Back from Wacken Open Air

4 08 2009

And had a GREAT time!!!!!!!




12 responses

4 08 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Ugh, boats … *turns green*

4 08 2009

Oh my, it was so good that you grew batwings!

4 08 2009

Dennis, it was just a ferry!

Sabiwabi, ooooops!
You noticed?

4 08 2009
American Bedu

Glad you’re back! You’ve been missed.

5 08 2009

You look freeeeee! And like you are shedding your abaya! 😀 (Didn’t know they were bat wings…oops!)

You look great. Love to see that smile of delight!

5 08 2009

LOL! You look freeeeeeeeeee 😀

5 08 2009

You’re dressed in black, what happened to white dresses, beautiful thoughts, fragility and natural sweetness. Don’t tell me Wacken turned you back to the dark side again!!!

5 08 2009

Any goodies for all of us in that side pack (biggest one I ever seen….lol)

5 08 2009

LOL @ Tony!

Hey, yeah…does this mean the era of sweet kitten talk is over already? 😀

6 08 2009

American Bedu, I wouldn’t have minded staying away a few days more! 😀

Susanne, that happens when you spend too much time, around too many longhaired blackdressed metalheads! 😈

Specs, YEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tony, the Dark Side will always be somewhere….
And you should be very, very carefull….

Coolred, at a festival you have to carry all your valuables on your body, so yeah: found a really huge side pack 🙂 sorry, noo goodies, only nessecities…

Susanne, no, the sweet kitten side is here to stay! :mrgreen:

8 08 2009

LOL @ sabiwabi’s comments aka bat wings!

good think you are back.

9 08 2009

That is a really pretty picture. You look like you are having a blast!

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