Blogging Etiquette

21 03 2009


There are certain etiquette rules in Blogsphere. Etiquette is nothing outlandish or elitist. To keep to a certain set of rules will make life easier, and more enjoyable for everybody. This is the truth in the real world, and equally so in Blogsphere.

On Blogging

  • When you start writing a blog, write it for yourself.
  • Research your posts, and add hyperlinks, or list your sources, make it easier for your readers to look up the information for themselves
  • Be regular in posting, if it’s everyday, or once a week
  • Welcome new visitors
  • Give your commentators the respect they deserve and reply to their comments
  • don’t use other peoples words or link to their sites without their permission
  • Send trackbacks when you link to a post
  • Don’t be longwinded; try to keep your writing concise

On Commenting

  • Read the blog before you start commenting, every blog has a personality, get to know it.
  • Read the post before you comment
  • Don’t start screaming! (using caps)
  • Thread hijacking: Start writing very long comments, and put your own opinion across, act as if all posts are meant for you alone.
  • Don’t write very long comments, keep it under 100 words, be short and concise. Longwinded comments tend to get skimmed over by other readers.
  • Don’t swamp a thread with your own comments so that other peoples comments dissapear under your onslaught.
  • Don’t go off topic!!! If you feel the constant need to put forward your own thoughts and ideas: Start you own!
  • Don’t feed trolls! Do ignore them!
  • Your own blog can be accessed by clicking on your name above your comment, don’t advertise your own blog by adding a link to your comments, that’s spamming.
  • Repeating the same comment multiple times is also spamming.
  • Keep your comments original, if two or three commentators have allready made the comment you wanted to make, be courteous and refrain from adding your duplicate comment.



28 responses

22 03 2009

Very nice. LOL….it’s a good thing I didn’t advertise my blog earlier today. Samer posted something interesting about Israeli soldiers speaking about the atrocities of the Gaza conflict earlier this year, and I thought you might want to see it. But I felt shy so I didn’t say anything though I was close to leaving our blog URL. But I did not and I am so glad after reading this! NOW I am having bad manners by going off topic … oops.

22 03 2009

Don’t be silly Susanne, if you are a regular civil blogger, and you have a post especially dear to your heart, or one you consider important news or warning, you are perfectely free to add a link to your comment.

You understand I’m sure that is different from taking over a post or incessantly plugging your blog.
You see it sometimes on blogs: a first time commentator, who hasn’t got anything to say on the post, just some lame ”Very nice blog” and then starts plugging their own blog with extra links etc.

22 03 2009
American Bedu

Following blog etiquette, I’d like to take your post and repost it on my own blog. I try very hard to follow the blogetiquette as the blogger and realize I am too nice too often with some blog followers who do not follow the rules of blog etiquette. Without naming names, I have an offender on my own blog who should probably have a blog of their own as more often than not, I get emails from people asking if I have a co-blog host since a particular person responds to each and every post like owning the blog! What makes it worse is when you have a blog on specific subjects and people come to the blog wanting to be informed and/or seeking advise and someone who only relies on what they have read will respond but the response is written as if they have experience on the subject….and at times it is clear that the response given is not what is the reality on the ground. How do I address this? Give someone a warning? Not be as diplomatic? Put their comments on moderation?

22 03 2009

Bedu, I would hope that person would recognize him/herself and change … *I* have picked up on the hints so why can’t s/he? But I agree it seems sometimes that you have a co-blogger. 🙂

Aafke, thanks. I just didn’t know if that would be welcome. But, yes, I know the kind you mean. They seem more like advertisements than real comments.

22 03 2009

Susanne, you are a regular esteemed visitor, and if you have something important to say I consider it normal you do so and include a link to your own blog.
It’s not as if you end every comment with your link: that’s spamming. especially if you were not even adding a reasonable comment to the post.

Bedu, You are always free to take anything you want from my blog.
(just make sure you list the source) :mrgreen:

It’s easy if somebody is unpleasant, or a troll, you can block them from your site. But if you actually like a commentator, but get overwhelmed by them it’s very difficult. However, you are a former diplomat! I’m sure you can come up with a diplomatic request 😉
I think I’d try to write a personal mail explaining your uneasiness? And you can certainly knick my etiquette rules! That will make clear to any visitor what you like for a guideline in comments.

22 03 2009
Saudi in US

Good list Aafke

@Susanne I followed the your name link to your blog and read the article. I would recommend others to do the same. I did not see those details about the Gaza war.

@Carol, Yes I think you are getting way too many comments from only 1 or 2 people that drawn everyone else. I find myself commenting less on the blog, because by the time 30 minute passes the one commentator would have flooded the comments. The result is my comment just gets pushed off the page and will be a wasted effort on my part. I think good discussions on blogs are important. If proper etiquette is followed we all benefit.

22 03 2009

Thanks for the rules. Perhaps part of a blog site could be to have a mini version of the rules for commentators, since hopefully one always has new ones.

If I am one of the persons being addressed here (I certainly am hoping I’m not conflated with the other one I can think of), I apologize. My intentions have always been better than what some have assumed.

It would be easiest and most diplomatic IMO for the blog mistress to address concerns by an email–far preferable to innuendo, displaced anger, or tag-teaming.

Short inflammatory comments also derail. 🙂

word count: 95 🙂

22 03 2009

Chiara, ”word count: 95” LOL!!! 😀

22 03 2009

Thanks 😀
word count: 1 :mrgreen:

22 03 2009

Oh dear, I have committed some booboos on the blogsphere according to the list Aafke… There goes an onion skin layer- ouch, ouch, ouch!

22 03 2009

I started blogging 4 years ago and for the first three months I only silently watched how people commented. Reading comments showed me how I should behave when commenting.

I think some ‘annoying’ people really don’t know how to comment so this post is great for them! I also think its hard to be diplomatic because usually when a person is defying every rule in the Book of Commenting they are over confident of themselves or think they know everything and every human being. They fail to understand they are annoying and diplomacy will not work.

In the end any one person can’t know everything about everything. Its always a good idea to be humble and say “wow! This is interesting. Never thought about it like this” 😀

If I make a lengthy comment I try not to comment again unless another commenter wants input from me. So… this will perhaps be my only comment on this post!!

Thanks for posting this, Aafke!

22 03 2009

Oops! My comment was eaten. My onion skin layer is peeled too!

22 03 2009

Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know there were official rules. 🙂

It definitely seems as if there is a new generation, breed, or whatever you want to call them, who don’t seem to understand etiquette and it’s purpose. And, ironically…the use of the internet, and the detachment from those we’re communicating with…makes it easier for people to just be rude.

22 03 2009

Chiara, sorry, that’s Three words, one punctuation mark, one number, two smileys…. 😉

INAL, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, stay tuned! 🙂
And don’t be so paranoid, rules are there to be broken
from time to time

BCIS, you are right about the easiness for becoming rude. I ahve always believed in the prpose for old-fashioned etiquette as a means to make life easy and people happy. 🙂

22 03 2009

I usually dont read long comments but skip over them, it is more like a lecture than a comment.

22 03 2009
American Bedu

I agree Kalimaat — too long of comments are annoying and when there are a slew of long comments by the same individual, people usually scroll past them and as a result sometimes miss very good comments which are shorter by different individuals while scrolling through. As a blogger I feel I must read each and every comment to my blog and honestly I will always ask myself “what does this really add to the topic of the post?” “How is it relevant” And in some cases I’ll think “does the commentor just enjoy writing for the sake of writing and want to appear before the blogosphere as all knowing and knowledgable or have to have the first and last say in each and every comment?”

22 03 2009

Hmmm? Wondering if I should mend my ways or something.

I tend to keep my long winded writing for my own blog but if I feel something someone else posted hits close to home…I tend to feel the need to express myself a little more.

Im not much for links…in my comments or on my blog…I figure Im not here to teach anyone anything…just to entertain… 😉 or maybe just remind myself Im still alive 🙂

22 03 2009

Rules were made to be broken

22 03 2009

Aafke–ah zut! (pardon my French) 😀

22 03 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

hello aafke its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmm hmmm wot is this “research” of wich yoo speek??? and can i eet it??? thanks ok bye

22 03 2009

Lol by the time I get to read a post there have been a gazillion comments and I refrain from adding to the noise! So, yea, I’m not a blurker, I’m more of a reader 🙂

23 03 2009

Kalimaat, yes it’s a waste of time if you want to get your point across to write a really long comment. Actually I think the same goes for posts, don’t you think so? I feel at the times I write a really long post, that people will not bother to read it all….

Bedu, yes.

coolred why take this personal??? maybe i only posted this for the ”general public”??? So that if anybody actually googles Blog-etiquette they will get some info? I love your comments, and I love your blog!

daggero, thank you for keeping your comment so stricktly within the rules :mrgreen:

Chiara your french is fine, your arithmatic isn’t…. 😉

Dennis, noo sweety, no nice thing to eat, don’t break your head, have a scooby snack!

Tee, and a very concise commantator! 😉

23 03 2009

😉 :mrgreen:

23 03 2009

Well done, Aafke!

Occasionally, I enjoy giving a commenter enough rope to hang himself/herself. If they violate my rules – no gross profanity, no name-calling, no racial stereotypes, etc – I edit or delete and think “Woo HOOO! It’s my blog! I’m the boss!” 😉

23 03 2009

That was interesting!!

I think you should add it to the ‘rules’ page. 😀

I agree, don’t feed trolls! Bloggers unite!!

23 03 2009

Chiara, What can I say, it’s short! 😉

Intlxpatr, I fsomebody really irks me or uses profanity I move them to the troll-page. But my collection is rather pathetic; I haven’t gotten a really amusing and intelligent troll on my site yet. 😦 ”A” showed some promise but quickly de-evolved, so he/she’s blocked now…

Specs, I don’t have a rules page…. Oh, yeah! Don’t feed trolls! Throw them on the troll’s page!

24 03 2009

Don’t feed trolls is good advice, I remember feeding one once & it just grew into a big argument. Nasty Nithya’s male friend.

A good list Aafke of welcome reminders. I have a regular visitor who always uses capital letters. It’s annoying but I don’t know how to tactfully ask him not to without possibly upsetting him. Guess I will grin & bear it.

10 06 2009
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