had to shave off most of her hair as she was getting knots…(or matts)… and the hair could make another cat!

18 08 2009

and now we learn to knit? One day I’ll turn one of my Cardigans into a cardigan…

18 08 2009

LLLOOLLL, Aafke! I use the furminator, too, on the Qatteri Cat. His fur gets all knotty and matted if I don’t take it out. The furminator is a Godsend, takes out all that heavy extra hair. I notice it’s easier for them to take care of themselves, too, after we take the extra hair out.

19 08 2009

She looks content after having her hair done. 🙂

24 08 2009

Lat, if I didn’t get those hairs in control I would be in serious trouble with my neighbours!

Dennis, I think several!!!!!!

Personal failure.. Why is my dog at your blog???? 😉 Welcome to my blog!

Mezba, yes, a persian need regular brushing as well!

Kim, I was thinking of filling a duvet….. :mrgreen:

intxpatr, I don’t have a furminator, it’s one of my biggest wishes at the moment.

This might be an excellent time to mention that it’s my birthday next sunday?

Susanne, of course she does, I spend more time on her grooming as on my own! :mrgreen:

30 08 2009

I feel for you. My Persian gives me the same headache. I get such terrible allergies after I brush him! Where does all that extra fur COME from!?

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