10 01 2009

I have been having súch a good time!!!! If I could make my blog any more shiny than it already is I would! It has been seriously freezing here for weeks! So all the ice rings are open, and the large pond in front of my house is frozen too.


The waterpipes in the stables have been frozen, so has the watertrough in the meadow, so now the horses will have to be given their water in buckets. You know, animals can’t talk, at least not with language, but they can make só very clear what they want!

Hi boss,


The trough is empty,
so: no water,
I want water,
Do something about it!


Ah, excellent! Yummieeee!


So, as everybody’s skating, and I haven’t got any skates since long time…. I decided I would treat myself to a pair of new skates! And I got the perfect ones! Speedskates, as I like them best to skate on, but fairly low, because that’s easier, and I am pretty grotty at skating, and hardboots! Excellent for my ankle! They are sóóóó cool! So easy to skate with! And you don’t get such cold feet in them!

I love my new skates!


I had so much fun yesterday and today! Today two really nice ladies have put up a ”Koek en Zopie” stand, So nice! For a few cents they ”sold” hot chocolate, ”koek” peasoup (zopie), tea, and ”kwast”: hot lemony lemonade! I put ”sold” into inverted comma’s, because it was so cheap it must have cost them! 🙂


The secret is to dress up warmly! In many, many layers, topped of with a serious coat! And if you stop skating and get cold, you can have something warm to drink! Here you see me with my cup of  ”kwast” 😀





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10 01 2009

Ah, the last time I was in Amsterdam the canals were frozen (for the first time in 10 years) and everyone was skating or sliding along in their boots. I was amazed that everyone had on speed skates–not figure skates or hockey skates like here. I visited a friend’s houseboat outside Amsterdam and we walked along the ice to the next village–with a bunch of ducks for company!
Great photos!

10 01 2009

Chiara, it’s not finished yet! Again I accedentally clicked ”Publish” instead of ”save”! It’s the new Worpress dashboard! Yes, most people have speedskates in the Netherlands, me too!

10 01 2009

:-0 :-0 Now is it finished? I thought I saw the second photo added after I started my response. Partial and complete (so far) versions excellent.

10 01 2009

It’s finished now! 😀

10 01 2009

Oh, extra beautiful skating photos and story! No ”Koek en Zopie” stands when I was sliding on the Amsterdam ice–a belated order of Koeka and Kwast please! 🙂

10 01 2009

make that koek and kwast

11 01 2009
always in the kitchen

I grew up in the northeast u.s. I used to skate in the morning and ski in the afternoon.Such lovely pictures! Thankyou for the memory.

11 01 2009

Very nice! I live in too warm of a location for that. :-/

11 01 2009

Wow! The 1st pic reminds me of a scene in the movies! This is breathtaking!
And you and your companion never fail to be funny!

11 01 2009

I’m jealous 😦 But love that you are enjoying 🙂

11 01 2009

I love the seasons, and the cold when it’s supposed to be cold!
I am so sorry for you Achelois…

11 01 2009

Lucky lucky!! There once was I time where I too would skate/board my winters away… back in Canada. *sob* I miss those days!!! Damascus is chilly in the winter, but it rarely goes below zero where I live =( and when it snows it’s a meager patching rather than the hard-packed snow needed to board or ski…

“When it snows, ain’t it thrilling,
Though your nose gets a chilling
We’ll frolic and play, the Eskimo way,
Walking in a winter wonderland!!”

I hope you enjoy your winter and your new skates!! That first picture is stunning! =)

11 01 2009

Its so beautiful!

All we get is horrible cold with no snow to speak of. 😦

I love the pictures. 🙂

11 01 2009

We like Specs, get the cold and no snow – although if we were to i think that everybody would deem me crazy if i so much as expressed that i wanted to skate. You’re so lucky!

11 01 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

I never tried speed skates and could never get the hang of hockey skates, so it was always figure skates for me!

11 01 2009

The new WordPress dashboard faked me out, too. We had an ice storm recently, too. I drove by the barn where I hang out (the pony rides/leadline/kiddie barn) and saw my pals out in their turnout, all bundled up in their blankets with this sort of “here we are/now what?” posture. Have fun with your skates!

11 01 2009

Souvenirs and scars, yes, I’m very lucky and very happy too! I’m sory you don’t get the chance. This is the first time in years we have ice good enough to skate!

Specs, but if you have horrible cold, then you have ice! 😉 If you have water of course.

Dennis, did you put skates on all your legs? Zora is not allowed on the ice, but she did twice, ofcourse, and she slided a bit but did quite well!
I’m not so very good on the skates you know. But i think I did allright today!

Rhonda, My other problem with the new dashboard is, I can’t find the FAQ page anymore!!!
Tarq doesn’t wear a blanket: he’s very tough, and has the cutest teddy-bear-winterfur. It’s good against the cold, when it is also wet i like to keep an eye on him, and they all go in for the night.

11 01 2009

I love your new skates – just be careful with your ankle! I’m writing this with the air conditioning on … not fair!!!

11 01 2009

Oh, Susie, I am such a cold weather person; I already get sick if the temp hits above 25 C. I love the freezing weather! I love skating! And when you are mucking out stables or skating you are hot!
Today I took a broom with me to the pond, to clear the ring a bit, it makes skating much better, it was very hard work, but a lot of people skipped in, did a bit, and I skated a few rounds, and then did a bit of bromm-handling, and then somebody else cut in, and everybody was really happy! And I was really hot!
My ankle is completely safe in these ”hard-boot-skates” These skates are perfect for me!

If the freezing holds up we are going to do a really big tour over a lake next Friday!

Oh, Susie, i cannot imagine how you can deal with the heat ànd abaya, ànd (oh horror!!!) hijab!!!!!!!!!!!
I look perfectely salafi-approved now, but then it’s seriously freezing!

18 01 2009

We were talking the other day about skating on the pond when we were kids. So different from rink skating – can’t stand rink skating, I fall on my bum every time. But the pond … it’s different.

Building the bonfire, skating, cocoa … was great! Always sure we had a very sturdy branch or two plus a rope.

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