It’s impossible not to piss somebody off

4 11 2008

Topmodel Heidi Klum had an invitation to a halloween-party. What to wear? You want to dress up a bit scary. Sara Palin is an excellent choice of course, but somebody like Heidi would naturally also want to look good.
Hey, her secretary said: ”why not dress up as a Hindu goddess?” A scary one? And so Heidi dressed up as Kali.
Kali is a really cool powerful goddess, and I think Heidi looks fabulous!

Heidi Klum

So you’d think: cool! Well done! But Noooooo! Of course, as is usual in today’s world. people are ”shocked”, ”upset” and ”insulted”. America’s (!) leading Hindu’s demand an apology!!! (I think they are jealous because she looks so good as Kali!)

Nevada-based (!!!) Hindu priest Rajan Zed, in a statement issued Monday, demanded the supermodel tender a public apology for dressing up as goddess Kali.
Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects. Casual flirting sometimes results in pillaging serious spiritual doctrines and revered symbols and hurting the devotees.

The scholar demands Heidi apologises for a public apology for posing as a sacred figure.
You know I can’t hear the word ”scholar” anymore, without going all: ”Aaaah, Pfffff, am not going to take anything serious!”
The whole concept of scholarship has been completely hollowed out for me. I’d as soon believe anybody I meet instead of a scholar, of any religion!

It is not as if impersonating Kali is unusual, in Bengal children and adults dress up as Kali in festivals, as in other parts of the Hindu world.


And why, oh why, should anybody get upset about what a simple model likes to wear on a Hollywood party????????? Have I missed out on something? Have we achieved Worldpeace? Solved Worldhunger? Put an end to poverty? Have we stopped women from being abused and raped all over the world? Have we got the cures for AIDS and Cancer? Is it that I don’t read enough newspapers?

Please, scholars of the world: Get your priorities straight!





20 responses

4 11 2008

The title of this post just about says it all: one mus never worry about pleasing people.

4 11 2008

Oh F***! She looks scary. But you know I knew that it would offend people. I mean she dressed as a goddess to a Halloween party and looks scary πŸ˜€

4 11 2008

You know, Kali is the most powerful of the hindu Gods, if Kali would really mind, I’m sure she would have struck down Heidi on the red carpet with a thunderbolt.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that Kali herself really enjoyed this excellent costume!

4 11 2008

I visit your blog at least 10 times in a day and with this black background and kali photos I scream every time I click on your blog πŸ˜€

4 11 2008

It’s perfect, isn’t it? With the blue lettering!
πŸ™‚ Why visit so often? I don’t post thΓ t much! πŸ˜€
Or is it just the inspiring intellectual content? :mrgreen:

4 11 2008

This is crazy…some people need to get a life and get upset over things that matter. Really. Her costume is fabulous. And, Halloween is about being fun, and having fun. So what if this so called priest doesn’t like it. I hope she doesn’t apologize. This world is getting smaller, more diverse groups of people are having access to eachother, so people better start getting over themselves and their religion (meaning keep it to yourselves and stop forcing opinions and beliefs on other people), or there really is no hope for humans.

4 11 2008

wow. she really does look scary!

5 11 2008
Susie of Arabia

Taking offense at eve3ry little thing that happens in this world has gotten WAY out of control. These people need to get a life!
I love Heidi’s costume – it’s unique!

5 11 2008

Heidi always has great costumes, I hope that blue stuff washed off easily!

5 11 2008

Terri, don’t forget, it was a couple American Hindu’s who went off their rockers!

Shawna: yeah, cool isn’t she?

Susie, I agree with you

mamamona: I think this is her best ever! I’m not sure about the blue make-up πŸ˜€ I’ve been ”Black Piet” a few times, at saint Nicholas, and it usually took a few days to get all the black off!!!

5 11 2008

Oh, I visit so much because you are my sister and I literally live in your blog so coming here from mine is like going from one room to another πŸ˜€

5 11 2008

I think she looks fabulous. Man, people get offended at everything!

7 11 2008
Smiley Amal !

oh gross , its natrual to get pissed off , come on we as muslims would not like someone dressed up as the phrophet as a joke would we ? no matter how redicolous we may think someones faith is , we should always show respect .

7 11 2008

But Amal, Heidi likes Hindu goddesses, she’s been travelling through India and was very impressed. So it is a hommage, not ridicule. No, I don’t see why anybody should be fussed about it. And read carefully: it’s an American Hindu scholar, not an Indian, who got all riled up about it! Somehow that seems a bit silly to me.
I am of the opinion that it’s all grossly exaggarated sensitivity.
Besides, this is nothing but a halloween-party. It’s in no way important. It is no statement, other than that some model is intrigued by an Indian goddess who has intrigued many foreigners over the centuries. Don’t you agree that the impersonation of the cult of Kali in ”Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom” is totally far more insulting???

But that movie is what? over ten years old? So from before the ”Time of the great insulted scholars”
I am defenitely of the opinion that all this righteous indignation is nothing but a new fashion, a hype, a new way of making yourself more important than you have a right to be.
(yes, the choice of my last words is meant as derogative)

9 11 2008
Smiley Amal !

Ok I get you now

21 01 2009

Nevada-based (!!!) Hindu priest Rajan Zed, in a statement issued Monday, demanded the supermodel tender a public apology for dressing up as goddess Kali

looks funny – ha ha ha

afterall, whether the priest has seen god? if so, how it looks?

i just want to share my thinking (after 30 years of constant study)

nature is the supreme strength, just because, we cannot (atleast I cannot) predict its action or reaction, does not know the strength, cannot be controlled

when am not able to decide or know the occasion of birth of this soul or energy inside the body or its movement or detachment with this body, how can judge the counterpart

am working with limited knowledge – i treat that all others with whom i communicate (whether human beings or any other being) too has same like soul [:)]

sorry to bore the younger minds
all religion

20 10 2010

everything is fine until n unless someone tries to redicule my religion with intention.. we are not hardcore like muslims.. n btw the image shown above of children dressed as kali are not children from bengal.. they are from kerela.. n the dress is of kathakkali dance n not of durga puja.. so plz do a bit of research before posting such stories.. have a gud day :p

29 10 2010

Well, the site i got the picture from said they were from Bengal, so it seems you have many searches ahead of you to keep instructing people where they go wrong.

I don’t see why religions shouldn’t be ridiculed, as they have many evil effects I think ridiculing them in return is mild.

1 11 2010

aafke – i don’t see why they were offneded, when my daughter was little she was often dressed as ‘RADHA ‘ πŸ™‚ krishna’s consort … cute gopika’s…with a pretty skirt and blouse and a dupatta tucked in and crown et all.. sure not many americans knew she was radha and thought she was an “indian princess” but still ..

in india during krishna’s b’day celebrations little kids are dressed as krishna..

during navrathri , lots of little girls are dressedas their favorite godess ..

i can’t beleive what offended him, dressing as kali or that a white woman dare dress as kali..

yes the last picture is kathakali dancers, it’s a classical dance form, that depicts historical tales .. very interesting if you understand the language – more like a street art

1 11 2010

I think people are just looking for a reason to be offended.
I think it’s really silly. I think Heidi Klum looked fantastic, and according to her she also choose it as a homage.
So in real people should be pleased and gratified that some white woman from the other side of the globe has that much appreciation for their culture and religion.
Really, why wasn’t her choice of costume celebrated instead? It’s like people try hard to make themselves unhappy, to make others unhappy and to make the world an unhappy place.

PS, I do Diwali, with lots of candles and a statue of Lakshmi.
Just because I like candles, and a bit of cheer in the darkening days.
I suppose that will really insult some people….

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