Away again

29 07 2009

away again

Oh, yes, after making a solemn vow that I really want to stay home for a while now, I am going away again.
I had forgotten I had brought a ticket to Wacken Open Air all the way back in January…

Wacken is a tiny village in the north of Germany, about 2000 inhabitants, which happens to host the biggest heavy metal festival in Europe, attracting around 60.000 metalfans.
And one clouddragon.

It’s going to be really fun, (I hope) besides a lot of music there’s so much to do: food, drink, a midieval village, vikings, knights, roleplaying games… I am really looking forward to it.
Naturally the report will be somewhere next week when I am home and have recovered.

away again vikings

There are many, many, many bands….
Motörhead is one of them, Ace of Spades when they played at Wacken 2006

There will be a life stream if you want to see if you can find me on camera 😉



6 responses

29 07 2009

Sounds like our Renaissance Fair, only with better music. Have fun. Watch out for those viking boys…always up to no good. (these people can get really into their roleplaying, and I say that from experience as I was once semi-accosted by a Genghis Khan, scary!)

29 07 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I take it these aren’t Monty Python-style vikings who sing for spam …

29 07 2009

I’m afraid not…..
But there are roleplaying games as well, I wonder if you are allowed to bring your own sword…

30 07 2009

Vikings?! OH, you are sooo brave!! Actually, we have had some visiting the last couple weeks and they aren’t as frightening as I thought they’d be. 😉

31 07 2009

Have fun! Germany is one place I have to visit next year!

1 08 2009

I can’t help wonder if the ‘new you’ will be able to cope with the wild raging vikings or not. They don’t exactly emit sweetness beauty & light with kittens in their arms

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