Happy New Year!!!

27 01 2009


Yes, again, Happy new year!
It is now the year of the Ox  🙂
In my opinion the best thing about living in a multi-cultural-country, is the increase of holidays and parties! Let’s see, we’ve had Diwali, St Maarten, St Nicholas, Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Christmas, and three New Years in a row!!!
Last night we had the Chinese New Year!
In my city the Chinese community gives a party in the Casino and everybody is invited. There are fireworks, the traditional liondance, chinese snacks, and live music (I love Chinese pop-music). A friend of mine had entered the Mah Jong-competition, but they are all so busy I didn’t dare to intrude, so I had my name written Chinese, and my future told.

  • I am going to make money this year but should not buy luxury items or gamble or invest, keep it in a savings account was the advice I got.
  • I will have good health, but I will have to pay attention towards getting enougfh sleep, not keep thinking, empty my mind, and go to sleep.
  • I will have a good chance in meeting my dreamrabbit, but I will have to take it slow. According to the chinese lady I met bad people last year.

Uncanny isn’t it?

I was not allowed to take photo’s.
Yeah, right…. try to enforce that one in the age of camera-phones…
Sorry for the crappy quality.

The presents, you get one when you leave, it’s a crystal cube with a laser-image of an Ox!


The lovely life singer!





12 responses

27 01 2009

过年好 or for traditionalists 過年好 Xīnnián kuàilè “Happy New Year” and

恭喜发财 or for traditionalists 恭喜發財 Gōngxǐ fācái “Congratulations and Prosperity”

a fan of Chinese New Year–not such a fan of chinese pop music (or Chinese opera for that matter)

28 01 2009

It sounds like an interesting evening! The advice about saving your money should apply to everyone in the world this year! Did you eat Chinese food?

28 01 2009

Oh yeah! the holidays are great.What about holiday for Vesak day?
I don’t think it’s a wonderful start for the year though.Folks are going to lose over 90 000 jobs mainly in US and Europe,and not to mention the rest of the world,no doubt. But of course I don’t blame the ox!

28 01 2009

How nice! I love your gift. So interesting!

28 01 2009

Ouch!! made me jump there for a second when I read that Happy New Year! For a split second there I thought I overslept…by 11 months…lol.

I havent been to a party in forever…I want I want I want….sigh!!!

28 01 2009

Indeed, you are lucky to live in such a multi-cultural atmosphere! Celebration is always more life-affirming than burying oneself in work for six months until the next holiday.

Here, in my part of the US, all I hear is American accents– very boring. From time to time I go to Chicago, where a large Arab community exists, and I wander in and out of the stores and restaurants for my “fix” of Arabic culture!

Fortune-telling is an interesting subject. I had my fortune told many years ago, before I became Muslim, and much of the prediction came true, though I could not have imagined how it would do so, at the time.

Let us know when that dreamrabbit appears!

28 01 2009

Happy Year of the Ox. The food must have been fantastic. But, at my house — and maybe yours — it’s always “year of the Horse.” 😉 Haha. That said …

There’s a free live webcast of an Arabian horse show in Riyadh on the 29th and 30th. It’s on from 11a -7p local Riyadh time. (You can let your broswer do the computation. That’s what I did.)

The video is pretty sketchy, but maybe you’ll have better luck where you are than I’m having. Oh, and you have to register for the free video. If you crave privacy, you can create a plausible alias.

The video stream is at http://www.iequine.com.

29 01 2009

We had some large celebrations by the Chinese community here although the cold is keeping everyone indoors.

Ox, eh? What an odd animal!! I would love to eat one ! 😛

29 01 2009

Is the calligraphy yours?

29 01 2009

Chiara, any wish is welcome here! 😉

Susie, it was quite fun, but the food was rather bad 😉 Not at all truly chinese, but the fastfood variant 😛

Lat, hum, but I do finally have a new job, so I am still looking forward to it.

Achelois, 🙂

Coolred, you lazy bones! My new years wish is : ”Coolred to a real cool party!”

Marahm, I had my fortune told a few years ago, and it was crap! Nothing nice or good was ging to happen to me. I refuse to believe in it!

Rhonda, thank you for the link!
I have a special mail-account for enrolling at places where I’m not really sure about what they’re going to do with my adress! 😉

Haleem, And did you go to one of these places and party?

Wildstorm, No, a chinese lady did that for me, it’s my name.

1 02 2009

No I didn’t – they don’t seem to invite the non-Chinese!

1 02 2009

Oh, Haleem, what a pity! Here we are all invited!

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