The contraband apple

12 06 2009

red apple

Before boarding the train to Schiphol, my first stop in my travel to America, I had been given an apple by the friendly friend who looked after Zora and took me to the station.

Now, I was very tired, hadn’t slept the night before, and wasn’t so hungry in the train. I arrived at Schiphol after 07.00 and still wasn’t hungry. I boarded the plane and got snacks (yuk!) and dinner (????) and spend most of my time dozing and watching movies half remembered.

Completely forgot about the Apple…

I arrived in Dallas. The customs person asked me if I brought this, and that, and ”agricultural produce”
”Is an apple ‘agricultural produce’??? Whooops! I was whisked away, put onto a different track, all alone (snif!) armed guards, came to a desk, and brought out the offending apple.
My apple was confiscated!
After leaving my lovely apple behind, and answering more important questions, for which they took me at my word (!) I was let free.

I don’t know, but I’m sure they ate my apple.



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12 06 2009

Ha, ha….for shame, for shame! How dare they eat your apple! Little stinkers! πŸ™‚

When we were in Turkey headed home, they confiscated our batteries. We brought them TO Turkey with no problems, but going back to the US, Turkish Airlines took them … even out of Andrew’s flashlight.

I love stories like this…thanks for sharing!

12 06 2009

P.S. You should have just eaten your apple while we were waiting for those armed guards. Surely once it was in you, they wouldn’t find it “confiscatible.”

We were also questioned by the US customs when we returned. They hear you go to Syria and you are suddenly worth detaining for questions. Blah!

12 06 2009

Brilliant! Next time in August I will bring an apple and eat it right in front of them! See what happens…
Perhaps they will insist I stick my finger down my throat….

Ahaaa, but what did you bring back from Syria??? Osama’s latest video? Some top-quality Afgan hassish? Miniature terrorrists hiding in the lining of your suitcase? Can’t blame them…..

12 06 2009

I brought a bottle of expensive WATER…designer or something….I dont know…they swooped on it…confiscated it…frisked me with entirely too much familiarity…and let me go with a warning and a sniff of condescension.

I agree…you should have stood there and ate it…smacking your lips and enjoying every single bite….lol.

13 06 2009

I bet they wanted to make a Dutch Apple Pie! πŸ˜€

13 06 2009
American Bedu

But thank goodness they did not confiscate my sumptious Dutch chocolate hare or the wonderful face cream you made that smells good enough to eat!!!!!!

13 06 2009

Coolred, Water….. Suspicous……. It’s wonder they let you in!
Tell me: how does a designer design water?????

Q, LOL!!!! I’m going to use that suggestion…..

Lynn…. Hmmmmm…. not enough apple, though it was a big one!

Bedu, πŸ™‚ You can actually have a taste of the facecream, though I wouldn’t reccommend it for dessert… Ooops luckily those things are in no way ”agricultural”!!!!

13 06 2009

LOL That’s what you sneaky fruit smugglers get!

OK, all joking aside, after the Great French Wine Blight in the mid 1800s was caused by aphids brought in by travelers carrying plants and produce, a lot of nations put strict controls on agricultural products being brought into the country.

Hell, there a some states in the US that won’t let you bring in plants or produce from other states, much less countries – even if you’re just passing through.

13 06 2009

LOOL! That’s a troublesome apple indeed!

Too bad it fell SO FAR from the tree… could’ve saved you a lot of trouble staying where it was πŸ˜‰ Yes, lame joke, I know. Had to say it. Hehehehe

13 06 2009

maybe they don’t want you keeping the doctors away!

13 06 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

When we moved to California, we drove across the country from New York. Among the items in our car were a couple of house plants. At the border between California and Arizona, California had an inspection checkpoint. This checkpoint had a very large sign before the barricade that had a lot of writing in small print, which I managed to read before we went by it. Towards the bottom was something that said that if you were bringing in house plants, you had to get a certificate at the checkpoint saying they had been inspected. So anyway, we stopped at the barricade and answered their questions (including about plants) and then they said we could go. I said, “Aren’t you supposed to give us a certificate for our house plants?” The checkpoint guy looked at me and said, “Nobody ever reads that sign!”

And then he gave me my certificate.

16 06 2009

Lol your story reminded me of a similar experience my parents had when traveling through the US by car in the late 70s. When they got to a checkpoint entering California, they were asked about agricultural produce and sure enough my parents were guilty of carrying a bag full of apples. They didn’t surrender them though, being the young, and carefree people that they were, and with lots of time on their hands, they drove a bit away from the checkpoint and ate whatever of the apples they could! haha! πŸ˜€

16 06 2009

Americans are very terrorist paranoid & maybe thought is was an exploding apple bomb. Or perhaps they thought you may throw it at a large building…..

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