4 12 2008

What makes us hurt?
The deaths of those we love. The lies and deceits of those we loved and trusted undeservedly.
Why are our hearts so vulnerable?
Only those who are true, honest and full of love can be hurt
Why do some people want to live forever?
Only those who cannot feel want to do so, and they are already dead.
Who can endure this forever?
No one can, and that is why death is a blessing, not a curse
Should we still look for love?
I really cannot say anymore

What hurts more? Being alone, unloved, and nobody to give your love too? Or taking a chance and give your heart, trust and love, and be deceived?
I think the latter

What happens if you don’t love?
If you don’t love, you will eventually die inside, like the others. And then you’ll want to live forever.




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4 12 2008

“If you don’t love, you will eventually die inside, like the others. And then you’ll want to live forever.”

Why will you want to live forever, without love? If you are dead inside, you will naturally want to live forever, not because of lack of heart-life, but in the hopes that love will return.

“Should we still look for love?”
That would be the purpose of living forwever, no? To keep looking, until we find it.

“The deaths of those we love. The lies and deceits of those we loved and trusted undeservedly.”

Oh, yes, indeed, this is what makes our hearts squeeze in pain. However, we cannot control any of it; all we can do is endure it, leave it on top of our hearts, cry, and wait, but for what?

No one knows the future. Love, however, arises by spontaneous generation; its possibilities lie everywhere.

4 12 2008

nice wise words Marahm!
I’m feeling better allready, it’s good to have real friends 🙂
especially if they’re wise 😀

Did you like the song?

5 12 2008

Darling Aafke –
That Johnny Cash song is very powerful – I can’t recall ever hearing it before or seeing the video. And I do like Johnny Cash. In fact, I had just watched “Walk the Line” (again!) a couple days ago. He is a man who was lost, and then he found his way with the help of a good woman. Oh! And I forgot to mention on your previous Reaper post how much I love that song by Blue Oyster Cult – it’s always been a favorite of mine – just beautiful.

You are sounding so lost lately and I am so sorry. I know this is a very difficult time for you. But you have so many blogging buddies out in cyber space who care about you so deeply and hate to see you hurting like this. We are thinking of you and praying for you, and lifting you up from across the miles and wrapping our arms around you in warm embrace. Can you feel it? Don’t be sad, dear Aafke – we love you.

5 12 2008

Yes, Aafke, we love you and wish we could be with you face to face. Maybe someday we shall organize a blogger’s meeting,in one of our countries,what do you think?

Yes, I like the Johnny Cash song, but it made me sad. I’ve been there, could have written that song. When people enter that state of despair, you cannot tell them anything. They do not know that suffering has a limit; they must plunge themselves into it until they come out on the other side. It’s as hard to watch in another person as it is to feel oneself.

Just know that you’ll come out on the other side.

5 12 2008
American Bedu

Unfortunately love is not something that can be turned on and off like a light switch. It is one of God’s greatest gifts although at times when it goes sour it can feel like the greatest curse. When a love has gone awry it is good to work through the emotions – grief, anger, sadness, emotional upheavals…those are all part of the healing process. Then in due time one will remember that period of love, both the good and the bad but in a manner of accepting, learning and moving on as a stronger person. And let me tell you, love can be found when you least expect it or are ready for it…speaking from experience here. Never ever give up. (big hugs)

5 12 2008

Interesting to see how the comments above speak about loving Aafke, the blogger. Well.. what if they met Aafke, the real person, what would they say??
I knew Aafke, the blogger, before I met Aafke, the person, and let me say that whatever has been said above about Aafke falls short of what she really deserves! Such an open minded and caring person, with a very kind heart and positive attitude. Such a strong person who’s survived severe hardships, and I don’t ever think that she could face any more bitter ones. I’d say that if she survived all she’s been through, she can just survive anything and everything!
I’ll confess something here, I’ve always thought that it’s hard to see kind people being strong. In my mind, it doesn’t add up. Being kind requires lots of emotions, and being strong requires lots of logic… and its hard for lots of emotions and lots of logic to be in one person. Well, guess what, I met Aafke, and she IS kind and strong… she’s got both.. emotions and logic. She amazes me… and she ROCKS.

5 12 2008

Susie, that was the last time Johnnie cash was filmed, just before he died. It is unbelievable how he could have still such power.

Marahm, the song was by nine Inch Nails. And while you have to get through paiin yourself, it helps very much to have real friends who are ”with” you in such times, Thank you very much.
Yes, by all means, sometime we defenitely need a bloggers-meeting.

Bedu, thanks very much, and you are right.

Nader, Awww, nice testimonial…

Thank you all for being friends to me.

5 12 2008

You know how much I love you, don’t you?

Check your email.

6 12 2008

I did! 😀

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