6 06 2009

Sorry people I know I should be putting up the Houston visit now.
But I’m in Belgium at the moment. 🙂
In Brussels to be exact, I am doing a special ”Tao cultivation”-course. At the Chiness Centre. It’s women only, (no men allowed at all, not even in the other rooms!) and I am having a very enlightening time! 🙂

It’s evening now and tonight I’m staying with Arlette in her romantic country house outside of Brussels. She was very kind and invited me tonight! It’s very lovely and peaceful here, and I’m going to crash very soon!

Arlettes garden



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7 06 2009

Wow, it seems like an awesome place!

No women and you’re having an ‘enlightening’ time? Haha I’ll have to tease you about that when you get back. For now, just have fun!!

7 06 2009

Specs, It’s ”no men” ”women only” and some pretty personal stuff floats up. I think I’m going to experience a lot of personal growth 🙂

7 06 2009

Ahhhh … sounds lovely! Enjoy!!

8 06 2009

Great picture! Have fun!

9 06 2009

It’a a lovely pic of the garden and I can’t wait to know what you’ve learnt there!
Wonder what’s next in Clouddragon worldtour! Enjoy! 😀

9 06 2009

What a cool trip! I hope you get even more enlightening than you had hoped for !

10 06 2009

I had always wanted to land in a place full of women and no other man allowed! 😀

Belgium sounds fun. I think the first time I saw Belgium was in an Asterix comic and it had all forests and stuff, and that was 50 BC, and here you are posting a tree picture of Belgium!

11 06 2009
always in the kitchen

Sounds wonderful! Have some of the wonderful Belgium chocolate for me…………

11 06 2009

Everybody, it was great!
And coming back was good too: my cats were so happy! And the Tarq even deigned to come in full trot to the gate! 🙂
Always: I am working on losing lots of weight! So no Belgian chocolates… 😦

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