Lighten up

5 12 2008

In a desperate attempt to lighten up the atmosphere of my cheerful blog, and so as not to loose my favorite readers, I’ve tried to make a slightly amusing quiz.

enjoy, click here

anything above 500 points proves you to be an excellent person :mrgreen:




11 responses

5 12 2008

Just be yourself. When I am angry , sad or upset, my blog reflects it. Regardless, I hope you do start to feel better. Depression is no fun (but I think it is a natural state to fall into from time to time). All my best.

BTW, I just loved the Johnny Cash vid! Maybe we should do a meme of the most depressing songs ever. Let’s see…got some Portishead? Morrissey? This could be fun…..

5 12 2008
American Bedu

woo hoo…i got 900!!!!!!

5 12 2008

Fairuza, Thank you for your comment.
I love the idea of a ”Most depressing song ever Meme” !!! I’m going to work on it tomorrow!!!! 😀
I have an even more dpressing song in mind!

Bedu, of course… I had not expected any less from you! ❤

6 12 2008

590, but i thoughtyou would eventually die & I got ZERO for that one. I will eventually die in about 30 more years or so.

P.S. I finally figgered out the WP error I kept getting on my blog before so I have fixed it & am back at WP now.

6 12 2008

Tony, You are too funny! But I’m glad you’re back on WordPress, now I can have you in my blogsurfer again!

Yes, we will all die in the end, some of the other answers would have punished you wit minus points! So you didn’t do bad on that one 🙂
30 years/ (optimist! ) :mrgreen:

6 12 2008

I finally excelled! 930 points. I am a most excellent person!

6 12 2008

I got 670. Sorry. 😦 I didn’t know about what you’re still looking for. Gosh, why’d I have to be penalized so harshly for that? :p

7 12 2008
Saudi in US

830- I think I clicked on chocolate too many times, or I would have beat Bedu 🙂

7 12 2008

Marahm, very well done!

misspecs, that was a good score anyway!

Saudi in US, I don’t understand, chocolate should always get you some points! 😉

7 12 2008
Saudi in US

Yes they did, but not always 100..

7 12 2008

Deal with it!

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