Jan, hero of the sheep!

1 03 2009

We have had a lovely exiting and at times very scary ride today! Mostly because our gentlemen sniffed the air this morning and realised, it is Spring!
It really is Spring. The air smells different, there is birdsong in the morning, the first spring flowers, like snowdrops and crocusses are flaunting their delicate colours… Everything proclaims: Spring has come.
And our gentlemen were loaded with high-explosives today! Even the sedate Billy pranced like a Grand-Prix dressage horse and couldn’t keep from trying to take off in a beautiful trot.


So why is this post called ”Jan, hero of the sheep”?
because my riding-buddie Jan has rescued another sheep today, bringing his total number of rescued sheep up to 3!

If a sheep for some reason rolls on it’s back, and there happens to be a small indentation, it’s stuck, and will die! Believe it or not, a lot of sheep die this way! Last year, Jan jumped a pretty broad ditch and rescued a sheep which was stuck on it’s back. Today, we noticed what we thought was a dead sheep, on it’s back, pretty far away, but then we saw it’s legs moving!

We decided that Jan would have to rescue it, and rode back to find a gate. The hero jumped the gate,


Walked across the field to the down sheep…

And started photographing it!



Meanwhile the sheep was getting pretty fed up about not getting saved, but eventually Jan managed to get himself to do the actual rescue, and rolled the sheep on her feet.


She gave Jan a long grateful look and said goodbye before going on to her business.



So as this rescuing of sheep seems to be a regular returning pasttime, we have decided to celebrate it every year by organising a special ”Sheep-picknick-ride”!

The hero returns!





22 responses

1 03 2009

Hooray for Jan! 😀 I loved this post. It was so interesting and amusing! I loved the photos and artwork….thank you! Your country looks beautiful!

2 03 2009

Really beautiful pics! That’s was one fun sheep saving story! Esp the part where he takes pics of the sheep lying on its back and up! Jan is definitely a hero even if he saves a cat or mouse!
You mentioned gentlemen,why are they all males.No lady horseys?

2 03 2009

Ouch…I better get on that treadmill ASAP…Im in danger of falling on my back and not being able to roll over and get up…does Jan do people? 🙂

2 03 2009

oops…that came out wrong…lol. Sorry Jan.

2 03 2009

Jan is a true hero. The sheep looks so funny stuck upside down

2 03 2009

BTW my Blog URL is different now, in an unusual turn of events I deleted for a while but came back about a month or so later……
DOH!!! Stupid blog deleting brain

2 03 2009

Haha! So cute and I liked Coolred’s naughty comment 😉

BTW, Jan in Urdu means life. Pronounced as ‘jaan’. Aptly named man!

2 03 2009

Susanne, The day was more cheerful as the photos make it look.

Lat, yes, Tarq, Dior, and Billy are guys! Actually i ws looking for a mare, but when I met the Tarq I forgot about that!

Coolred… hmmmm, that’s a freudian slip….. especially as I know how naughty you are!
You are evil!!!! :mrgreen:

Tony, noooo, you have a new blog????????? Amazing!!!!

Achelois, I will tell Jan: I’m sure he will love it!

2 03 2009

Interesting post! I like stories like this– positive, informative, and nice to look at.

2 03 2009

I am glad you enjoyed this! I love it, but I always think this isn’t that exciting for other people! 🙂

3 03 2009

LOL, this made me smile and wish I was there! Thanks for taking lots of photos and making the drawings; its good to have more of an idea what kind of life you lead.

You’ve got such exciting days, Aafke! I’m feeling bored with my ordinary life now!

4 03 2009
always in the kitchen

So that’s where spring went, it’s with you in the Netherlands!

4 03 2009

Specs, Our sunday ride is my greatest joy of the week! 😀

Always, it isn’t so very nice or warm, but there is a change in the air.

5 03 2009

I LOVE your illustrations and I learned something new about sheep. Can you tell me why kids living in the country go cow tipping when sheep seem so much easier to tip over.

5 03 2009

Lynn, cow tipping is more of a challenge!
I have just learned that next time we need to tip the sheep the other way around.

5 03 2009

La Sheep looks pretty grouchy to me. Still, at least her indelicate position didn’t take the starch out of her.

Jan is a superhero. I’m already dreaming up a superhero costume with a riding helmet, tall boots (or paddock boots) and maybe a cape.

6 03 2009

Aafke, why do you need to tip them a different way? Does it spoil their wool or something? lol

7 03 2009

Rhonda, she kept close to Jan for a long time and kept gazing at him, to us it looked like love…

Lynn, I have been told that if you roll them sideways, the rolling can tie up their entrails. If you roll them over their back that won’t happen.

7 03 2009

Being eight months pregnant I feel just like that sheep! And I cannot wait for the birth date and recovery followed by being on the back of my horse on a nice long trail ride. Well long enough to return to feed the baby.

8 03 2009

I thought it was only elephants who were rumoured not to be able to stand back on their foot once they fell over…LOL

8 03 2009

Love your artwork btw…

8 03 2009

Wildstorm, I can well imagined! My sister just popped last month, i hope you will be well, and soon rid of the excess bulk 😉

haleem, thank you 🙂

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