Same procedure as every year

1 01 2009

There is a strange tradition in Germany. Every year, on the last night of year, several German tv-stations broadcast this super excellent sketch: Dinner for one.

There are also German and ”Schwitzer-duts” versions, and spoofs, but the original is the real cult black and white version. It was broadcast in 1963 from a life tv-program. This was long before I was born, but I can remember seeing this sketch every year as part of the ”last day of the year” thrill. What we in the Netherlands call ”Old years night”, the Germans call ”Silvester”. It’s like the Sissi trilogie, traditionally aired at or after chrismas!

This year I missed it, and there were too many remakes on. I want the original!
Long live You-Tube!
And while I got my yearly dose I suddenly realised: thanks to you-tube I can share this with my friends! So here it is, it’s the coloured version, but it’s the best quality.
It starts with the moderator from the 1963 show giving a short explanation in German, because the sketch is in English, not subtiteled, and (most unsual) not dubbed.
The sketch is by Freddy Frinton, his partner is May Warden. Freddy plays the butler, May is miss Sophie.
Miss Sophie is celebrating her 90th birthday, and as every year, she has invited her four best friends. Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr Pommeroy, and dear Mr Winterbottom.
Unfortunately all deceased.
Miss Sophie, as suits an English upperclass gentlewoman, is perfectly able to ignore this little inconvenience, and James the butler steps in when necessary.
”Same procedure as last year madam?”
”Same procedure as every year, James!”




6 responses

1 01 2009


1 01 2009

I think it’s brilliant! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

1 01 2009

Good stuff……… brings back fond memories.

2 01 2009
Saudi in US

Very funny!

2 01 2009

Glad you enjoyed! 🙂
Funnily enough this excellent English sketch is completely unknown in England!

31 12 2009
Happy 2010 to everybody! « Clouddragon

[…] I am, new years eve, and watching ”Dinner for one” as usual,  the unbreakable tradition. There has been some fireworks already today and I am covered with shivering alsatian. Zora is […]

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