What happened to my apple?

13 06 2009

Has it been waterboarded?

red apple3

Has it been tortured?

red apple5

Has it been shot?

red apple7

Or has it found freedom and an American lifestyle? Maybe even hook up with a juicy, sexy, Californian Orange???

red apple8



13 responses

13 06 2009

See, looks like waterboarding and freedom are closely related.

13 06 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Oh no, don’t give the marketers and genetic engineers any ideas about splicing orange and apple genes together …

13 06 2009

you forgot burning in hell …


13 06 2009

Maybe it ended up in Gitmo and is waiting for a country to accept it.

14 06 2009
American Bedu

I’m sure when it saw what was going on it said “get me out of here” and morphed itself into a Florida orange.

14 06 2009

No no no! Your apple was “liberated!”

15 06 2009

Or maybe it hooked up with a big Florida banana.


I’m bad.

15 06 2009

I think it’s rotting away in some detainment center somewhere along with thousands of other unfortunate pieces of contraband fruit.

16 06 2009

LOOOOOL! This was soo funny! :D:D:D

16 06 2009

I vote shot, if it’s really apples we’re talking about πŸ˜›

16 06 2009

I’m guessing it’s in a cell in Guantanamo Bay….

19 06 2009

Hum, I’m happy most people vote for freedom though…
I still really think it was eaten…

19 06 2009

Sabiwabi, you Γ re BAD!!!!!!!!!

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