Sky lanterns

9 01 2009

So we had the New Years night, with all the fireworks. I like pretty fireworks, with lights and colours. But I hate the ones that only make loud bangs!

This year I saw some people from the neighbourhood with the most beautiful fascinating light-thingies ever! So simple, a square of wood, must have been covered with some flammable gel or something, and a baper balloon. They lighted the square, the balloon started filling up with hot air, and they quietly glided up and away…

It would have been very peacefull and silent if there hadn’t been big bangs going on all the time. I want to make one myself and send it up to the sky with a few wishes…







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10 01 2009

Ahh! This reminds me of a festival( I don’t know the name) that occurs in Thailand where tens of paper balloons like that being release in the air especially for peace. It looked so beautiful.

10 01 2009

Great idea and great photos!

10 01 2009


10 01 2009

Lat, that was what I thought… making a balloon, write ”peace” on it, and let it go with a prayer 🙂

Chiara Achelois, 🙂

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