Voting in America

26 10 2008

In a few days we’re going to find out who the American People have voted for President.
Or will we?

Let’s not forget that the Republicans are trying every trick in the book to make sure voters likely to vote Obama will not get the chance to do so. Several states have taken the right to vote away from people who are struck by the current mortgage disaster, even if they still live in their homes. The voting machines, so dodgy and suspect at the last ”election”, have NOT been repaired yet.
(It’s been four years for pete’s sake!!!)
(Oh, yeah, but they did fine for the republicans last time so why repair them?)

Let’s keep in mind that there have been many votes brought out last ”election” by Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, etc. (all staunch Bush-voters)
Or the interesting fact that in a wilderness as Alaska 200% of the voters made it to the election!!!! (all Bush-supporters) That’s dedication for you!

There have already been complaints by people who have been voting already, that when using the voting machines, while firmly pressing the Obama button, if your fingernail as much as brushes the upper, McCain button, their vote went to McCain!!!! (buttons are placed very close) Now isn’t that a coincidence?
There have also been reports of machine flipping votes the other way around.
However, I can’t believe that Super Power America can’t manage to manufacture a simple voting machine, so I think there are evil forces at work here.

What to do if you see your votes being flipped?

  • Get the machine’s serial number, if possible
  • Call over a poll supervisor to observe the problem
  • Insist on filling out a problem report
  • Refuse to vote on that machine
  • Request that the machine be taken out of service and impounded for later forensic examination
  • Tell all the voters waiting in line exactly which machine flipped your vote (third machine from the left, or whatever)
  • Report the problem via election integrity hotlines, twitter, and the voter suppression wiki. Information on how to do that is here.
  • Call the county, city, and state election offices and report the problem. Find those phone numbers here.
  • Call reporters and tell them about the problem

And for the rest of us: let’s not judge the American People too harshly when the Republicans ”win” again. Although if they do, I think we, that is the rest of the planet Earth, should stand up, invade America, bringing our own impeccably working voting machines, and stage a re-election.




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27 10 2008
Saudi in US


The news reports here are full of these issues every 4 years. I think it is just part of the competition. You hear about the issues from both sides. I think this year’s election will not be close enough for any of all this stuff to matter at least at the presidential level. The impact may be felt at lower tickets especially in hotly contested congressional races. The polls are pointing to a major victory for Obama. I think he will out perform the polls, since he has the superior ground operations and cash to send monitors to every district if needed.

I have already cast my vote on a machine in Texas and it worked fine. Early voting is great, you can be in and out in 10 minutes.

27 10 2008

Hahaaa, This election in the US is getting so similar ro previous election in Iran which was between Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani. In the matter that Ahmadinejad had the role of Obama and Rafsanjani the role of McCain!!
And you know which one got the votes. History repeats itself in the States..

27 10 2008

I just want the republicans out!
Yeah, we hear it every 4 years, all this weird stuff about the elections. Elections in America just seem to have some really low standart issues, what with the gossip about the voting and the below the belt attacks of opponents.

In my opinion though the republicans are worse at that than the democrats. I think the standart of honesty and honour was lowered to dismal depts with the tactics of Lee Atwater.

Shaz, let’s hope for the American Ahmadinejad then!

27 10 2008

Perhaps we in Canada should send election observers to USA!

At the back of my mind I am still scared the US will still screw this up!

27 10 2008

Yeah, I think we have to have Obama, anything’s better than McCain/Palin, but I have my doubts about Obama too.
Sometimes I think that all these gross scandals surrounding the American elections are smokscreens to keep us from wanting to know who it are that are exactely running these shows?

27 10 2008

I so badly want Obama to win!

27 10 2008

me tooooo

27 10 2008

Great post, Aafke. You are more patriotic than most Americans! The info you posted was terrific. And I think your idea of an invasion if Obama doesn’t win is brilliant!!!
Adam says: I don’t know whether to call you Ms Aafke, Auntie Aafke, or just Aafke. well, I really enjoyed the post. You have a lot of spunk and gumption and I like that in a woman!!! I’ve read a lot of your other posts and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.
BTW, I saw your photo and I think you are HOT!!!

27 10 2008

Eeeehk!!!! I’m not patriotic at all! I am from the planet Earth!
(if you can believe it)

Adam: It’s just aafke, pleeeaase!!!! Or queen aafke……
Glad you like my blog.
glad you like my photo 😳

28 10 2008
28 10 2008

I didn’t see your photo. ….. maybe it’s on a password-protected post. Oh well.

Anyway, you do know that there are Democrats not in favor of Obama, right? Are you familiar with the PUMAs? They are big-time Hillary Clinton fans, and I never see anything good written about Barack Obama when I skim their posts from time to time. Perhaps I am wrong about that, but I just wanted you to know there are other groups not favorable to Obama. They actually think HE stole the nomination from Hillary. Here is their PUMA Power page.

28 10 2008

Sharzad: hmmmmm…

Susanne; You bet it was on a protected post! I don’t bandy my face around on the internet! :mrgreen:

30 10 2008

Thanks for the great info! Too Shy to Stop writer Lauren Bucci just wrote an article about websites that claim to help undecided votes. You can read the piece here.

30 10 2008

tooshytostop, welcome to my blog. Hmmm, it gets murkier and murkier!

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