Rethinking blogging

25 07 2009


I have been thinking about blogging a lot lately. To be honest, the ridiculous numbers of visitors I get, all blurkers, freaks me out. I get like 500 a day and I don’t even blog regularly. And there is the weird clicks I get on ”women dress and religion”: every day 120 clicks! Why? Where are they coming from? I can’t find out via the stats-page.
And there’s the real weirdo’s out there, the people hiding behind false internet personae. Making up unbelievable stories about their life and accomplishments, the mental vampires trying to suck you dry, always angling for support and compliments while giving nothing back.

Luckily there are also some very real friends coming out of blogsphere into the real world πŸ™‚

But lately I am wondering: what am I doing? I started this blog when I was completely invalid and bored and getting a lot of fun out of reading blogs and also learning a lot, and connecting with people all over the world, also fun, and I wanted to be fair and show myself as I was getting more outspoken on other peoples blogs.

But I am better, and need to work hard again, and why am I spending time writing about my thoughts. Because that’s really what this blog is, a sort of twice-weekly look at what’s going on in my brain. But is this all? Because I am really and foremost an artist: not a writer and essayist. I think it’s time I focus on different subjects, like my art, and positive thinking.

So I have deleted some personal stuff, and protected quite a few others, and a very, very few people will get the password to those.
Very few.
If I haven’t written you a love-letter you can bet you won’t get the password.

And while I will continue to pour some stuff out now and then, I am from now on putting my energy in my art and am working on an art-blog. I am also staying away from blogs which host serious weirdo-commenters. I need positive vibes in my life, Anybody who wants to share positive vibes is welcome, otherwise they get kicked out. And I’m not going to look for weirdo’s on other blogs. If I don’t like the company, despite of the blog, I’m keeping away.



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25 07 2009

Ah, I completely understand why you have come to this conclusion. It’s a shame the world has so many weirdos that make us wary of sharing too much about ourselves. I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know you these past 9 months or so. You have such creativity and interesting thoughts. Certainly there are times I disagree, but such is life. Not everyone thinks exactly the same. And part of the fun in life is that we ARE different and can hear different points of view and perspectives and STILL BE FRIENDS. I appreciate all that you have shared and all the times you’ve made me smile and given me reason to consider another side. In some things you’ve challenged my thinking and, well, I just wanted to say that I wish you well in your artistic endeavors and whatever you do in your life now that you are well.

Take care and give Tarq and that adorable pup a scratch on the back or ear for me. πŸ™‚

25 07 2009

sorry to hear that… I was fortunate to catch your sunni salafi post and the 44 sunahs post before you password-protected them…and alot of your others… alot of good discussion points.
-wishing you success

26 07 2009

I found your blog when I was searching for a road sign, although the picture that was in the search results didn’t have a road sign, lol. Anyway, I agree with your conclusion about blogging. Good luck.

26 07 2009

Oh no! Nothing for me. (My blog doesn’t get weirdo commentators. I’m the only weirdo there and I protect my territory, LOOLZ.

I’ve enjoyed your writing time and again. I always look forward to your posts because they are interesting and I love them even more since you started the illustrations.; they are pure awesomeness!!

I’m gonna miss reading everything on the blog 😦

26 07 2009


If you come by looking for me I’m in my wardrobe turning everything topsy turvy looking for that love letter. OK? πŸ˜‰

26 07 2009

Susanne, I’m not leaving, or quitting blogging, I am far to attached to my friends here πŸ™‚ And what you mention, being able to disagree, and still be friends is what I enjoy so much in our little corner of blogsphere. The security you all have given me, has enabled me to feel completely free to express myself and write down my thoughts.

But I do want to change my focus, and also the way the blog is run a bit I think.
I have arrived at a point where I think it is important for me to really actively focus on positive things.
Anyway, clouddragon so far has only shown a very small and limited part of me, I will write more about the other things which occupy me.
So there will be more creativity, more happy news, no more evil posts… (Although with the news of a Miss Beautiful Morals in KSA, my fingers are twitching to make a drawing of the the line-up)
But there will be more art and sketches (misspecs πŸ™‚ ) and I will be moving to an artblog, and I hope you all will move with me.

I do feel I am at a turning point in my life. So: gone with the old, and in with the new!
Especially negative vibes have to go. That includes some people who are really trolling the blogsphere and being abusive, irritating, stupid, and create false personae under a pseudonym. There are some people who can really spoil a blog by incessant boring comments, lately enhanced with insults and even threats towards me, and I don’t see why I should be bothered with that.

As I am a free woman and I can do or let be, come and go, as I like.
If a blogowner, and very few seem to be able or willing to do so, cannot keep the trolls off their blog then I don’t want to go there anymore.
And very sorry too.
But there it is.
Anyway: positive thinking will be the focus of my thoughts my life and my blog.
I have even some white (!!!) clothes now!

26 07 2009

Achelois, πŸ™‚ the eyes are going to be the header of my artblog πŸ™‚ my camera sometimes does weird things with the light, but I like it.
What a relief you added the mashallah, otherwise I would be worried…
Ooops I will have to send the password around!

mostlypurple, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ I am glad you enjoyed my musings and some of my thoughts about religion. It really means a lot to me.

Champ, these things happen to me too! You see an interesting picture on your search, click, and then you get something completely different! Thanks for your kind comment.

26 07 2009

Seems as though many of us– talented artist types, that is— come to the point of saturation with free-for-all blogging. I know how you feel. While I did not have the problem of impolite comments, I did come to the conclusion that blogging, commenting on other people’s blogs, and spending so much time on Flickr was taking me away from my main focus, which is journal writing and grandchildren.

Less is more. I look forward to seeing more of your art.

26 07 2009

Alas…etu Aafke?

It seems there is some sort of blogging virus going round….I keep clicking on blogs only to get “so long farewell its been fun” kind of posts…hmmm…wonder if im the virus carrier 😦

Im with achelois…seaching in vain for my password…must be lost in the mail ;(

26 07 2009

Marahm, while I do enjoy so much meeting people via the blogsphere, I also think it takes away too much time from my real passion and raison d’Γͺtre.
But why not combine the two a bit more? So I will!
Stay tuned πŸ™‚

coolred: I’m staying in blogsphere, only moving house πŸ˜‰
and it’s defenitely not you, there is somebody whom I consider a cancer in blogsphere but not you! I ahve had less and less tme to read up all the blogs and I’m sorry for it.
The password has been sent
Subtile one coolred…

26 07 2009

hi Aafke,

Where is the password? and no love letter from you either Huh.. anyway glad to see you’re creating an artwork blog, though i’m no artist i would love love to be a viewer there. I love your blog, your humor and the sarcasm too πŸ™‚ so don’t quit, just keep the nasties out and us fine folks in πŸ™‚ sending you lots of positive vibes from me and the family this side of the pond.

26 07 2009

Radha, I have send you the adress to two different adresses, on the gmail adress I get a notice that the mail can’t be delivered 😦

27 07 2009
always in the kitchen

I love your artwork and envy your wicked sense of humour Aafke. You’ve kept me laughing many a grim gray morning when I really didn’t think my school adventure was going to work out. The pony express hasn’t arrived here in the back-of-beyond but I’m waiting…….

27 07 2009

I’m glad to know you’re attached to your friends and therefore still have your eyes literally on your blog! πŸ˜€ Thank God your not leaving! Looking forward to you expressing your aritstic self, which I must say I lack tremendously! πŸ˜€

Oh God I need to check if I received any love mail! πŸ˜€
Btw,is your address in FB a reliable one.My mind is itching to do something more real πŸ˜€

27 07 2009
Abu Sinan

Thanks Aafke. You know I’ll love anything you do, especially the art. I wish I was still into getting tattoos because I have some PRIME space that I’d certainly let you draw the peices for.

Years ago I got a tattoo in the Nyhaven district in Copenhagen. I am sure they have some good shops in Holland. They sure did in Sweden.

Looking forward to your new direction!

27 07 2009

Hey! That’s a great idea. I’m going to get a tattoo Inshallah this summer on my ankle and always wanted a butterfly but also wanted something really special and personal because I want only one. Would you have some time to draw something? Only if you have the time, though, no compulsion.

Can I take drawings to the artist?

I was thinking about Terry’s Studio or Bodyline Studio in Glasgow.

27 07 2009
Abu Sinan


You can take a drawing to the tattoo artist, but you have to make sure that the drawing is something that will work as a tattoo. Really fine lines, something that is too small wont work well. It will turn into a blob in 10 years.

There is one tattoo shop near Barrowland in Glasgow, the art looked okay when I was in there a few years ago. I dont remember the name, I was always in the area after Celtic games and never paid too close attention other than stopping in a time or two.

27 07 2009

Thanks for that tip, Abu Sinan! I know nothing about tattoos but I love the delicate ones.

28 07 2009

Aafke! You may not know me well (ok, maybe not at all) but I am sort of one of those blurkers. I found your site through others (eg. Susie’s, Carol’s) and I adore your sense of humour, so I had to check it out. It’s sad that you’re changing directions a little bit, but your art blog does sound intriguing. I wish you the best with it!

28 07 2009

Always, I am so happy to have spread sweetness and light πŸ˜‰ and I won’t really stop doing that… there’s always a bit of 😈

Lat, do I have my adress on FB???? If so I’d better delete it. unless I have put up a fake one….

AbuSinan, I’d love to do a tattoo design for you, although the expression ”PRIME space” worries me a bit…..

Achelois, ofcourse I’ll draw a butterfly for you, we can discuss it and talk about sketches so it will be the perfect design. You can bring your own design to a tattoo-artist.
I would try to get to see some older tattoos by the artist before you make your choice. I always like to see how they age, some tattoos become very washed out and very ugly over the years. All tattoos become a bit blurred, but some more than others.

Mel, I hope I will still be fun though….
I hope….

28 07 2009
Abu Sinan

LOL@Aafke. Such a sense of humour you have.

As to tattoos……for some reason they last a lot longer, looking better, than they used to. My oldest is 20 years old and still has retained it’s colours and it’s lines. I have a couple that have blured a bit, like 18 years old, but it is because I tried to do too much in too small a space.

Like I mentioned before, the smaller the tattoo, the less detail and crowding it can have without it becoming a blob in ten years. The last tattoos I got are large celtic knotwork and zoomorphic animal work some ten years ago and they still look like they were done yesterday.

11 02 2010

I just wanted to share, I found your blog because I did a google image search for kittens (long story… no, I don’t have a cube plastered in kittens… not that there’s anything wrong with that… nevermind…) and it brought up your post about the rescued kittens. Anyway, just in case you were wondering. πŸ™‚

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