Heaven and hell

14 04 2009

So, hum, I am going to piss éverybody off, and if some perverted loony fundamantalist is going to sniper me that still doesn’t prove anything.
Except that religion kills.
But if God is pissed with me we can expect some visitation landing on my head; either in the form of a thunderbolt (longtime favorite) or, if God is in a modernistic mood, an airplaine engine dropping out of a clear sky. I’m not worried either way. Because I think I’m really sweet and wellmeaning, (under the evil sarcasm) and I am defenitely going here:

And I’m counting on not going to end up here:

And I’m going to swap my contingent of 72 houris for this one:




14 responses

14 04 2009

Beautiful/funny/beautiful and funny! 🙂 😀 🙂

Thunderbolt please, I’m a classicist/naturist in such matters! :mrgreen:

14 04 2009

Beautiful horse videos. In Abu Dhabi our health club was next door to a race track–I saw many beautiful horses being exercised daily–and just walking down the street in Khalidiya a groom would be leading a beautiful Arabian on a stroll through the neighborhood. Men would often be training hawks in empty lots as well. Also the name in the last video is a common family name in the UAE (probably in other countries as well) and some of our good friends have that name. Rowan Atkinson is always very funny. 🙂

14 04 2009

Chiara–“classicist/naturist”–that’s not someone in a toga hugging a tree underneath the full moon is it?—:))

14 04 2009

I’m definitely more of an Arabian horse fan now, and falconry has its own beauty too.

Sirius–yes exactly, while reading from ancient works (by moonlight) and strumming a lute! 😀

14 04 2009

Why english subtitles for an english speaking person???
I love Rowan Atkinson, he’s my hero!!!

P.S. Did I mention I’ve done the bedroom meme….
Just sayin’

14 04 2009

Aw, man, the Jews were right? Shoot!


Cute post. Love the horses!

15 04 2009

Very nice!

15 04 2009

The horses look great! Aren’t they suppose to sway their hips like in belly dancing? 😛 It’s afterall arabian music 😛 Unfortunately for me Rowan Atkinson is not avaialable right now! 😦

16 04 2009

Beautiful horses Aafke! I wish I had the kind of land where we could buy horses (in Yemen) but ours is a mountainous region and dangerous for them…a shame for the are magnificent animals.

18 04 2009

So my dear; donde estas que no te oigo? I haven’t heard a peep out of you- you having too much fun with the Angels! Come down to earth- let’s have chai, and you can tell me all about blood lines of those horses!

20 04 2009

That last video was amazing. You can see the horse loves working out with Ali al-Ameri; he’s having fun! And he adores the man!

22 04 2009

Chiara, thunderbolt?

Sirius, how lovely! I suppose you didn’t make a couple of hundred photo’s?

ehm ”tree-hugging”???? You’ve found me out????

Tony, oh I don’t know, it’s very useful for English learners, it was the one with the best quality 🙂
Sorry, I have been só occupied, I’ll be commenting on your bedroom shortly!

suzanne, but that might be an evil rouse by the Devil! Perhaps in reality the christians have it right!

Achelois 🙂

Lat, oh I’m sorry you can’t see this great video! Yes, Al Tarq defenitely sways his hips, and so I do too when riding him! And when he stands still and relaxes he drops one hip sooo low I have to bend completely to the side to avoid falling off! 😉

INAL, but there are many horse who do fine in mountainous regions! 😀
Soy aqui. I’d love a cup of chai, and tell you all about Al Tarq’s and Rabhar’s bloodlines, and the adventures of their ancestors!
Actually I wrote about Rabhar’s ancestors, and as I am a bit over losing him I think I will write the last installment soon.

intlxpatr, Yes, when you can get a horse to love you they will do anything for you. It’s a lovely video!

22 04 2009

Yes, “thunderbolt”, as per your post, the pre-modern punishment for those who would agree with your versions of heaven and hell–or the more common lightening bolt if you prefer! :mrgreen: 😀

22 04 2009

Wonderful horse images, especially the last video, which was nearly poetic in its grace.

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