Chocobama and Sugarcain

4 11 2008

chocobama2Sweeten your election fever by taking a bite out of an American presidential candidate! Dutch sculptor Manuela Zuidmeer has created chocolate busts of both Obama and McCain. They are cast in 500 grams of the finest Belgian chocolate and very popular and she can hardly keep up with demand!

Watch a short clip on the the delicious candidates here (in Dutch, but the talking is not so interesting)
To keep it completely non-racially-prejudiced, both Chocobama ànd Sugarcain can be ordered in dark-, milk-, or white-chocolate!

I’ll have an Obama please!


Order your preferred sweety at Candy-dates 😀



13 responses

4 11 2008

Is that you, Aafke?

4 11 2008

hè, hè, hè, No!
I unfortunately don’t own a chocobama!

4 11 2008

Yum 😀

4 11 2008

What a big chocobama! lol

5 11 2008

I want ‘that’ too! ‘That’ is so yummy 😉

5 11 2008

Hey where is my comment!

5 11 2008

This is Palin’s doing! My comments are going in spam.

5 11 2008

Ive never like white chocolate…one Chocobama please….and damn the calories.

5 11 2008

OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 11 2008
Susie of Arabia

YAY!!! Obama will be the next president – unbelievably historic! He’s giving his acceptance speech now – gotta go!!!!

5 11 2008

LOL@ Sugarcain…the title of this post was fantastic! How do you come up with these, Aafke!

I notice the woman’s shown taking a bite out of Cocobama. He looks really edible..yummmy 😉

Does Sugarcain come with a guarantee it won’t cause ingestion? Because I’m not letting one anywhere near my lips without up-to-date health insurance.

7 11 2008

Given McCain’s age, his chocolate can be called the Sugar Daddy!

7 11 2008
Smiley Amal !

Lol sorry I am crackiing up here .

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