From the Beginning to the End

11 11 2008

Yesterday I thought it would be fun documenting one of our outings from beginning to end. We were not quite sure if we would be going at all, as the forecast was for heavy rains. But, as so often happens, wholly against expectations, the weather turned out completely different. In this case; ”Brilliant”!!!
The Tarq behaved excellent, bar two enormous jumps sideways for no discernable reasons.
Today the dentist did his teeth, and he was the model of perfection again?
What has happened to my horse???

Anyway: The Beginning
J and M at the farm, adventure starts at 11.00!


The sun was out, but it was very cold! Moreover, there was a very cold, very strong wind! I was well prepared á la Hercule Poirot: with pullover, vest, wintercoat, gloves, and shawl! I was not cold! 🙂


We started soon with some serious trotting, as we were planning to go for a long distance. Tarq is very happy here! It is aways a problem to keep the Tarq at ”fresh” speed, instead of ”ludicrous” speed!!!


Here we are already at the back of the next village.


As the harvest is in, we have the opportunity to gallop across the empty fields! This was a long one, and to Tarq’s enjoyment we could do a reallhy fast gallop here! For the rest of the trip he decided any increase of speed should be interpreted as a licence for gallopping!
It is around twelve o’ clock here, but look at the long shadows: the sun is very low at the horizon!


Another village, from here J has discovered a lovely new route we didn’t know of.


Here we are being illegal again, crossing a small copse by a lovely romantic trail. It seems hardly used, this is one of those moments you could easily imagine being on a ”Lord of the Rings” quest!


Tarq trying to go ”ludicrous-speed” again!


A dolmen! A dolmen, or cromlech, is a neolithic chamber tomb about 6000 to 7000 years old. It is a stone burial chamber, covered by a mound, the mound erodes, or is excavated, leaving the stone skeleton of the burial chamber exposed. There a quite a few of these around in the north of the Netherlands.


Tarq is having a closer look, he thought this a weird place. But then he tried to eat the lichen of the stones. Tarq will try any food he comes across…


Some sort of white stuff was put across the soil here, it suddenly felt as if we were in the desert!


Turning the corner, and now we are on the way back! And, I recognise this bit! Usually I just follow M and J and have no idea where we are or where we are going!
It’s a gift…


If you look at the last bend in this small canal, you see a white speck: That was a beautiful swan!


Here you can see the wide grass border most of these small roads have, very nice for us to ride, this way our horses can walk on grass. Although sometimes they actually prefer the tarmac.


Tarq is having a nice long piss here. I’m leaning forward to relieve weight from his back. It’s quite important a horse feels relaxed enough to do take a piss when they need to: it is very unhealthy if they ”keep it up”. So I’m quite happy to have Tarq ”taking a leak” whenever he feels like it.
Look at his happy face!


We are almost home, and saying goodbye to J and Dior, Dior lives at ”Castle Woodview” hidden in the trees to the right.


And here we are crossing the Brink of our home-village, and Tarq’s lodgings are right in front! It is now 15.30!


Tarq diving in to his well-deserved happy-meal! Because I don’t want his back to cool off too quickly, I put a clean saddle pad on his back while he is chilling.


And after eating, chilling, and munching hay, back into the meadow for a few hours. First a nice long drink. Unless absolutely parched, our horses never drink from their waterbowls in the stable: the water in the trough outside tastes much better!
Goodnight Tarq!


***THE END***



6 responses

11 11 2008

Mashallah! How beautiful the whole set looks.I fully appreciate mostly all things country having to live in the city all my life.I’ll have to show this to the kids!They’ll love this.

11 11 2008

Look at you turning in the saddle to take a picture…you are an awesome awesome rider! How long have you been riding?

Tarq’s saddle pad is pretty enough to use as a shawl!

The scenery is’ve a good eye for pictures; I can almost feel the wind on my face!

11 11 2008

Lat, I live in a city myself, although at a very nice spot, but I love to be outside all the time, and it is only 17 kilometres to the Tarq!

misspecs, The photo’s were made by J!
I have been riding since 5 years old. I’ve been infected by the horsevirus very young. When I was three years old, I sat very quiet at the side of the arena for the whole hour of my mother’s riding lesson, and if she was riding a calm horse I could ”ride” it afterwards for the cooling down.
It took soooo long until I was old enough to get real lessons on ponies!

I made that pad myself: nothing is too good for the Tarq!

11 11 2008

Next summer, iA I am coming. Whether or not you are inviting me!

11 11 2008

You are invited!

11 11 2008

What absolutly lovely photos! I’ve never ridden a horse so it all seems very foreign! The dolmen was really cool!

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