Hello 2009!

1 01 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!


I wish everybody a great 2009  (or 1430) !!!

Let’s count the blessings of 2008:

  • Made a few Great Friends on the internet!
  • am personell to dog, cats and horse who all love and adore me, and are always happy to see me
  • my ankle is almost healed
  • have been to a great christmas party at my brother’s
  • have landed a job
  • have survived the basest betrayal and deceit
  • have had great trekking holiday with the Tarq
  • have very nice riding buddies
  • have started a blog attracting some very nice and intelligent people
  • have started new hobbies (as if I didn’t have enough)
  • have finished a large illustration project

I haven’t gone to any parties tonight, there was a very heavy fog earlier, and after my adventure of last year….. Besides I didn’t feel well, so I decided to stay at home. I had a nice quiet evening, watching old Star Trek episodes, (courtesy of my brother Rhysz) with a shaking Zora on my lap.
All day long  Zora had been extremely clingy, I couldn’t make one movement without Zora following. All these fire works really upset her, even if it’s only an occasional bang. But with midnight approaching Zora was virtually glued to my legs!
She has survived, and is now sleeping at 50 cm distance! I will let her sleep in my room tonight though, she is shivering in her sleep!
Earlier in the day I had lured the cats in with extra good food  and shut them up. :mrgreen:

Tarq was as relaxed as always in the evening, he is taken good care of at the farm and I’ll see him tomorrow. He never seems to mind the fireworks much.

Zora being scared:


Let’s hope we will all have a good year this year, with lots of real friendships and love and happiness!





14 responses

1 01 2009
Saudi in US

Happy New Year Aafke. I hope 2009 brings more happiness, success and a few new hobbies.

1 01 2009

Happy New Year, dear Aafke!

1 01 2009
Susie of Arabia

All the best to you, Lovely Aafke. Here’s hoping that 2009 is better for the whole world…

1 01 2009

Happy New Year! and Anniversary! Wish whatever you wish comes true.

1 01 2009

Happy New Year, Dear Aafke 🙂 May God bless you and all your family, and grant you ever increasing love and wisdom, which in reality are the same thing 🙂 Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

1 01 2009

Splendid blog bling! Happy 2009 which I hope will be filled with love, peace, friendship and joy for you!

PS My sister’s coton de Tulear (Madagascar cousin of a bichon frise) needed similar reassurance in the night as revelers frightened her right into bed!

1 01 2009

Saudi in US, Thank you and the same for you! Thank you for your friendship and support.

Achelois: Happy,happy happy new year to you!

Susie, happy new year back to you. Yes, we must hope for a better new year for everybody.

Lat, Thank you! I haven’t even thought about what to wish for in 2009. I must say I am too deeply hurt right now to dare wish for anything again.

Darvish, thank you for that beautiful wish!

Chiara thank you, for your beautiful wish.
eeehm, a ”coton de Tulear (Madagascar cousin of a bichon frise)”, is that a dog?

1 01 2009

Well, it depends on your definition of a dog–it is definitely a canine of the small white fluffy, black-eyed, hypoallergenic, excellent temperment, suffers from separation-anxiety breed!
My canine neice is quite charming, excellent at mooching food, loves to join me on walks (I am the only one who walks her) and, to defend HER home and property. As these back on to a golf course she has ample necessity to do so. She starts at one corner of her fenced in backyard barking at some fool of a golfer makes his way down the fairway and when said fool stops to take shot, barks even more ferociously until that person moves on. Then she does a victory lap or two, stops to give a bark midway along the fence, struts a bit more, then gives a final bark off, don’t come back warning from the other corner of the fence. Well, wouldn’t you know it, along comes another fool, and she has to start all over. Golfers and neighbours presumably find this less cute than I do! 🙂

1 01 2009

Happy new year to you as well.

Just got back in town, catching up on all the blog readings.

1 01 2009

Chiara, the kind of dog we call a ”stoffeltje” 🙂

Haleem: happy new year!

2 01 2009

I need a translation of “stoffeltje” 🙂 –despite my highly pleasant visits to the Netherlands including teaching at the Free University, and my online translation efforts I am stumped. Or would it be better I didn’t know? 🙂

2 01 2009

Aw, what a cute picture of your dog. Poor thing. I enjoyed your post. Hope you have a great 2009!

2 01 2009

Chiara, a stoffeltje is a small white fluffy dog. 🙂

Suzanne: she has had lots of support and has completely recovered. My cats and horse don’t mind at all!

2 01 2009

Ah, thank you. She is indeed a stoffeltje.

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