Easter weekend, day 2 and 3

25 04 2009

We’ll skim quickly through the rest of the weekend, we rode the whole day on Saturday, had lunch at a pancake restaurant. There was something weird there… They arrived in like 10 minutes… All six! Which is far to quick to bake 6 pancakes. And they tasted very flat… we think they are old, they keep them in a fridge and reheat them, yuk!

Unfortunately I was hungry and ate it. Our horses chilling!


On easter sunday we had an egg-race! To be done without saddle. I was thinking I might not do well holding the egg, so I thought I’d impress by going without a bridle as well. That worked really well :mrgreen:
Except the last ”obstacle” a patheticly low ”jump”, and Al Tarq got the Heeby Jeebies, and absolutely refused to walk over that ”jump”….
At leas I managed to keep the spoon and egg….

Zig-zag around the cones:


a small cricle around the jumping posts,


Backwards between the white bars,


And the small ”jump”.




9 responses

25 04 2009

Your horse is afraid to jump???!

25 04 2009

No, he isn’t afraid to jump, he can jump fine, in fact I can’t call that a ”jump” it’s more like a ”step”. No, for some reason he had decided that was not going to happen.
He’s like that…..
Men….. 🙄

25 04 2009

Wow,you look great on Tarq! and Tarq should be allowed to have his moods,can’t he 🙂 Great pics.Wish I’m near horses now!

25 04 2009

Dont tell me you are going to rant about men now!!! Hehehehe

25 04 2009

Lat, Al Tarq has many moods…. All the time……

safiullahhussaini….. :mrgreen:

25 04 2009

Lovely pictures

25 04 2009

oh how I wish I could ride a horse!

25 04 2009

Yeah, well, if you and Mona hadn’t chickened out of visiting the Netherlands this summer Al Tarq would have given you a ride…..

28 04 2009

you look great on a horse , all powerful and such.. and Tarq is huge.. wish i could ride and fly like the wind –( too many movies i know ) , but then again, i’m not known for my bravery.so i’ll stay far and admire you guys.

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