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6 08 2009


I have been to Belgium, yesterday, back today, but little time for blogging.

Just want to tell ya’all I’m very happy, and delicately stroking a soft, furry kitten right now 🙂



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6 08 2009

So you went to Belgium for a kitten? 🙂

6 08 2009

heard they gave good chocolates there!

6 08 2009

Just a seminar, my own cat, no chocolate…

6 08 2009

I LOVE kittens! They’re the bestest! Yes, my spelling goes crazy when I feel love 😀
I think kittens are the cutest baby animals! Well ducklings are in there too!
Let me just say all animals and their babies are super cute! : )
I’m happy you’re happy : ) Keep stroking the kitten and you’ll always be happy! Ok, attack of the exclamation mark! lol there we go again 😛 Btw, what’s her/his name?!

7 08 2009

So lovely! It looks more like a soft toy than the real thing! 😀

7 08 2009

Just to make clear: I was stroking Simsalabim, who, it must be said, looked just like this kitten when he was one!

8 08 2009

So the soft sweet kitten loving, white dresses, beautiful thoughts, fragility and natural sweetness Aafke is still hanging around then???.

8 08 2009

You are really bothered by the natural-beauty-Aafke, aren’t you? 😈

9 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Stroking a kitten, how could you not be happy?

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