Zora and the doggyride

10 03 2009

If I go somewhere on the bicycle and want to bring Zora, and it is far, I have a problem. Due to Zora’s bad elbow, she can’t run beside the bike for very long. And if I go to see my horse, which is more than 10 miles, it of course out of the question. Luckily, in a country where everybody goes everywhere on a bike, there are solutions.
I have brought Zora a ”Doggy-ride”!!!!

It’s starting to feel like spring, and although far too cold, we are already making plans for those sultry summerdays we are never sure we might get but are always hopeful for.

Here we are, last summer, early on a sunday morning, it’s allready hot: Ready for takeoff! Our bicycles are loaded with swimming and picknick gear, the doggyride is attached, and the dog has been squeezed in. πŸ˜€
The Doggyride has both a front and back entrance which you open and close with zippers, and the latest model has (brilliant) an opening rooftop!
The maximum weight you can load the doggy-ride with is 80 pounds. Zora is exactely 80 pounds of furcovered razorblades…


Arrived at the lake, it is allready more than 30” celcius… Not my kind of weather…


Zora is hot too…


We spend the day lounging reading our serious and instructive books, going for a swim when it gets to hot, and picknicking, and Zora gets some much needed rest…..




22 responses

10 03 2009

Ok now I wanna get a dog just so I can get one of those things for it…too cute.

btw I am extremely envious of your green stuff all over the darn place…the only green here in Bahrain is the green of envy in peoples eyes when you buy a new mobile or some crap! ugh!!!

10 03 2009

Coolred, What can I say… I certainly would not like to switch… But you are welcome anytime to feast your eyes on the verdure here!
Not right now, right now everything is grey here.

Ah, so that’s why they are always after the lastest phone or gadget! They are only yearning to see some green…..

10 03 2009

just discovered your site. Love it! Love your dog. Looks just like my dog who passed away she also had a bad elbow. Am moving soon from rainy green
Seattle to Jeddah so I find your cartoons hilarious. Lived in Abu Dhabi which
looks just like Houston! Your beautifully designed abaya has inspired me
to design one for myself–Perhaps one embellished with peace and love signs.

10 03 2009

That is so cool, Aafke, and Zora looks so happy! I love the convertible top. You always seem to have so much fun and get to do so many cool things – lucky you! Oh, and Captain Kabob loves it too – and he thinks you’re HOT!

10 03 2009

Sirius, welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ I’m glad to be an inspiration for more Fitnaish abayas :mrgreen: You could also get some embroidered applications while you are still in America, and buy a really simple plain one, and embellish it yourself with the applications!
Let us know how you fare in Jeddah, start your own blog! πŸ˜‰

Susie, ehm, we did that three times last year…. not all the time… alas….
The convertible is sooo much fun! I made a miniature carport for it too!
πŸ˜‰ yeah, I was vΓ¨ry HOT!!! πŸ˜‰

10 03 2009

Zora is beautiful. I am sure she loves you like we all love her πŸ˜€

10 03 2009

“Fur-covered razorblade”…….. TRUE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!


10 03 2009

Acheloi, Why do people love my pets more than me? 😦

Rhysz: Nerds of cyberspace… Unite!

11 03 2009

another fun post…thanks! I loved it. πŸ˜€

Isn’t Zora the one who had surgery last week? How is she?

11 03 2009

I love your photos of Zora, Tarq, Simsalabim, and of your interesting, artistic way of life. That’s why I’ve tagged you!

11 03 2009

What great exercise!

I have seen cat-strollers, too, but I cannot imagine the looks I would get in Kuwait taking the Qatteri Cat out for a stroll in a stroller, LLOOLLL. They would probably commit me in a mental hospital.

11 03 2009

susanne, yes, the very same! But these photo’s are from last summer πŸ˜‰

Marahm, I read your post this morning and noticed the tag! I will do it soon!

intlxpatr, I perhaps the humans wold put you in the funnyfarm, but I bet the Qatteri Cat would be very pleased!
Depends on whom you want to please most πŸ˜‰

11 03 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

What a great day! I wonder if Tucker would ride in something like that …

11 03 2009
American Bedu

you AND Zora and YOUR bike and doggy rider need to come to KSA for a ride! (wicked grin)

That is just too cool…and I do not recall seeing anything like it in the States either.

11 03 2009

Affke, are you sure Zora is not just a Cardigan with very long legs? Look at those ears in the top pic! Fabulous.

I have missed you too! I posted a particularly nice muzzle pic today, along with my secret silly name. Hope you like it!

11 03 2009

Dennis: of course he would, try to convince him! πŸ˜‰

Bedu, and thank you, do want to see me arrested by the muttawa so you can write a nice post at your blog???? Can you imagine? 1- the forbidden act of being out of doors with a dog. 2- the forbidden act of a woman driving a contraption form after the time of the prophet which gives her independance. 3- attracting attention with (naturally) the intention of causing Fitnah, and 3- being out of doors, while being female, withoput written authorisation form an male mahram….
the list goes on and on…..

They have these carts in a different shape for small children! They are all made in the Nertherlands, you can get all different kins of bycicles and carts here!

Checkers, you know I adore large pointy ears…. πŸ˜‰
Will check out your blog! πŸ™‚

11 03 2009

When you go to KSA just make sure that ponytail waves in the breeze alot–with the occasional seductive toss of the head! :mrgreen:
And make sure, you wear the same fitted “fitnah fashion” colour coordinated to the cart and Zora! :mrgreen:
Will Zora need a mahram too (being a female dog and all!)? πŸ˜€

16 03 2009

this is so cute!

16 03 2009

Chiara, it is forbidden to walk your dog in KSA, as people only do it so they can chat up other people. So Zora is forbidden finis.

Haleem, πŸ˜€

18 03 2009

She looks so adorable. It reminds me of one of those sauna machines where just your head sticks out. She is a spoilt girl, Dixie has to use her legs & walk everywhere

21 04 2009
Pia & Pedro

Thank you very much for this lovely story and the pictures! I’m considering buying a DoggyRide for my Australian shepherd Pedro and now I am even more convinced that I should get one as soon as possible! I expect Pedro to look very much like Zora holding his head out the rooftop opening. Greetings from Finland!

21 04 2009

Pia& Pedro, Welcome to my blog!
Glad you enjoyed.
I’m sure you and Pedro will have a lot of fun with it!

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