Blogidentity theft

29 12 2008


Check this out:

Look familliar?
Oooh yes, for some unfathomable reason somebody has cloned American bedu!
But why? Whole post have been transferred to this ugly website, but that’s it.



Apparently there isn’t that much you can do about it, Read Worpress’s response.

Edit: I’ve removed the link to the fake-site, re Saudi in Us’s comment



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29 12 2008

Definitely creepy, and full of errors. I can only imagine someone is trading on her blog’s popularity to sell something or disseminate false information or is acting out of jealousy and spite. Al Jazeera English’s website has not been cloned but someone counting on misdirection created with totally different content. Does “our” American Bedu know about this hideous site?

29 12 2008

Chiara, Bedu alerted me to this weird and scary ocurrence, I discussed putting it in a post with her because we both feel bloggers should be aware of this.

29 12 2008

Wow! How did Bedu found out? That’s awful!!!

29 12 2008
Saudi in US

The cloning is just a Google ad scam. If you can hijack contents from many bloggers you may be able to direct searches to the site and hope the visitors will click on those adds and make a few pennies for each click. The site is using RSS feeds to clone the content of other sites. The best approach is not to provide a link to the site and thus providing it with visitors. An alternative approach is to provide instructions to report the site to Google in hopes that enough reports will raise a red flag with Google to close the Google ad account associated with the site. Here is how that can be accomplished:

– When you get to the site find the Google ads on the right
– Click on the bottom left corner where you see the words “Ads by Google”
– A Google page comes up you will find a link at the bottom with the flowing “Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw”. Click on that link to see the feedback form.
– Click on “Also Report a Violation?”
– Add a check mark next to “the website”
– Add a Check mark next to “The site is hosting/distributing my copyrighted content”
– Add a comment to the effect “This is a clone site that hijacks content from other blogs.”
– Provide your email to authenticate your comment if you want that option (not required but adds further legitimacy to your report)

This really takes less than 1 minute of your time, but it is worth reporting these content hijackers. Google does run a good business with their ads and they depend on reports like this to catch violators of their policies. The more people reporting the site the better the chances they will close the account.


29 12 2008

susanne, Bedu was googling her own blog

Saudi in US, That is exactely what I had been discussing with Bedu, that somebody was scaveging visitors from her blog to get clicks for advertisements! We decided to get as public as possible anyway. But I have now removed the link. I hope your plan will help Bedu!
Thanks for your comment, and explanations.

Everybody please report this site!
(except that I have now removed the link…..)

29 12 2008

What am I missing? Where is the site?

29 12 2008

I feel left out 😦

29 12 2008

Sorry Achelois, I took the link to the clonesite off, because according to Saudi in US, I would only be helping the thieves in their goal to get more traffic!
it’s here:
But promise me you will go there only once!

29 12 2008

This is awful!

I did a Google search too which led me to the discovery of another Miss Specs out there. But i highly doubt that was due to my negligible blog traffic or anything… just an honest oversight but very entertaining all the same, LOL.

29 12 2008

Disgusting. Thank you Aafke and Saudi in Arabia. My responses (email address included on original):

Tell Google What You Think
1. How relevant were the ads to the page you saw them on?

Not relevant at all

2. How useful was the site to you?

Not useful at all

Also Report a Violation?

The issue(s) were with
the website
the ads

Did the site you just came from violate any of the following policies? (Select all that apply)

The site has pornographic content
The site violates AdSense policies in other ways

Add additional information here:

Some ads mildly pornographic.
More importantly, the site is distributing the content of a legitimate blog by American Bedu.

Did the ads you just saw violate any of the following policies? (Select all that apply)

The ad was inappropriate or offensive
The ad appears to violate AdWords policies in other ways

Add additional information here:

Was established on a false site and was out of keeping with the tone and purpose of the original site.

Email address

29 12 2008
American Bedu

Thank you Aafke! And thanks to everyone else for reporting this false site. It was the creepiest feeling when I was doing a google blog search researching a subject and was directed to this cloned site!

29 12 2008

Correction: Thank you Aafke and Saudi in US!

29 12 2008

Internet is a scary place.

Last year a young woman started visiting some friends’ blogs and created her own which had posts from all of us. She wrote in new styles and was read by many, yet her words were not her own. She pretended to be a student of law copying posts on law from a lawyer blogger. She spoke about religion, humour, philosophy but she knew nothing. It was all copied. Soon word spread and we all found her blog with our posts on it! The lawyer blogger contacted the blogging host site and got it shut down then she threatened to sue the woman. Eventually she sent a written apology full of pompous shit, though. She apologised but told the lawyer not to make it public because they were both Muslim!

This year another blogger was found hacking sites, stealing personal information of bloggers and users and emailing them around. Incidentally this person is also a young Muslim woman. Again word spread around. You can’t hide the truth for long.

This however is a computer generated site which is called a splog. You can complain about it but I doubt if a human is behind it.

29 12 2008

OK, we are in agreement: internet is a scary place!!!!

30 12 2008
always in the kitchen

Yes internet can be creepy,scary,but it’s also full of good,kind and caring people.
I refuse to believe the sharing of information,news ,and issues will ever do anything but help create a better world.Just have to be careful.

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