Spiders and mistletoe

18 12 2008

I have just survived a nightmare-come-true!!!!!

I was being domestic, eg. cleaning, washing, emptying wastebaskets, and while I was emptying the kitchen one, I felt something tickling in my hair, I looked into the mirror, and saw a GIGANTIC SPIDER CRAWLING ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You see I am a bit arachnophobic.
To use an understatement.
So I was also holding a shawl and I brushed it off from my head with the shawl while still screaming, and then SQUASHED it!!!!!!!!
In the nano-second before I squashed it I seemed to have the impression it was a male Tegenaria domestica. Or: common European house spider (I don’t like the denomination ”common”). The males of the Tegenaria domestica’s spend more time lounging around in the open in search of a female. Especially around this time of the year.

Which brings me to my newly aquired mistletoe.


How did this hunting spider get onto the top of my head? Was Mr Suicidally Stupid Spider holding on to the mistletoe, waiting for an opportunity to find a lady-looking-for-love (yeah, that’s me) and landing on her head? And can I expect more lovestruck spiders to land on the top of my head? I just say: I’m not even comfortable anymore sitting behind my computer typing this!!!!!

Naturally Mr. Suicidally Stupid Spider is now thoroughly squashed.


And please remember Mr Suicidally Stupid Spider was three times larger before I landed with my full weight on top of him!
Any less arachnic males are welcome to walk underneath my mistletoe: this is the one time of the year you may be granted a kiss instead of a straight left one to the jaw.

Ooooh, I can still feel a tickling sensation on my head!!!!



32 responses

18 12 2008

Ouch! girl…I feel your creepy crawlies. One time while visiting my mother I was helping her clean up her yard from weeds etc. Suddenly there was a huge (we are talking comic book huge here) spider on her chest…without time to think I whacked that sucker off with my bare hand. Gross!!!! My mother gave me a cussing out…cause in the process of, no doubt, saving her saintly life, I knocked her flat on her backside…sorry Mom!

I dont mind spiders at all…just dont like them sneaking up on a girl…that just aint right.

18 12 2008

Aafke, that is not a spider…that’s a tarantula!

I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I found one of those in my house. And I am not usually afraid of spiders.

18 12 2008

Oh can I play the finish the sentence game?
Can I, can I, Huh Huh???

The males of the Tegenaria domestica’s spend more time lounging around in the open in search of a female to bring them a beer & change the TV channel so they can watch the football

18 12 2008


Tony this is NOT funny (although I am laughing so hard at your sentence!). This is the one time I could have fainted!

You are brave, Aafke.

18 12 2008

I don’t like spiders, either, and while I am normally capable of just about anything, I scream like a girl and call my husband to take care of a spider. Once, I was bit by a brown recluse, and it took antihistimines and antibiotics and a week to get rid of the pain and swelling. Aaaarrgh. Don’t sit under the mistletoe!

18 12 2008

Coolred38, I do mind spiders! It’s them or me inside the house. Sorry No Excuse!!! To the Death!!!!
Aw! How brave of you! With your bare hand!!!!! Wanna emigrate to me? You can have spiderduty!

Fairuza: That was not the spider in question: I was too obsessed killing it to think of photographing it for my blog. But same species. Actually it was só big it could have been a Tegenaria Duellica (formally the T. Gigantea which is a better name) anyway, a Tegenaria… Brrrrr……
And that’s why I have to kill it: otherwise I can’t sleep in my house: it’s really them or me!

Tony, I’m sorry to spoil your male fantasies, but chances are, the female Tegenaria will most probably eat the Tegenaria Tony for lunch! :mrgreen:

Achelois: I tell you, I really cannot imagine why I didn’t faint on the spot! It was sóóóóóóóó horrible! sóóóóóó BIG!!!! and sóóóóó messing around on my bloody head!!!!!

Oh, intlxpatr, how creepy! I was bitten as a child by a simple cross-spider (Araneus diadermatus) and that was a bit nasty, but nothing like yours, brrr.

19 12 2008

I know it’s terrible but I couldn’t stop laughing reading this! Just like you had an episode with a spider,I had mine with a cockraoch! It once landed on my arm.I was behaving like a lunatic! I never thought I could scream that loud!
All along I thought only females had this fear and wrong was I!

19 12 2008
Dennis the Vizsla

***URK!!!!!*** I am soooo having Arachnophobia flashbacks right now …

19 12 2008

For some reason I don’t mind LadyBugs or Butterflies, but almost every other insect I can think of gives me the creeps! I was going to tell you that the one in your photo looks more like a Tarantula, but I see that’s already been covered! We had those in Arizona – huge, hairy Tarantulas. Now THERE’S a spider for you! Anyway, I’m so glad he didn’t bite you – poor guy didn’t have a chance by the sound of it. Spiders on one’s head have a way of shifting people into high gear!!!

19 12 2008

I don’t like spiders too but I thought some of them were *helpful* in controlling pests at home like other bugs. Well, I wouldn’t want it to land on me though, LOL. I once had a small lizard( smaller version and not harmful found in the hot regions). Its body was kinda slimy/cool and it had jumped on my foot. I ran screaming that my friend didn’t know what it was and she ran screaming with me, lol.

19 12 2008

19 12 2008

Great. I once had a lizard land on my shoulder. No kidding. The Emirates back in the early 90s did those kind of things to you!

19 12 2008

Lat; serves you right for laughing at my ordeal!!!! 😡

Dennis the Visla, yeah! Although… that was quite a funny movie… I have that on dvd; that movie helped me through a hard summer full of big black spiders on my ceiling every single evening!

Susie, Thank you for warning me never to go to Arizona……
I’ve made it very clear:when I started living here: NO SPIDERS!!!!
It’s their own lookout if they want to come here anyway. And it’s certain death if they land on my head!
Especially if they are so very BIG!!!!!!!!

sf, yeah, ”helpfull” nice, but NOT INSIDE MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!
I have no problems with lizards at all. I like lizards.

Rhysz, see comment for Dennis the Viszla

Tee, no problems with lizards. 😀

19 12 2008

Oh HELL no! That spider had NO business being in your space! You should leave it’s crushed body out as a warning to any other spiders that might mistakenly think it appropriate to enter your home. Gave me the heebie geebies just thinking of it being on my head!

19 12 2008

Lynn, right on!
I think I am even more freaked out now thinking back of it, than when it actually happened!!!

20 12 2008
American Bedu

I’ve not been freaked out by Spiders but I was also bitten by a brown recluse. Because this incident happened while traveling from the USA to India it can only be assumed the pesky critter was on the flight with me!! That pesky critter literally put me flat on my back. I could not believe how quickly I went from cane to crutches to wheelchair and almost lost my leg in the process. (shudder) Close encounters with the wrong type of spider can be nasty indeed.

But don’t give up hope on the mistletoe!!!!

20 12 2008

I used to HATE spiders; I was scared witless of them, until I met cockroaches. TWICE I had a cockroach crawl up my leg! Now, I’d much rather have a spider in the house, which I do find on occasion, here in the States, but not on my HEAD!

20 12 2008

Yikes! That thing is huge. Enough of them are dangerous enough that you don’t want to take chances.

Anyway, as if your day couldn’t get any better, you have the good fortune to have been tagged in a 6 Horsey Things About Me tag/link/ring. (I know – just what you need. Fortunately, there’s no deadline.)

There’s more about it at http://thehorseyset.net/1314/6-horsey-things-about-me/.

20 12 2008

Bedu, Yayks!!!! How horrible! And how come you all have worse spider stories than me?
Ah, well, I’m not complaining, brrrr, awful, how did you fare? There’s a whole website on Brown recluse spiders!

21 12 2008

I seen on a science show once about spiders..that the average person eats about 6 of them a year…while sleeping…now theres a tasty thought!!

marahm….I dont mind spiders…they serve a purpose…cockroaches on the hand seem to have no purpose…other than to gross me out…and have the nerve to crawl up my leg now and then….aarrrgh! hate them!

21 12 2008

oops…I meant to say…eats about 6 in a lifetime..but still…ewwww!!!

21 12 2008

How did you do it? If i had a spider on my head i would freeze and then scream the place down.

21 12 2008

How DID you know about the spider on top of your head?

I was in the shower once when one swept merrily down my shoulder and onto my foot and THAT was when I realized it had been there!

It looks positively dangerous.

I can’t stop laughing at the implication of him ‘kissing’ you under the mistletoe, LOLZ!

22 12 2008

Marahm, your cockroch-stories are gross! Still, I have this irrational response to spiders I don’t have with roaches. But then I’ve never been through your ordeals!

Rhonda L, our spiders are not so very dangerous, not like the hobo-spider, or brown recluse. brrr.
Still, it was too large, and it had no business crawling around on my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, dear, another tag… I’ll be working on it!

Coolred38, other friends have been so kind as to try to freak me out by telling me this. However, If I eat them in my sleep, they are
1- dead,
2- I never noticed,

outcastrebelchick, I don’t know. however, having it crawling around on my head was só creepy, I could only do one thing: getting it off (using an artifact so I didn’t have to touch it) and KILL IT!!!!

Specs, I knew about it because I was feeling something messing with my hair, and I looked into the mirror…… AAaaaarrrrrggghhhhhh!!!

Specs, that shower scene… just like in ”Arachnophobia”

I’d prefer very much to be kissed by something else under the mistletoe!!! :mrgreen:

22 12 2008

Hey!! I laughed after my own ordeal too! Unlike you, I would never think of landing on top of him! I ran straight to Ridsect to save me.Hahaha!

22 12 2008

OH my.

22 12 2008

Lat; I wasn’t laughing… I’m still recovering…

Wildstorm, ”Oh my” that’s all you have to say??? ”Oh, my” after one of the worst nightmares imaginable?????

24 12 2008

No pressure on the tag, Aafke. And there’s no deadline. Thank you for even considering it.

RhondaL/Rhond7 from The Horsey Set Net

15 06 2009
Kalle Kallio

Very nice behaviour of you. You didn’t like something so you decided to kill it.

15 06 2009

Kalle, welcome to my blog
Duuuhhh!!!! It was a HUGE MONSTER!!!!

Bad choices make for bad endings. Not my responisbillity if a Tegenaria Domestica decides to act suicidally.

And if you have a problem with that you are welcome to pitch a tent in my front yard and wait for the next one, and remove it humanely from my house. 😉

2 08 2010

Dude okay so my mom was freaking out because she saw a small spider in the bed. She was cleaning it so she was moving around fornuture BLAH! anyways she wanted me to do research in the process running into this blog,page w/e and she showed me it was abt this big ____ and it left behind some Blue stuff like an alien…i sure dont think its poisounus do you i mean …DO YOU D:
i wanna know cuz my moms planning to like trow the soffa away

2 08 2010

Hi. I am not a dude and I have no idea…
Blue stuff???
Alien spider!!!

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