14 11 2008


I’ve promised ya’all an update on how the geese were progressing. Last October their attempts at formation flying were simply pathetic.
But I’m just back from riding the Tarq, and as we were almost back at the stables, a flight of geese passed over our heads. What can I say? Perfect V-formation! No frantic gaggling, ”where are you? I am here? Where am I?”, during the most ridiculous formation muddles.
No: a short ”Gahk!” to establish correct order from time to time and that was all. And they were fast! They flew over our heads and had dissappeared before I could whip out my camera, so unfortunately I had to steal this photo from the net.

Anyway, I think they’ll be leaving us soon for their African holiday, and it will be many months before we’ll see them again!




7 responses

15 11 2008

Quick study, eh?

I also heard they change the lead bird every so often.

15 11 2008

How lovely! Did you take this picture?

15 11 2008

I love this.. I dont go out much bcs i’ve got a flu now. Otherwise i could take many fotos of immigrant birds..

15 11 2008
Susie of Arabia

I’d say they’re pretty fast learners!!!

17 11 2008

Birds! Amazing creatures,aren’t they?
And I’m so lucky sometimes to see formation like these from my low-floor,half-blocked balcony! Alhamdulillah!

17 11 2008

Good to see they’ve got the flying V sorted.
Great photo!!!
I love birds of all sorts from brightly coloured parrots to the humble sparrow, they are just a delight to watch.

18 11 2008
Smiley Amal !

aww I didn’t know you had geese , thats so cool , your so lucky mashallah to live right in the middle of nature!! , when you come to London , you must let me know , so we can meet !

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