The Museum of Tolerance.

8 07 2009

Sounds good right? Sounded good to me.
They are building a Museum of  Tolerance in Jerusalem. That’s great. That is defenitely one of the places on the planet Earth where people should get to grips with tolerance, integration and plain ”live and let live”.
So, Hurray.


Or not?

There’s just a little snag…

The site they so delicately chose to build this monument to Tolerance on just happens to be an ancient muslim cemetary.

That’s right, the Israelis, always the first in line to start any big hullabaloo and crying out to heaven every time the slightest damage is done to some abandoned Jewish grave in Europe, have no qualms about erasing and destroying a whole cemetary in their own Jerusalem when it suits them…
Oh, did I tell you it is a muslim cemetary?
I suppose it’s a whole different thing if it’s a muslim cemetary….
Hypocritical crap like this really pisses me off!

And to claim  ”the mission to promote civility and respect among different segments of the Jewish community and between people of all faiths.” is utter crap after you read which site they’ve so considerately chosen to build it on.


The only good which will ever come of this hypocritical atrocity is that is proving to be a bonding agent for Muslims and Jews who have started a joint initiative to fight the building of the museum. Unfortunately the ”clearing out” of the cemetary has allready started. End of last year the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the Simon Wiesenthal Foundation can go ahead and build the museum.

I predict that this foundation will be a very precarious one from the very start of it’s build. I wouldn’t be surprised if it never will be a secure stronghold for tolerance and respect.



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8 07 2009

~ Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others. ~
~ Tolerance is the positive and cordial effort to understand another’s beliefs, practices, and habits without necessarily sharing or accepting them.

— they really need to build a museum to understand this simple concept – that too on top of a cemetary? sigh!!!!

8 07 2009

yes… sighhhh….. 😦

9 07 2009

How disrespectful!

9 07 2009

If only sprits can talk………..:(

9 07 2009

It’s not the spirits I am worried about; dead people are gone, really completely gone. It’s the feelings of the living which concern me.
I think they want to not only take the land and chase away the people who live there, they also want to erase the roots and even the history of the Palestinians, the archeological evidence so to speak. And the museum of ”Tolerance” is a nice excuse for getting rid of a piece of evidence that Palestinians were there first.
”Oh, but it is a museum of tolerance and that lot is only a disused cemetary, we have to build it somewhere!

9 07 2009

Obviously it’s only about tolerance toward the Jews & to heck with tolerating anyone else. As you said it’s about the feelings of the living, thay are the ones who need to be shown compassion

9 07 2009
Abu Sinan

I agree, it is about tolerance towards one community, forget the other. It is like the slogon “Never Again” which has meant nothing because it has happened humerous times to other peoples. “Never Again” certainly didnt mean much to the Bosnian Muslims being butchered in Bosnia?

9 07 2009

I personally hate the word “tolerance”. It has such a negative sound to it. I tolerate a lot of people in my life who I would rather have nothing to do with.

It’s the feelings that lie beneath our “tolerance” that really matter.

I think Malcolm X put it best when he was describing the difference between the people of the South as wolves and the people of the North (in the US) as foxes. He said he would prefer to be around wolves because at least the wolves will tell you straight away that they don’t like you; while the foxes will lie to your face and disguise their feelings towards you.

This whole Museum of Tolerance is an absolute joke. Hypocritical at best. It sounds like an article you would read in The Onion (Aafke you may need to google that one but it’s worth it).

9 07 2009

I always find it interesting that the Isralies think nothing of making all these decisions they make concerning Palestinians….without once even engaging with Palestinians about what they think or feel about the issue.

Palestinians have no voice.. and Israel seems to like it that way…so for some reason everyone else accepts it.

9 07 2009

Tony, yeah, they forgot to mention it’s about a very narrow band of tolerance only…

AbuSinan, yes, that whole thing is a farce

Sabiwabi, I think you are right… there’s something irritating about the word ”tolerance”…. I think ”Acceptance” would be better.

coolred, it’s the whole callousness of the plan which is sickening, the total disregard and possbly taunting of the whole Palestinian people which makes me sick.

17 07 2009

Sounds like hypocrisy to me. And God forbid you criticize them – it’s anti-Semitism!

I have no problems with Jews, just the policies of the Israeli government!

20 07 2009

Haleem, I just can’t stand hypocrisy! from nobody!

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