Riding around in summer

8 11 2008

Just back from cleaning stables. Tarq is sรณ cuuute! (if you give him food) He was covered in sand and mud, so I also had to do a vigorous brushing session as well!
I thought I’d share some photo’s from this summer with you.

My riding buddies: M. and Billy, J. and Dior and me & Tarq


This road leads to the dike from the canal, a bit further from the spot where me and the Tarq nearly drowned last year! Its called after a burgomaster, but I’ve forgotten his name. He can’t have been very important, because it’s such a dismal unimportant bit of sand-track. You can just see Billy’s head.
Tarq thinks he’s much better than Billy, but Billy is mega-cool! Tarq always wants to walk up front. Except when something ”suspicious” is coming up: in that case he quickly hides behind Billy and leaves it to him to face the dangers ahead!


This bit of water is called ”Het Bolhuisgat” It’s forbidden for horses. Actually most of the Netherlands is forbidden for horses and riders. Especially in the nice wooded area’s: it’s like every nice interesting looking path has a sign: Forbidden to horse and riders!
Even on bridle paths you can get a dirty look from mountain bikers or hikers. One of the reasons I like riding around Tarq’s lodgings is the fact that we have a few sand roads, and wide grassy edges to tarmac roads, and it’s all public roads! Meaning: nobody can tell you off or chase you away. And you can bring your dog too!
But here we are definitely illegal!!! :mrgreen:


From this sand road most of our adventures start. It’s on the map as a partially hardened bycicle route, but you wouldn’t want to try it! Very occasionally we meet a masochistic cyclist who likes a challenge here.


Sunsets in the north of Holland are the most beautiful in their subtile colourplay of pale blues, soft pinks and Naples yellow!


Tarq is not so fascinated by sunsets…





10 responses

8 11 2008

The pictures are fascinating!

This is surprising but most of the countryside and the sunset look just like those in the rural areas surrounding my hometown of Lahore, Pakistan.

You live in such a beautiful place.

9 11 2008

How beautiful. Just magnificent!

9 11 2008

You ride like a soldier! So proud of you!

9 11 2008

Great photos! ๐Ÿ™‚

9 11 2008

Lovely scenes!

9 11 2008

Great pictures and fascinating horse!

ps. do you guys get snow?

9 11 2008

VERY beautiful! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos with us. I enjoyed seeing your homeland, your horse, your friends and you!

9 11 2008

Waw, beautiful fotos. We are getting same scenes nowadays where i am now. ๐Ÿ˜›
I have to take foto..

10 11 2008

It must be quite relaxing riding with friends in such beautiful surroundings. Oh, how I envy thee ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 11 2008

Thanks, all, it is quite amazing, when I leave the city, and arrive at the stable I always feel as if I’m on holiday! And especially on one of those lovely rides ๐Ÿ™‚

How intersting that this landscape is so simular to others so far away.

Haleem: of course we get snow! Depends though, winter is so different every year. But it is quite cold now, so we are hoping for a nice winter with snow and ice and skating!
On the other hand, we don’t have an indoor arena, so then there will be little riding… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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