22 06 2009


Last night was the Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. From now on the days wil get shorter again. 😦 I love the long summer evenings. One solstice I want to be really up north, when the sun doesn’t go down at all.
For now I feel sadness, like everything which was growing and hopefull is now diminishing and will dwindle into nothingness.




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22 06 2009

Don’t get me wrong but I am THAT glad the longest part of summers is over. Its SO hot here, we’re melting here!

23 06 2009

Next year lets go to my Mom’s in Wasilla, Alaska. She has 20 hrs of daylight right now! We could have a grand time!

23 06 2009

I’m over my temporary dip: It’s still light until after 22.00 😀

Specs, it’s strangely cold here, 14 C. I like it, leaves me with lots of energy to do stuff.
I do sympathise with you though…

Kim, Wasilla… the town of governour Palin and book-censure… Yeah…. Cool!
Mind if I bring a couple of books to donate to the local library??? 😈

23 06 2009

I’ve always loved the shortening days, the beginning of CRISP in the air, to me fall is the time of new beginnings, probably because that is when school always started. I admit, by the grim grey days of January, it gets a little old!

25 06 2009

And here summer just started! today was 35!

29 06 2009

intlxpatr, I looove the fall! I love the seasons; it’s always interesting and surprising what will happen!
It’s just that I’m not quite ready for the days to shorten yet!

Haleem, it’s only just started here as well!
Temperature wise…

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