Riding with Tarq

7 11 2008


I had a great ride with the Tarq today. While we are not exactely in the forests, or nature reserves, the small scale old agricultural area gives us quite a few interesting opportunities for outdoor riding! Tarq was all for a bit of action today, and although it can never go far enough, fast enough, or tough enough for the Tarq (you’d think lugging my very cuddly person around would be enough of a challenge) he was having a good time too.

One of the small lakes, look at Tarq’s cute ears: he’s getting well into his winterfur! Arabs get winterfur too!


It’s getting quite cold. Especially as the sun goes down. Which is around five by now…


There is a fairly new crop growing here, strange so late in the year, sort of herby with white flowers, we have no idea what it is!!!


Only a few birch-leaves left on the birch-trees now. It went fast this year!


Tarq is attacking his food, after the enormous efforts he made today…





10 responses

7 11 2008
Smiley Amal !

So beuatiful ! your so lucky to live in a green area , I love green .

7 11 2008

yes, I love green so much, and the changing colours of the seasons. 🙂 But the green will be gone soon.

8 11 2008

Very beautiful views. That would be a wonderful ride (I’d take a bike).

8 11 2008

What can I say!Tarq is just fantastic! I only got near a horse was at a zoo for horse-back riding.Horses are magnificent creatures!Mashallah! you’ve one for a ‘companion’.As for those views I’m speechless!

8 11 2008
always in the kitchen

How beautiful!I love horses,wish we had a couple.Haven’t ridden in years….

8 11 2008
Susie of Arabia

Aafke, You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Can we trade lives?

8 11 2008

This seems like a really fun excursion!

Lucky Aafke!

8 11 2008

Lovely photos! What a wonderful ride!

8 11 2008

Lynn, you could easily join most of our rides on a bike! Just pop over!

Lat, Tarq is my great love! Although our relationship is not without it’s troubles! 😉

Always; The Tarq is the best thing that happened to me in years!

Susie: NO! Because then I would have to live in a really hot country. With no green and no lakes! And if that’s not bad enough, be compelled to wear abaya in the heat as well.
And where would I ride? And how would I drive to my horse? And, and, and…..

miss Specs, Marahm, thank you for counting my blessings!

9 11 2008

Ah! What beauty – you are?

BTW, Is Tarq Muslim?? 😀

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