Vitamin C is a life saver

10 08 2009

swineflu virus3

Vitamin C cannot be produced by the human body, unlike most animals which can produce vitamin C in large quantities. Unlike recent false claims in the media, you cannot overdose on vitamin C, the surplus will be peed out.
You know when you have reached your toplevel-intake when you have reached your ”bowel-intolerance level”, when you have reached that level you will get some dhiarhoea and you have to cut down your intake. This level is considerably higher as you might think, I’m talking grams of the stuff here!
People who are sick have a higher bowel intolerance level as people who are healthy. As you get better, your bowel tolerance level will drop.
This is becasue when your cells are combatting an infection they need and use more vitamin C. As the infection is being vanquished, less vitamin C is used, and therefore the bowel intolerance level drops and you decrease your intake.

I have just started to take a significantly higher amount of vitamin C as a precaution to the flu, swine flu or whatever, but having read up the many, many reasearches done on vitamin C I think I need it for many more reasons.

Now the intake my doctor advised is 4 to 6 grams Asorbic Acid (vitamin C) per day, starting with 1 gram per day and slowly going up one gram every week.
But I am planning to keep upping the dose to see where my bowel intolerance level lies. I will let ya’all know.

So what’s up with the current reports in the media that vitamins are no good?
This is a fabrication of false information, fake research and pressure on journalists to discredit all cheap, non-pharmacutical health medicines, supplements and foods. The pharmacutical companies have a double advantage by discrediting healthy foods, and natural food-supplements: Healthy people don’t need their medicines. And natural medicines cannot be patented (ascorbic acid is cheap) and are therefore not interesting moneywise. As vitamins, natural foodsupplements and ”alternative” medicines are seen as competition for their artifically produced and patenteble medicines, they are using their mega billion dollar budgets to pressure the media and influence the public, eg. us, to distrust the ”competition”.
I’ve allready had people telling me that ”Vitamins aren’t really good for you”.
And when we lookat recent media hypes over the last few years, from SARS to Saddam’s ”weapons of mass destruction” does anybody really believe the media anymore??? Does it surprise you the journalists work for the huge pharmacutical lobbies as well as the warmongering politicians?


I can advice everybody to read this link, it contains some very good information on ascorbic acid and it’s benefits, and dismisses some of the fables grown around it.

You do not get kidneystones from taking ascorbic acid, it’s an old myth there has never been even one medical case where a patient was proven to have grown kidney stones from taking vitamin C.



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11 08 2009

Orange juice is the cure to everything – and it tastes great as well!

11 08 2009

I see you’ve been very informative lately about health. I was thinking about taking vit c myself.Just afraid of getting allergic reactions which runs in the family. I only take orange juice once in a blue moon because of my sinus.My father who has asthma is always carefull on the type of foods he eats.Some fruits are forbidden in his diet and orange is one of them šŸ™‚

11 08 2009

Vitamin C is very important to take. If people don’t belive it’s power, all I have to say is try it.

I use a product called Emergen-C and it’s basically packets of powder that you add to your water. It’s fizzy and the kids love to drink it too. Not sure if you can get it where you are Aafke, but I love them because they are incredibly easy to use. And I don’t drink juice or soda anymore so it’s nice to have a fizzy drink every now and then…and plus it’s healthy!

And let me tell you something about drug companies. If they find something that can cure you from diseases and it comes from a readily available source, they will ALWAYS frown at it because they don’t have the exclusive rights to it. It’s all about the money. Period. End of story. They’d rather you take their crappy drugs with 1,000 side effects before you ever would figure out how to cure yourself with *gasp* vitamins. Luckily, more people are figuring out their game.

12 08 2009

the old ways are coming back, an old wives tale in the southern part of india when we were young was to eat a – papaya with breakfast, orange for lunch and guava for dinner add an apple for snack and never meet a doctor .
( well the whole thing is in a rhymy regional lang ofcourse)

… all 3 with high vitaminc content. built in wt cntrol, with all these fruits we had to eat who had time for junk . I always tell my kids mom is always right no matter what šŸ™‚

12 08 2009

Err it’s not eat just the fruits . but eat these friuts with your breakfast,lunch and dinner as part of it, not exclusively just fruit…

12 08 2009

Haleem, yeah, but I really mean it, I think people should be aware of the fact that we need a serious intake of vitamin C for our needs, more than the occasional orange juice.

Lat, but you should take ascorbic acid, not orange juice. I mean you can take orange juice but it will never provide the 4 grams of vitamin C which is recommended as the daily maintenance dose, or the far higher doses which you should take when ill.

Amongst the higher mammals, the higher primates (including us) are the only ones not capable of producing vitamin C in our bodies. We have a defective gene which is responsible for this. therefore all humans are effectively suffering from vitamin C deprivation.
Allergies can be the result of this. Experience of doctors working with high doses of vitamin C have shown that allergies, also peniccillin allerdies, are suppressed when the patient also took a high dose of vitaming C. It also seemed to significantly broaden the spectrum of antibiotics.

sabiwabi, that made me remeber something, I think my mum gave me something like that when I was young!
I am convinced the pharmaceutical companies are actively spreading lies and dodgy ”research” to keep us from taking natural remedies and vitamins, their advantage is double: If we get ill more often they get to sell more drugs. if the vitamins and natural medicins go out of fashion, they sell more drugs.

And it is a probable future that we may not be able to get natural remidies and cheap vitamins anymore. There is a huge global organisation called ”CODEX” which is working very hard to make it impossible for cheap medicines and vitamins to be sold. It has close links to the Pharmaceutical industries, and the industrial food industries. If they gain in power even more they will be successfull and all which is left will be the expensive synthetic patentable drugs with lots of side-effects.

Radha, You are always right… you are always right…. you are always right…..

27 08 2009

I think the USDA lists 90mg as the RDA for Vitamin C for adults. What study came up with over forty times that?

27 08 2009

Solomon2 Actually there is 70 years of research by reputable doctors and scientists who come up with that. The problem is that if they come out with their findings they get ostracised by their peers, and the ”established” medical world, funded and sponsored by the trillion dollar making pharmaceutical companies, keep these research findings in the dark.

The largest database on medical publications has not one research paper listed which proves the effecacy of large doses of vitamins. What they do publish is are the studies which are set up to fail by deliberately using small mounts of Ascorboc acid which is well known to be insufficient for real treatment.
All doctors and scientists who have done very sucessfull treatment with vitamin C insist you take it in very large amounts up to ”bowel tolerance” level. It is safe simple and effective.

In the fifties doctors cured, cured children with polio. Complete health restored! Did you know about that? I bet not!

The RDA of 90 mg is enough to keep you from getting scurvy.
Again: we are about the only animals who cannot synthesise ascorbic acid in our livers. The animals which do produce it do so in levels amounting to several grams a day. For example, a goat produces 12 grams a day. When healthy, if ill the production will rocket up!

I am preparing another post, I will provide you with a lot of links and literature.

27 08 2009

I take 1,ooo-4,000 mg of Vitamin C each day. According to the calculations, that’s 1,667% – 6,672% of the normative “required daily value.” Something is clearly amiss with these “daily value” calculations. They have known for years we should be getting much more Vitamin C. But “they” really don’t want us discovering something as simple as a natural vitamin to cure ourselves. I am usually not big on conspiracies, but this with this one…I’m a believer.

27 08 2009

I’ve read some of the stuff on the Pauling site. (I also saw him in person once, he was having a conversation about some vitamin cocktail, I think.)

Something that people seem to have missed is that for a substance to be accepted as a vitamin one normally not only has to prove that human health suffers in case of deficiency, but the biochemical mechanism involved has to be identified.

Clearly, ascorbic acid is a “vitamin” when it comes to preventing scurvy. Yet in higher doses in may only rank as a “treatment” for preventing or curing other disorders. Lest you think I’m splitting words, no one out there considers statins to be vitamins, even though many people taken them to prevent heart problems.

For ascorbic acid supplementation, human subjects are mandatory – that’s not cheap. I think more studies are called for. (Perhaps dropping the label “vitamin” will help.) Too much ascorbic acid not only creates bowel problems, but may also lead to kidney stones.

27 08 2009

Solomon you are not splitting words, you can download the book ”The healing Factor” for free, and the writer also prefers ”Ascorbic Acid” rather than vitamin C. The book is really good in explaining how it got designated a vitamin, and how long it took even for poeple to believe it could cure scurvy.

Sabiwabi, The pharmaceutical industries are so rich you can’t imagine, they are not willing to give any of that up. They also have the biggest, best funded lobbies in the US. They have ties with medical institutions and the media, it is not coincidence and certainly not justified that we are being witheld information and fed fals informatyion.
Like Ascorbic acid causing kidney stones, it actually prevents kidney stones, it’s a very old tenacious fairytale: in reality there has never been any one proven medical case where kidneystones were caused by vitamin C.

27 08 2009

Good book, thanks!

“They also have the biggest, best funded lobbies in the US.”

No, that would be the trial lawyers’ lobby. Certainly TLs are more powerful.

31 08 2009

Of interest: Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold

In short: if you are sedentary, it makes no difference; if you are very physically active or it’s cold outside, it may help.

2 08 2011

Yes, Vitamin C is very important for us.


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