Please give me a nice 2009!

1 01 2009

As these are the last hours of 2008, I am looking back: I’ve started a blog, I have been very ill and gotten better, I have nice times with dog, horse and friends,.

I have been lied to and betrayed and abused by two people I met on-line and who posed as friends,Β  in the most base and horrid manner. Their utter depravity has infected every memory of the last year, my love , hope and trust have been dashed, and almost all good feelings of last year have been made toxic by this evil couple. I have been so very sad, and literally sick when a real friend told me their secret and I realised the extend of their evil, corruption and immorality.




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1 01 2009

I’m so sorry to hear that some awful things happened to you in 2008. Please know that a lot of us out here wish you well and applaud your accomplishments for 2009. All we can bring to 2009 is hope and a renewed dedication to being better people.

To Aafke and all of you reading this, please accept my wish that you all have a 2009 full of blessings.

And, back to Aafke, give that sassy Tarq some scratchies in his favorite spots from me. πŸ™‚

1 01 2009

That is a painful picture, Aafke 😦 I can’t stand to look at it and can’t stand to imagine your pain.

There is always a lesson to be learnt from all that is good and bad. I wish we continue to learn valuable lessons from good rather than bad in 2009. Bury what happened; not that it would cease to become painless but because you have beautiful reasons to be happier.

Have a beautiful 2009 with your handsome new love πŸ˜‰

1 01 2009

That was:Bury what happened; not that it would cease to become painful

Why do I make so many mistakes on your blog?

1 01 2009
American Bedu

Aafke – thankfully you are a strong survivor and I applaud you for facing the pain head on and then moving on!

I’ve no doubt 2009 will give you many many blessings.

Love and hugs,

1 01 2009

Rhonda, thank you for your good wishes, and cheeky Tarq got a really big carrot from you!

Achelois, ehm, yes. disgusting picture, but a really good painting. I always make really good paintings when I don’t care about what I’m painting.

Yes, why do you make so many mistakes on my blog? πŸ˜‰
Doesn’t matter: all your goodness always comes through anyway.

Bedu, thank you for your encouraging words, and your friendship and support.

1 01 2009
Dennis the Vizsla

Sorry to hear that you were treated badly. 😦 But I do like the painting — it must be the (former) horror writer in me …

1 01 2009

Yeah, and I’m a horror painter πŸ˜‰

1 01 2009

Aafke–a Dutch Frida Kahlo? I hope you do not suffer such pain again, and become more inspired by the happiness in your life. Beautiful and striking painting though.

Bury what happened; not that it would cease to become painful but because you have beautiful reasons to be happier; and, face the pain head on and move on–excellent words to live by!

1 01 2009

Damn Aafke, You really need to submit this stuff to WotC. This would be an excellent Magic: The gathering illustration….

“Phyrexian Curse: bury all Angels in play”

Awesome stuff

1 01 2009

hahaha, nice one Berend! I thought they are going for the really slick style nowadays.

Chiara, I will not be fooled by these two again. I am burying, the painting is part of that. But there is an awful lot to bury……
Yes, Achelois can always be depended upon πŸ™‚

1 01 2009

Yeah, they are going for the (American) hyperrealism style ( and let go some wonderfull artists in the proces) but I think this would definately make it….

Just put together a package and mail it to them, I’ll even look the adress for you ^^

1 01 2009

Without being indiscreet is the friend who told you still a friend? I hope so.

1 01 2009

Give me the painting…….! I love it….

1 01 2009

Besides you still owe me a painting anyways…….

1 01 2009

Aafke, you’ve already started to recover from the blows of the heart. Your recovery shines through every post, and though sometimes you don’t feel it, we readers do!

“Never give up!” Those we my father’s favorite words of advice, and he lived them to his dying day. I struggle to live up to his example, yet I offer those words to you.

1 01 2009

You painted it???

Sorry Rhyz I am contesting for it then πŸ˜› Give it to me!! You owe me a book and a painting!

1 01 2009

I Am Honored To Call You My Sister

I know that I can trust you
with my most cherished treasures,
with my heart and soul, and
with every secret I hold.
I know that you will listen
without criticizing me for my mistakes.
You hear what I am trying to say,
even when I fail to express myself clearly.
I know that I can believe you
without worrying that you will mislead me
because you are honest with me,
even when honesty means disagreement.
I know that you will accept me,
despite every wrong turn I’ve made.
You simply love who I am.
I know that our hearts are connected
on the deepest level.
You know me so well;
Your insight and your view of me
make me feel so complete.
I know that I am special
because you are so special.
I am proud of our friendship and
the strength we have together.
I am honored to call you my sister
and fortunate to call you my friend.

– Regina Hill

I will now record it in my voice and email it to you!

1 01 2009

Chiara: I’m going to print a photograph of that friend, paint an icon, and burn candles and incense in front of it!!!!!!!!

Rhysz, I owe you a painting? I have more scary depression paintings but I think this is the best. You can borrow it.

Marahm, you are right, I wasn’t at all in the mood for ”Never give up! Never surrender!” I just wanted to crawl in a corner and dissappear… But now I think it’s a good idea.

Achelois, I am an artist remember? You want this one? I have other paintings… less depressing… I really should put some in a page…

That is such a sweet poem, and so nice to give it to me! I am honoured you are my sister and friend.

1 01 2009

I’m really sorry about what happened! I may not have been around to read about the hard times you mentioned in 08, but I can agree with others up there – your recent posts tell of a strong, opinionated woman who is self-assured and witty =) I love reading all your posts, but I usually pass on by without a comment!
Anyway, I sincerely hope you do have a wonderful, joy-filled, and healing new year. You and Tarq both πŸ˜‰
And, mashAllah, that is such a poignant painting!!! I’m in complete awe =|

1 01 2009
Saudi in US


I think you should check “Deviant Art” I am not sure if you are familiar with the site, but it is the largest online art community on the Web. You may consider creating an account there and display images of your art work.

I think the painting is great. It will be interesting if you turn it into a series of paintings with her rising from this horrid place as the final part. Just a thought.

2 01 2009

I’ll settle for a lease then……

2 01 2009

Yea, I know you are an artist and the BEST one I know but I didn’t know you painted this. It is beautiful.

You are so adorable, Rhysz!

2 01 2009

Wow, I didn’t realize you painted this either. What talent!

I’m sorry for your hurt heart, but I hope you won’t let this evil couple steal your joy and peace. For if they do, they win. And we don’t want that. I always find you opinionated and witty and lighthearted and full of life, but I’ve only been reading for a few weeks. Still, may your new year be bright and surrounded with people worthy of your time and presence. πŸ™‚

2 01 2009

Souvenirs and scars, I didn’t write too much about it. But being new to my blog doesn’t absolve you from spendng several nights reading it all! I suppose I should make a widget with my most wicked articles…. }:)

Saudi in US, I knew about ”Deviant Art” Hm, I’m thinking it over, I think it’s a good idea.
Your suggestion of making a series is excellent!

Rhysz, you are cute πŸ™‚

Achelois, I’ll make an Art-page.
Don’t call Rhysz adorable until you’ve met him!

Suzanne, I consider what they did was severe mental and psygological abuse and it will take some time to get over it.
But with the support of my real friends and horse and dog I will!

2 01 2009

“Suzanne, I consider what they did was severe mental and psygological abuse and it will take some time to get over it.
But with the support of my real friends and horse and dog I will!”

An excellent assessment of effect of the injury, the diagnosis, and prognosis!

3 01 2009
A friend


“I consider what they did was severe mental and psygological abuse and it will take some time to get over it”.

There are all kinds of online frauds from the Nigerian version to Sweetheart Swindle.
There is online infidelity and poker cheating. The Internet is also filled with tips on how to avoid being cheated.

In any case if you have been cheated and you think that it has led to emotional and mental trauma then you can do something about it apart from seeking support from friends and loved ones.

Do you have the couple’s postal address or IP address? Do you have their phone numbers or emails/chats in which they have shown proof that they are cheating you? If you do then you have a very strong case. You can contact the FBI and initially lodge a complaint against them with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (

Good luck!

3 01 2009

Chiara, thank you for this medical assessment! πŸ™‚

Friend, thank you for your tips, I have everything on file, but they are not American.

5 01 2009
Umm Ibrahim

Aafke, sorry to read this about your past year – I know you have struggled with depression but obviously didn’t realise what else had happened.

I wish you a much happier and healthier new year (a bit belated though!).

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