Lazy Tarq

10 07 2009

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20 responses

10 07 2009

Shouldn’t the lazy one be grazing, or taking you for a ride, or pulling a cart or plow or something horsey like that????

10 07 2009

Yes, exactely. he should!
If you can get him up!

10 07 2009

That’s funny, Aafke!
Nice to see you… again! 😉

11 07 2009

This is just PERFECT! I’ll show this to the kids. They’ll love it. They love cousin Tarq 😀

11 07 2009

Ha, ha….so cute! 🙂

12 07 2009

He seems to be having an extremely good time to me! 😀 With such loving pushing and pulling,Tarq is enjoying a spa treatment!! 😀

12 07 2009

Woah! What a beauty!

12 07 2009

Nader, but I’m here àll the time!
I think you just want to draw attention to the fact that you were the first person from blogsphere who got to meet me for real 😈

Achelois, It would be brilliant if they could sometimes meet the Tarq for real! He would give them all rides!

susanne 😉

Lat, You have no idea! The Tarq leads the most priviliged lifestyle we would all like to be accustomed to!
His life is one constant spa-treatment. He has as personal trainer, (me), get’s the best. tastiest food, gets taken out for some different grazing, he has regular outings, goes on holidays, pedicure every 8 weeks, once a year dental, and a check-up by an ostheopath, every day grooming and styling, medical care, custom made equipment, and lots and lots of love and cuddles!

meow, 🙂 yes! 🙂

12 07 2009
American Bedu

Abdullah and I both so enjoyed these pics of you and the Tarq!!!

14 07 2009

hmmm I get it ..your child is just like mine ..spoiled and pampered and occasionally works after a lot of loving prodding 🙂

14 07 2009

But you said Tarq doesn’t like anyone riding him 😦

14 07 2009

You really are a hardcore horse person.

15 07 2009

Oh God! For once I wish I was Tarq with you as my loving personal trainer! 😛
Really all this you said must be costly and time consuming.How do you manage it? You’re a superwoman 😀

15 07 2009

Zac used to be like this, too – I’d go and sit with him and he’d put his head in my lap and go back to sleep. It’s a tough life they lead!

17 07 2009

The pictures are a delight.

And the horse… oh what a beautiful horse mA! Such a beauty.

20 07 2009

Bedu, I’m glad you both liked it so much! 🙂

Radha, and I have only one!

Achelois, oh no, he loves riding, it’s just that he keeps insisting on the concept of democracy and keeps thinking he has a say in where we are going and how fast we are going there.
But in the arena he’s a lamb, but he will be a bit lazy. But that’s ok isn’t it?

gabrielmirza, yes.

Lat, no I am not at all a superwoman, hmmm to warrant Tarq-level treatment you’d have to do something to inspire me…

Colloquielle, How nice to see you again! Ah, yeah, the backbreaking grind and toil of the modern sports-horse….

Haleem, 😀 glad you liked, ah yes, he is totally perfect!

21 07 2009

Hahaha! Inspire you?! Besides being an average Indian cook,I can probably sing you lullabyies of the croaky kind 😛 till you crack and give me that spa treatment!

21 07 2009

You don’t have to do stuff, it’s love which is the greatest inspiration. 🙂
To be loved is the most wonderful inspiration on Earth, and for those I love I am willing to do anything. 🙂

25 07 2009

What fun!!

30 07 2009

Thanks for the pictures. I realize I’m late in commenting. I’ve been busy writing my novel and playing with my new video camera. So, I haven’t been visiting with my favorite blogs much. Let alone keeping up with you and Tarq. Your photos are so charming. Thank you for sharing.

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