13 01 2009

So I thought I had been having a cool time skating, but look at what my friend Jacky and her Lippizaner mare have been up to!  😀





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14 01 2009

ah now I want to go cross country skiing.

14 01 2009

Wow! The horse looks like she’s enjoying the fun as much as Jacky!

15 01 2009

Looks like so much fun!

15 01 2009

That was awesome!

When can we expect a video of you and the Tarq attempting this??


15 01 2009

It looks great fun!
And you’ll have to wait ten years or so before you’re going to see me and Tarq doing that. 😀

16 01 2009

Looks like they were both enjoying that activity. If we could get that much snow, I think I Carter would do fine with that. Well maybe not. I am the only one who is willing to do this yet I am pregnant. Next year.

16 01 2009

Sleigh? Who needs a sleigh? 😉 I guess if she wanted passengers as company — but they could hang on to her back like some kind of wintry conga line.

16 01 2009

LLLOOOLLLLL! Who thought that up?? That’s a well trained horse, and a very flat field!

16 01 2009

wildstorm, Yes, you better be careful right now!
I might try it with the Tarq when we have another cold spell, but i don’t have any skis!

Rhonda, I would happily be a passenger! I trust Primavera completely! She is a lovely mare 🙂

intxpatr, the whole of the Netherlands is that flat! If we ever see a bump anywhere we go like: ”Oooohh! We are in another country! Mountains!”
Skijöring is a real sport! Some people do it with dogs. They even have race meetings on frozen lakes with real race-horses!

16 01 2009

Aafke–thanks for the clarification and the reference, I thought this was something you and your friends had made up (my Norwegian is even worse than my Dutch)

entxpatr–I can attest to the beauty and flatness of the Dutch countryside. Hey even I could handle the cross country ski moguls there, and biking is great.

18 01 2009

Looks like great fun!

PS. sent you an email

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