Bedroom meme

25 03 2009

I have been tagged again

I have to show photo’s of my bedroom, or details thereof. So for ya’all: here are some details of my bedroom.

The rules are simple:
* Post one or more photos that were taken from within your own bedroom. The more interesting and artistic, the better!
* Then tag at least three others to do the same.
* Don’t forget to link back to the person who tagged you.

The swanky nimph.


Alabaster, glass, and porcelain.



Clouddragon hanging on my bed.


Painted antique cabinet.


Eighteenth century marriage fan, full of symbols of love, and it’s painted with butterflies and mosquitos, the butterflies stand for the love, the mosquitos for the bad in marriage.


A friend send me this little unicorn; she decided it needed a good place to live.


I tag: American Bedu, Lofter, and Tony!




30 responses

26 03 2009

Ooooooooooo…what a pretty bedroom! I really like a lot of your stuff. What a cute thing with the little birds on them. Even the outside of your room is LOVELY! I see an Aafke ancestress, right? Great fan, too. Was that passed down from someone in your family? Hope you don’t mind all the questions.

Enjoyed this!

26 03 2009

Hey the ‘swanky nymph ‘ is almost topless! Fitnah!! But then she’s soooo beautiful! And so are the rest of the stuff! All my porcelain are kept locked away because of my kids. Your bedroom looks a little too aritistic but cozy.:D

26 03 2009


26 03 2009

I love it! Every piece is a reminder of your most beautiful soul!

26 03 2009

What a sweet feminine room. Especially like the saber above the bed–might come in useful to deter anyone who thought there might be desert apres dinner!

26 03 2009

Wow, Aafke, I knew it! I knew you would post the most beautiful photos of the most charming bedroom! I love the delicate peach color of the walls. I was surprised to see Clouddragon hanging on your bed– any significance in that?

26 03 2009

How did I guess?

I just knew you were the type of woman to keep a weapon at your bedside!

Please tell me it’s peace-tied!

26 03 2009

Susanne, the outside is my back-garden. Not much to look at right now…
The fan is part of my collection; I collect and restore antique fans.

Lat, ehm yes, The ”Swanky Nimph” is fitnah, That’s why she resides in my bedroom so as not to give any male visitors fitnaish ideas!
Yep I don’t have kids and my house is proof of that! What do you mean ”too artistic”??? What do you expect from an artist?

Chiara, πŸ™‚

Achelois, Thank you πŸ™‚ and ❀

Sirius, πŸ˜€ no deserts without clouddragon’s consent! πŸ˜€

Marahm, I love the colour too, and it changes hue depending in the light! There’s no significance in the fact that Clouddragon is hanging by my bed, except that I love it, it was made for me in China, and I want it close, and I have to keep it somewhere….

Sabiwabi, rest assured: very peace-tied!

26 03 2009

I will not post my photos now because your room is so beautiful mine will look awful 😦

26 03 2009

Your bedroom is a museum! Nice sword…

26 03 2009

A question for you, what would the 1 thing you would buy that’s special in neatherlands if you were to visit. i know there’s a broad range, just something essentially dutch that will fit in a bag.

26 03 2009

Achelois! Coward!

Mezba: πŸ™‚

26 03 2009

Radha! Welcome to my blog πŸ˜€
(at last…)
eeeehmmm, difficult. Is it for somebody special? what is their taste?
What is essentially Dutch….. Jenever…. :mrgreen: something Delftware….
Tulips… Marijuana….. I need more info!

26 03 2009

Exquisite! It’s just how I would have imagined it! You have great taste.

26 03 2009

Aafke – Thank you, it’s a pleasure reading your blog and your room is beautiful.
We will be visiting there in the next week and i wanted to take back something dutch , instead of just browing and trying to pick somehting that catches my fancy, i figured since you live there you could suggest something a keepsake.
we will be in hague and groningen.

26 03 2009

You’re kidding??? wanna meet up???

i would love to show you around!
and you could come to my house and I’ll make dinner for you!

I’ll look around for something special and Dutch.

27 03 2009
American Bedu

I’m sorry Aafke but I’m traveling out of Saudi now so you sure don’t want to see the transit bedroom I’m sleeping in! However yours is indeed exquisite and exactly as Aafkesq as I expected!!

27 03 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Your bedroom is cool! You wouldn’t want to see ours, it would just be a bunch of pictures of laundry and cobwebs and scattered dog toys …

27 03 2009

OK… you got me again… here ya go…

You better be coming to Texas soon… I’m thinking after all these meme’s, you owe me dinner! LOL! :-p

27 03 2009
always in the kitchen


28 03 2009

Loving the room! πŸ˜€ Fab pieces you have.

29 03 2009


I’ve never been so excited to see someones bedroom! You are such an “old world romantic” I love the lights on the headboard. I knew it would have a great view too!

30 03 2009

Love it!

Aafke, I know you’re busy, but please write!

30 03 2009

yeah, sorry, very busy! I’m glad you all like my room, and my next bit of flammable wicked writing is in the offing!

Lofter: Thanks for doing the meme, and for affording us the glimpses into your private sanctum! πŸ™‚

Tina, the lights are from Ikea

30 03 2009

If a sword passed between us ,we wont know whose blood it spilt ,yours or mine

beacuse we were so intimate

an old arab proverb

Where is the bedroom ???

30 03 2009

Oh! Daggero! I love that!

The bedroom is in my house… Where did you expect it to be???

13 04 2009

Oh I only just came across this one, I haven’t been around the blogoshere a lot lately. I won’t knock back a challenge, I shall do it with a pic of our recently painted bedroom.

14 04 2009
14 04 2009

I have done it

14 04 2009

I put the link on your recentest post too in case you don’t come back to this one

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