BBC and the Gaza-appeal

30 01 2009

The British BBC has decided not to show the Disasters Emergency Committee crisis appeal. In concurrence with other broadcasters there will be no appeal on any network in the UK, Sky and ITV will not air it either.
I think this is a disgusting and cynical decision.

In a statement, the BBC said: “The BBC decision was made because of
question marks about the delivery of aid in a volatile situation and
also to avoid any risk of compromising public confidence in the BBC’s
impartiality in the context of an ongoing news story.

I have just watched a discussion panel on this subject at a BBC program, and the bbc tried to explain that if they would show the horrendous destruction and death-toll suffered by the Palestinians in Gaza, the public  would side with the Palestinians, and feel very angry towards Israel.

What utter crap! So an appeal will ”influence” and ”bias” the British public into compassion with the Palestinian people, and disgust with Israel.
You know, people of the BBC: The British will be feeling compassion for the Palestinians because they have been trapped and indiscriminately butchered by a bunch of war-criminals. They will feel anger towards Israel, because it was Israel who committed these warcrimes!!!! Setting up and collecting civilians in buildings and then blow up these buildings, dropping bombs on schools, mosques, policestations and homes. Killing 400 children!!!!

And these children were not ”collateral damage” I have seen four children of one family, dead with gunshots in their chests. These children were targetted. An Israeli soldier aimed his gun at these children, looked over the barrel, pointed it at their chests and pulled the trigger!!!!!!

Israel used Phosphor on civilians! White Phosphorus is an incendiary these weapons can cover areas as large as a footballfield, so there is no way they can be used to target a military targed, certainly not in highly populated areas like Gaza. Phosphor causes horrible burns that will keep on burning into your body deeper and deeper, it never stops until it has burned out. It is unspeakably horrible.

This video is very disturbing, showing a Palestinian boy with phosphor burns.

Yes, by now ”the public”, who are not really mindless sheep to be solely guided by the BBC, will be pretty disgusted with Israel.

I do not think the BBC is being impartial by not airing an appeal for Palestine, I think they are very, very partial!
By not showing the appeal for the Palestinian people, they are not being impartial, they are trying to shield Israel from making a bad impression.

I think they hope they can keep the British public from siding with the Palestinians, and to keep support for Israel and America, their eternal backer. This is not a question of the broadcasters ”impartiality”, this is a case of spinning the right kind of news the approved kind of information, of trying to belittle the damage and suffering currently undergone in Gaza. This is to keep the politicians happy. To keep American politicians happy.

And I wish they would stop talking about the ”sufferings on both sides”. I mean, there is suffering on both sides, but they make it seem as if the suffering is equal, and it isn’t.
Not quite.
One side suffered a bit more as the other.

At least 1,300 Palestinians were killed, nearly a third of them children, and 5,500 injured in the Israeli operation, and as the hospitals have no medicines, no power, no nothing, there will still be more people dying.
Thirteen Israelis, (only three of those civilians), have been killed, according to the Israeli army.

So to recap:
The Dead and injured:

Palestine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Israel
1300                                 13
5500 injured



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30 01 2009

We had a huge row over this decision on my forums. Personally, it’s good to see that the BBC is reaching Fox news levels of ingenuity…..

Have proof:


30 01 2009

Great though disturbing topic.

A couple of the comments I put on the Dictionary thread include links about white phosphorous use, and the poignant plea from a doctor via the BBC to other doctors to identify the substance and give info on how to treat it (tells you how far they were disconnected from communication with outside sources). Phosphorous continues burning the victim, especially the more it is exposed to air which is a usual treatment for burns, and can injure the treating doctors, by blinding or burning, who are then out of commission for patients. Your links here are excellent and lead to another with a 10 year old Soumouni family survivor giving an eloquent accounting of the deliberate decimation of 45 of her family members.

Unfortunately the BBC attitude is part of what prevents aid to Palestine (also the fear of Muslims in the West of finding themselves on a government watchlist if they contribute to a Palestinian cause or charity). It also is symptomatic of why it is unlikely Israel will be successfully prosecuted for war crimes, even though they are taking the precaution of creating a war crimes defense team. The other problem is that Israel hasn’t signed on to the International Criminal Court–probably for that very reason.

“suffering on both sides” = “balanced reporting” NOT

31 01 2009

PS I was reading Haaretz about the Turkish Prime Minister’s walkout at Davos and saw an advertisement for the Palestinian Holocaust Museum (est. March 2008) at Islam on line

31 01 2009

PPS weird smiley should read (March 2008 )

31 01 2009

I hate war which makes the evil in humans seem righteous enough to do things so gross to innocent harmless beings. Can’t imagine what atrocities are happening in other parts of the world that BBC and other channels have no qualms of broadcasting them.But for Gaza they must think ‘responsibly’.
It’s very disturbing and sad.

31 01 2009

You know, sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a point where people will look back at all of this, 60 years plus of atrocities, and think ‘Neve Again.’

31 01 2009

Sara…no…that will never happen…because too many humans don’t want to be bothered with thinking, and really there just aren’t enough people who care…add to that the greed of the wealthy (the average person is just trying to feed their family, and that’s in the industrialized nations), and the control (monitoring what they think we should know, and see when it comes to the news, i.e. censorship) at the top end of the economic totem poll..we will always have the same crap over and over again. The military industrial complex is a money maker.

The old cliche, “those who don’t know their history is doomed to repeat it” is just that a cliche…because people are more educated than ever before and look at the world; in one form or another…it’s the same crap…different decade, century, etc.

There is no hope for humans.

31 01 2009

I despair sometimes at the human race, there seems to be no progress at all in our behaviour.

Sara, actually the Germans, (apart form a small group neo-nazies) have been deeply shocked by the second world war, I seem to remember they have actually amended their consitution to their army not being allowed to cross their borders. Only in recen years they have allowed army-personell to assist in humanitarian aid.

BCIS, I too despair of us ever reaching the StarTrek universe…
But sometimes there is a glimmer of hope, my next post is for you.

31 01 2009
Abu Sinan

The Germans are actually some of the more pacifist people you will run into around the globe, aside from their rather small lunatic far right neo nazi scene.

The BBC has covered all sorts of conflicts and aired all sorts of aid drives about pretty tough places like Darfour, which is pretty controversial as well. It is clear to all and sundry what this is about. A major campaign was made by peoples with a lot of money and a lot of influence to stop the ads from airing.

You can call an orange an apple, doesnt mean people are going to buy it. Everyone knows what this is about.

31 01 2009

I absolutely agree with you, a whole list of appeals, including appeals for Palestine was brought forward, but the BBC maintains that showing this appeal, and the horrible images it would entail, would cause all British to immediately side with the Palestinians, and that would be unfair!!!!

How far do they think they can spin this? How stupid do they think we are???

31 01 2009

Abu Sinan–Agreed.

Aafke–history is as replete with examples of joy as despair for humanity. Better to remember those as ways forward out of the morass. The BBC is falling down on its global mandate, and its former colonial obligations to all its subjects–kind of like Britain failing to honour the Hussein-McMahon Agreement.

31 01 2009

By trying to be “fair” the media is being biased, there was a programme on Channel 4 all about Gaza, showing all the pictures that weren’t used , i didn’t get to watch it but my teacher was telling em it came on at half 11 at night so that next to no one watch it.

1 02 2009
always in the kitchen

I’ve given up on western media being “fair and unbiased”It’s an oxymoron IMHO.Someone coined the term “sheeple”,seems like there’s a concerted effort to make sure we stay that way.Glad I have the net to keep it from happening to me.

1 02 2009

Outcastrebelchick, unfortunately I can watch only BBC 1 and 2, and anyway, the time slot indicates how much importance they attach to the subject! 😦

Always, Funny thing is, the media here show quite a lot, but you should watch it without sound though, because the commentary is too misleading. I have had this problem for years now. I am not at all politically, I don’t even read newspapers! But even I realise they are twisting words all the time.
Yeah, let’s keep sane on the net!

I will say the BBC is doing real reporting, I just wonder if the broadcasting corporations haven’t been ”instructed” in the matter of the appeal…
Watch this:

2 02 2009

Israel vows “disproportionate” response to rockets
and no one calls them on it. The only semi-sensible one is 4th place candidate Ehud Barak, the former General to whom no one is listening (where have we experienced that before).
“We are seeing a procession of chitchat from people — some of whom never held a weapon in their hand, never made a real decision, and are now vying for headlines without understanding the conditions, the methods, the factors, the manner in which action should be taken,” said Barak, a former general. “

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