Forbidden Colours

10 02 2009


I read an account by  saudiwoman who came to an abaya shop to pick up the abaya she ordered, and was told it was confiscated. So much for trying to express a minimum of individuality. The Commission for the Prevention of Virtue and The Propagation of Vice have been putting up raids in Riyad and confiscated any abaya’s showing coloured embroidery or crystals. Warehouses and  factories have also been hit.
Yep, we all know love equals colours, and as love is forbidden, even amongst spouses, colour is also forbidden. And colour is also pleasing, and fun, and embroideries and crystals are pretty, so there are many legitimate reasons to forbid abaya’s with a touch of colour!

Saudi woman:

They went around in groups of three; a muttawa Vice police escorted by a Riyadh Principality employee and a police officer. At the mall I went to, they first headed to the shop I mentioned above and the unlucky sales clerk had a customer at the time who was sitting on an armchair in the shop and discussing an abaya that she wanted made. The first thing the muttawa did was express shock and disgust that  the shop allowed women to sit. Then he looked at the abaya order that the clerk was filling out and told the lady off for ordering a 750 riyal abaya. And then he demanded that the clerk show him a 750 riyal abaya. The clerk pointed at an abaya with cuffs decorated with crystals and the muttawa grabbed it off the rack and stuffed it into one of his big trash bags. Then he went through all the racks and grabbed anything that looked “worldy” and decorative and stuffed them all in his bags. Before leaving, the muttawa also took the sale clerk’s residency card and ordered him to remove the chairs and a little mirror nook that was there for women to try on the abayas.

Yeah, God beware if women are allowed to sit! And naturally that haraam clark deserves to be punished for doing his job! And what’s the ridiculous notion of having a mirror in a clothes shop!!!!! A mirror would be only inciting all these fitnah-females to check if an abaya suits them! That would never do, the whole point of an abaya is that women are erased liberated.

On this site, you can read how earlier last year women started to experiment with colours, and at the bottom of the page you can read there how costumes used to be colourful, and that the ubiquitous black abaya was actually imported from Persia.
In Jeddah, some hussies leave their abayas open, or even wear labcoats when they pop out for a sip of coffee!!!! And we all know how shocking that is! At least when you read the outraged comments on bedu’s blog after she blurted out her shopping spree in Riyad wearing a long labcoat!

I wanted to write something about cows, but I’ll be working very hard tonight on my post on how to make, and embellish, your own abaya. Let’s see if the Religious Police can stop that!!!







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10 02 2009

Where did the muttawa come from?! A little embroidery and cystals is fitnah?
This is so crazzzzy! Aren’t anyone allowed to question them?

Btw, I like the third sketch very much.They look great! Very interesting esp the one with the frills at the knees,very new and modern. Are you a designer or something in the fashion line?

10 02 2009

Lat, nooo, nobody’s to question either the Muttawa, nor the Idolised Gloryfied Holy Abaya!

I’m not a fashion designer, but always wanted to be one! As I was designing Carol’s abaya, I got interested in designing abaya’s! I have been making many abaya designs 🙂
I think it’s fascinating to be bound by certain rules and within those rules try and be creative! Like the haiku, or the sonnet, or the fugue. Bach wrote a whole book on the Fugue; ”Die Kunst der Fuge” (The art of the Fugue).

10 02 2009

Compelling post, with beautiful illustrations. The strictures that stimulate creativity that you describe are called “heuristic devices” for just that reason.

10 02 2009

PS Torn between interest in abaya making, and what you have to say about cows. Great teasers! 🙂

10 02 2009

PPS Audrey just popped up to make this the perfect post!

10 02 2009

OOOO! The last one, I like! Reminds me of Japanese kimono- with that very nice scoop to the neckline! Japanese have a thing for necks- to them it is very enticing!

10 02 2009

I have always loved those designs – I told you that! You are just perfect, Aafke. You can sew and design, paint and sketch, cook and ride a horse. You are funny and a feminist. You are a perfect woman. Whenever I visit Clouddragon I wish I was a man 😀

OK, now to the post. You know once I was talking about jinns with my students and one of them said her mother doesn’t even let her stay in the bathroom for too long. Soon everyone piped in and said the same. They said their families believed that if women looked in the mirror to admire themselves or of they stayed in the bathroom for too long, jinn will possess them!

Later I thought to myself it is just one way of making sure a young woman does not explore herself, her body, her beauty because God forbid she finds out she is too good for a man or what if Heavens forbid she finds out more about her body!

If God wanted us to be bags of lard covered by trash bags with no respect or love for the human form; if he hated the sexual act so much, then he would have just made us amoebas with no form and no function other than to reproduce a-sexually under a scientist’s microscope!

10 02 2009

If you are going to write a post about cows’ udders then I am not inetretsed but if you going to talk about cows and steak then I’m all ‘eyes’ 😀

10 02 2009

If you are going to write a post about cows’ udders then I am not interested but if you going to talk about cows and steak then I’m all ‘eyes’ 😀

10 02 2009

Haha, Saudi Arabia and its Wahabbi overlords are ruining the country for women, for love, for beauty, for life. It is a Taliban style regime, and a real shame in the land of the blessed Prophet (pbuh) who proclaimed, “Allah is beautiful and love beauty.

Ya Haqq!

16 12 2013

Yes. In the most most beautiful way that He (SWT) created you
and the rest of humanity. Why embellish what is already beautiful? The
abaya is to cover not to attract. Misinterpretions and misconceptions abound. Wake up young people of the East, cast off the blinkers and see
that by doing this you are the CAUSE of all the FITNAH. Does clothes
maketh man/woman? And if the Talibam styke “regime” is haqq, why complain and I am sure that the Nabi (SAW) would have taken you to
task for opposing what is DECREED. Do not make fun of you DIN or the
people whom your Creator appointed as custodians of that country.
Beauty in it’s natural and pristine form.

16 12 2013

So if beauty is natural then why wear clothes right? This is exactly what naturalist have been saying for decades. And I agree. Unless it’s very cold we should not wear any clothes at all.
Always nice if we agree.

10 02 2009

*sigh 😦

10 02 2009

Chiara, don’t comment on my posts right after I posted them! I usually keep changing them for a bit after 😉

Inal, the nice scoop is defenitely inspired by the Japanese kimono 🙂

Achelois, do they know that statistically, men spend more time looking at mirrors as women???
This is just a childish myth some pathetic bloke has invented who didn’t want women to know they’re pretty. One of the first goals of abusers is to make their victims feel bad about themselves! Grrrr.
So Christian!
Did you tell them that believing that is actually imitating the Kaffir???

Oh, yes, God beware women find out about their own God given bodies, That would give them something to compare after they’re married to some incompetent idiot. They would know he was an incompetent idiot! And that would never do!

If God had such a problem with sex he would have left out the male part of humanity completely and just let us reproduce a-sexually!
Perhaps not at all a bad idea….
It’s not about cows udders…

Darvish, God has abandoned Saudi Arabia. Didn’t you hear? Saudi Arabia lost a football match with Oman, and they all praised God for rewarding their prayers. Now if we take it as read that God has a profound interest in football matches, and God answered the Omani prayers, and not the Saudi prayers, then it is clear that God does not support Saudi Arabia.

And thank you for putting up the ”God is beauty and loves beauty” because that one always comes to my mind when reading about stuff like this!

Puts a whole new view on Saudi Arabians as the example of perfect Muslimness

Coolred, never mind, you can still have a red one! 😉

10 02 2009

Oh I’d agree: the embroidery and crystal are fitnah: FASHION fitnah! They look so horrid *groan*

Although I’m veering off topic now, i think the Saudis’ obsession with the abaya is royal (pun intended) shit. If a woman is covering up as much as she feels comfortable in, why must they tell her EXACTLY what ‘uniform’ to wear and what to put on it.

Good thing they haven’t started checking nails in the market yet because I’m reminded of the convent boarding school where we all had to line up and get our nails checked> No long nails.


Is the embellished abaya’s going to be like the Hello Kitty abaya (I LURVED it), please write easy instructions like you did last time. I would love to try it. One with crystals, please!

10 02 2009

Specs: I love it: ”Fashion Fitnah”!!!!
Specs, embroidery and crystals are FUN and they just hate anybody, especially women, to have any fun!!!!!
Fun is Fitnah! Fitnah Fun.

They haven’t started yet pulling offending abayas off women in the street!
hè, hè, he, a ”royal” pun…..
Nobody checked my nails ever, luckily! As an obnoxious teenager I had this smutty stage where I couldn’t be bothered to clean my nails all the time… 😳

I will keep it very simple. everybody can make the ones I’m going to post.

10 02 2009

I could only shake my head in disbelief as I read SaudiWoman’s account of her forbidden abaya! The ridiculous extremes the religious fanatics go to here are just unbearable. Don’t they realize how utterly stupid it makes them look? I know they don’t really care about how crazy they appear to the outside world, but geez… No wonder Saudi Arabia has the reputation it does!
Your sketches are quite lovely, Aafke. You are so talented!!!

10 02 2009

Aafke–LOL, unfortunately my computer jinn doesn’t tell me exactly when/as you’re posting so I occasionally get to comment on multiple versions. Fortunately all versions are wonderful 🙂 🙂
Re: nails–tsk tsk, even the octuplets mom has time for impeccable veneers in squared off French manicure style! (my own are currently in need of TLC 🙂 )

10 02 2009

Has any wondered what the Muttawa do with all the confiscated stuff they collect in their raids?

Do they do a show and tell act of getting the stuff burnt like the narc squads do?

Or does that all end up in somebody’s private and undisclosed closet?

10 02 2009
Saudi in US

“If God had such a problem with sex he would have left out the male part of humanity completely and just let us reproduce a-sexually!
Perhaps not at all a bad idea….”

Looks like god did us a favor by requiring diversity through evolution evolutionary otherwise us males will go without. Never mind the Muttwas do not believe in evolution that is why they miss the point 🙂

“The ridiculous extremes the religious fanatics go to here are just unbearable. Don’t they realize how utterly stupid it makes them look? I know they don’t really care about how crazy they appear to the outside world, but geez… No wonder Saudi Arabia has the reputation it does!”

Every country in the world has its extremist. Saudi is one of the unique places where the government caters to the wacky whims of its extremist. The reputation is earned…

10 02 2009

Susie, one blogger reported the same thing last year. No, they do not realise that they are being ridiculous. And they are certainly not doing their job preventing vice. They are so obsessed watching women and finding fault with them, that you could probably murder somebody behind their back and they wouldn’t notice!

Chiara, I hate french manucures, especially square ones! YUK!!!!! Mine are fairly short. An artist with a horse can’t have long nails! 😉

Inal, need you ask? The contraband abayas are sold off in more fitnaish countries to raise funds to buy black markers! I suspect the whole raid was only put up as a fundraiser! I have heard the muttawa, and especially the ”Black Hand” squads, are suffering due to the global recession.

Saudi in US, some men are actually really lovely! 😀
Even if they are Saudi!

11 02 2009

Aafke–French yes, square no, and if I had 14 children under the age of 8 I would have no nails, unless of course, CBS paid for the manicure 🙂

11 02 2009

Think they want everyone to resemble one another – hence the black emo-ish look they love enforcing.

11 02 2009

So stupid!! And yes, where do they put all that stuff, I would think their wives/daughters might have one impressive wardrobe, lol. I love the sketches,so beautiful, you should design/make something. Btw, about looking in the mirrors, Achelois, you can scare them and tell them to say *candyman* 3 times, lol, it would add to their *superstitions*, 😉

11 02 2009

Chiara.. 14 children under the age of 8, what a nightmare!

Somera, it’s all part of the obliteration, empowerment of women. And perhaps because valentine is comeing up, and they don’t want any women to go out in e new pretty abaya on that day, and perhaps even being happy and enjoy herself! Whearas for now, not only did they steal a lot of beautiful abayas, they have also made a lot of people very unhappy, so it was a raving success!

sf, but they will have to wear an abaya on top of the beautiful stolen abaya…
But sf, I make and design all the time!

12 02 2009

14 children, at least 3 with disabilities including 1autistic, and 8 premies with high risks of impairments–definitely cauchemaresque.

Lovely post and comments with great followup with the abaya making. Makes me (almost) forget about cows.

12 02 2009

stupid woman!

The cow post is finished and ready to go, at some point next week.

12 02 2009

Stupid woman and stupid system that replaces the medical “primum non nolere”/”first do no harm” with the commercial “caveat emptor”/”buyer beware” and the American consumerist “the customer is always right” (“I’d like to birth 13–cheaper by the baker’s dozen you know”)

Looking forward to the “vaccanalia” 🙂

6 05 2010

oh pa leaseeeeee!!!!
That is absolutely insane! “worldly looking”? wow so the men over there who have to have the best of the best thobes and desert sandals dont count i suppose? ugh! a rhine stone wont hurt any one, they make me smile 🙂

6 05 2010

Hi Iman, welcome.
And that’s where it goes wrong: the smile…
Smiling is haraam.
Fun is haraam
Looking good is haraam
Being happy is haraam

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