Clouddragon in Houston 2

20 06 2009

So, while in America I have been visiting supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals and museums. And a lot of restaurants! I had planned to do a lot of healthy cooking for Bedu, but in the end Q took us out for dinner quite often! We were so tired at the end of the day. However, I did cook, and felt very good about it, very domestic! :mrgreen:

I have been everywhere, from a high end lovely restaurant in the Dallas museum, to a diner, to the hospital restaurant, and a hookah bar! You know, except perhaps for the diner, which was far more interesting as tasty, I had some really nice food! I had been expecting very unhealthy ”American fastfood” would prevail, but we did have very nice dinners!
One or two restaurants were soooo very cold that it detracted a bit from the fun… Next time I really need to bring a blanket to these places….
I actually got nosebleeds after a few days because of those airconditioners!

hookah rubyWe went to a hookah-bar, that was a great treat for me and on my list of ”things to do”. We sat outside in the warm evening air, and had lovely food, and smoked hookah. There were many different dishes, and they were all very nice. I loved it.
There was so much and so many things to eat that I was absolutely stuffed!
I was a bit tired.

My photo’s have come out very vague, so here’s to the left my dream hookah!
Because I have now learned how to smoke hookah, and one day I’m planning to have one of my very own πŸ˜‰

It’s quite difficult to do it absolutely right….
But lots of fun!
I am sinking: I’ve smoked hookah, next time I’ll probably start drinking alcohol, and God only knows where it all will end!

At the Houston Museum there was a very lovely exhibition on ”Treasure of Afganistan” These were excavated in the thirties and sixties of the last centuries.
I had a quick runthrough allready with Carol on the second occasion we went AWOL. Not only that, Carol also took me to her favorite icecream parlor for some very tasty icecream. We had to be back in time to relieve Q from his hospital duty, but we also took the time of exploring a very nice small lingerie shop. I brought a perfect little top.

houston bactrian headdress

Q-car2 klein

On my very last day I went to the Museum again, this time with Q.
Here you see Q and his car, the museum was across the road.
Q has a very nice car, not such a huge one, very elegant. Quite the right car for me to be driven in. πŸ˜‰ (Feeling Hyacinth Bucket-like now)

Q is holding a can of diet-coke. One of the benefits of hanging around with Q is that one is nΓ©ver out of Diet-coke! πŸ˜€
We roamed the museum all morning, I had another opportunity of visiting the wonderful Afganistan exhibition. It was the last day. The Houston museum has a very nice collection: they have at leats one work by about every great artist of the last few hundred years!
We had another nice lunch, it is quite possible to make some very healthy food choices in America.
The only thing I didn’t like were the softdrinks: they all come from a tap with added sirup, not a bottle, and all smell and taste very strongly of chlorine. So I kept to mineral water.

I was very sorry not to have met up with Lofter. 😦  I was so looking forward to it, but in the end we couldn’t make it. I had also been looking forward to meeting other people from blogsphere, Carol had planned we would meet up with houstonian for example, and that didn’t work out either. We have been sΓ³ busy! But I was most sorry for not meeting Lofter !Β  😦

My lovely visit was at an end, and I had to say farewell to Carol… 😦  Q was going to drive me back to Dallas. Here you can see the enormous (naturally, in Texas) statue of Sam Houston! We passed on the highway.


Another fascinating view of an American highway: every small town has their own watertower!


We had left very early, so as to be prepared for any eventual problems. We also needed to stop for some gas, and after we filled up the tank we stumbled upon the most famous beefjerky producer in Texas! Woody’s smokehouse.
woodys beef jerkyOf course in Texas you always have to be prepared to be charmed by some extremely friendly Texan, and this was no exception. After getting my lil’ brother a T-sjurt, some Jerky and a cap, (I was bound in honour to bring him gifts and had had no time for shopping other than grocery-) I was caught in the clutches of a huge Texan Beef Jerky Master Chef! Who fed me several different pieces of fascinatingly differently prepared Jerky, including his latest invention, and so ofcourse I had to buy more of the best jerky on the planet! I had no idea there were so many different kinds of jerky!

So, anybody who travels on interstate 45, between Dallas and Houston, Centerville, exit 164: do go there! You will not be dissappointed. Needless to say I relished the whole experience πŸ˜€


More highway…


Now Q said I still had not eaten some real TexMex food, and so he dragged me to this great restaurant!.



And of course I had another lovely lunch. My last one with Q… 😦

After the lunch we had to go to the airport and I had to board my plane back to Holland.

I miss you Carol, I miss you Q, and I miss all the lovely Texans!

(but I don’t miss the Polarblast-airconditioning)



10 responses

20 06 2009

I miss Texas 😦

20 06 2009

Poor red, 😦

21 06 2009

I would have spent a couple of days in the Afghani exhibit as well. Fascinating and gorgeous! Love the picture of the artifact you put up, gives me the chills.

21 06 2009
American Bedu

Miss you too!!

21 06 2009

Wow, you had a great time and took some awesome pictures!

Hookah bar? Cool! I didn’t know they were that common there!

Nice car, Q! πŸ˜‰

21 06 2009

Hey Aafke…completely by chance I came across this blog today that has at least one of ur cartoons on it….was wondering if you knew or allowed your cartoons to be posted on other blogs. Just wondering so giving you a headsup.

scroll down about midway

21 06 2009

Aw, it was great to read about the ending of your trip. Looks like they fed you very well. πŸ™‚ Sorry about the polar-blast a/c though your mentioning it makes me chuckle. I also think some places are way too cold!

I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing Houston and Dallas through your eyes. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

Oh, I loved the comment about your sinking and drinking alcohol being next. LOL!

28 06 2009

So you gals have finally met! I wish i had been there to witness all of that! I’m sure it was tons of fun, as I know that both of you are very interesting and fun to be with!

28 06 2009
American Bedu

It was so much fun and as you can imagine, the time flew by soooooo fast!!!!

28 06 2009

Sabiwabi, the exhibition was so varied, and full of lovely things, and even better: Q gave me a pair of earring replica’s πŸ™‚ from the museum shop. They were the last ones too!
I’ll show them one of these days…

Bedu, ❀ πŸ™‚

Specs, apparently hookah-bars are getting to be vΓ©ry fashionable in America!

Coolred, I checked out the site, yeah there's one of my cartoons there, but it's a cool blog. Very cool about women, so it's okay as far as I'm concerned.

Suzanne, Yes, I may have been cold half the time, but I was stuffed as well. πŸ˜‰
Don't worry, I will keep you informed about my downfalls…..

Q, that was very well done then, you spoke to me about that car months ago… and there was personal stuff about.

Nader, It was so great to meet up with Carol, sorry you couldn't be there, but then you still have the joy of having been the very first person from blog-sphere I met for real!

Bedu, Yes 😦 sniffff

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